How to fight against famine in poor countries in apocalyptic times: blessed fruits and grains of the place

How to fight against famine in poor countries in apocalyptic times: blessed fruits and grains of the place

Felipe Pérez Martí

November 18, 2023 [1]

The beginning of the Great Tribulation in October was confirmed with the war in Israel and Gaza. Let us remember that the prophecy spoke of a progressive beginning [2]. Here you can see in more detail that this will not stop until World War III is unleashed [3]. It is part of Lucifer's plan to kill about six billion people. A biblical figure, from the book of Revelation, whose prophecies are unfolding before our eyes right now. Of the things that are coming, and it is already, quite soon, it is a great famine on a planetary level. As we will see in this article, God has not abandoned us to the plans of the evil one. On the contrary. What we are seeing are the final death throes of Satan and his countless demons, which will include the public advent of the three heads of the dragon, the Antichrist (economic, political and religious). Although very good times are coming for the good, these are times of trial, and we must stay alive, not only physically, but above all spiritually. Here we talk about how to stay physically alive, for which we need food and shelter, but special ones: they must be blessed, consecrated to God. And for them to have effect we must be in grace, very close to God.

1. Blessed tropical fruits. Solution for famine in Venezuela and other tropical countries

The corresponding prophecy is that very soon there will be no food to eat in the entire world, as you can see here in [4] and [5]. The truth is that it is already a matter of prediction as well, which complements the prophecies: any serious analysis, which does not want to hide reality, such as most mass media, predicts a third world war, which implies processes of acute scarcity and hyperinflation like never before known. The situation will be so serious that even people who have good financial resources will suffer unspeakably if they do not prepare before the predicted events arrive. For them, both Jesus, our Blessed Mother Mary and Saint Michael the Archangel recommend buying food for three months as soon as possible, as you can see here [6]. Including water and energy to prepare food, since electricity and other energy resources will also fail. The situation is going to last more than three months, of course. But God has promised that, after that, He will multiply what we have at that moment, the same way that Jesus did with the loaves and fishes (Mk. 6: 41-48).

But for people who do not have economic resources or storage capabilities, as is the case for the vast majority of Venezuelans, we have been recommended to prepare ourselves with blessed grapes, as I said here [7]. Amazingly, just one grape will be enough to feed a person for an entire day. In fact, only one would be enough to serve two people, if needed. For extraordinary times, God will perform extraordinary miracles. For people who have faith, of course. Let us remember that many saints, like Saint Catherine of Siena, lasted several years eating only the consecrated Host. What if we are not saints, and we use not the Eucharist, something sacred, but a blessed grape, which is just a sacramental? Well, the same reasoning: these are very unusual, totally extraordinary times, which had not occurred since the beginning of the creation of man and woman. Now, although you do not need to be holy, you do need to have faith and be in the grace of God, to be very close to Him. Therefore, the blessed grapes are enough in this case, according to the promise. And people who are not as holy as the canonized saints may benefit from this promised miracle. But what happens in countries where grapes are scarce or very expensive? There are no problems, since in these cases it is prescribed to use local fruits. What happens if fruits don't have enough nutrients for one day, or they don't have the same nutrients as grapes? No problem either. The same solution works, which is miraculous, because remember that the hosts, nor the grapes, for that matter, do not have sufficient nutritional value by the standards of normal times.

What is required is that the fruits used can be preserved using traditional methods, from our ancestors. We would need those methongs since there will not be refrigerators, for example, due to what has been said about the expected lack of electricity. In the case of grapes, it is recommended to preserve them in brandy or cognac. But that is also expensive in Venezuela and other tropical countries, and is not essential, since in those countries they have many ways to preserve food without electricity. In fact, for those countries where grapes are abundant, it is recommended to use brandy because that is the method that the ancestors used in those places. It is interesting that in our cases, in traditional Venezuelan cuisine, fruits preserved over time, without electricity, are called “preserves” themselves. Both honey and sugar, notably a non refined sweetener from sugar cane in the countryside in Venezuela, are also excellent natural preservatives. The same as the liquors from sugar cane, corn, cocuy.

Thus, instead of the blessed grapes, preserved in brandy or cognac, you can use, for example:

1. Coconuts, for coconut preserves.

2. Grapefruits, guavas and papaya, for the respective sweet.

3. Pineapple, guava, blackberries and other fruits, for jams.

4. Mango, for mango jelly.

5. Sweet potato, for sweet potato sweets.

6. Hive, cherries, june plum, for respective liquor.

And so on. It is worth mentioning that there are many varieties of palm fruit, such as coconut. And all of them are useful, as is the case of corozo, a palm fruit that is abundant in some areas of the Guárico State in Venezuela.

Another type of food that can be used in these cases are nuts, fruits, grains or seeds. In some places like Spain, nougat is used to store sugar-based nuts. In Venezuela and other tropical countries there are other types of nuts, such as cashew and tropical almond, which can be used whole, or ground, to be preserved in honey, for example. Similarly in the case of beans of different types, and corn. In these cases, these grains must be roasted or baked. Then they are ground, and with the resulting flour, they are to be mixed with honey and then stored. Or they are cooked with unrefined whole sugar cane, as if they were a sweet or jam. The creativity of the Venezuelan, Brazilian, Colombian, Costarrican, Indian, African, is proverbial, and I am sure that here I mention only a fraction of the many things that the people in those kinds of tropical countries can do to prevent and prepare.

Note that, just as brandy does not need to be blessed in the conservation procedure, neither do honey, cane sugar, rum, cocuy. But fruits and grains should be. It should be noted that the blessing must be performed by a Catholic priest. But not all grapefruits, guavas, mangoes, beans, etc., must be blessed by the priest. Just one. The rest you bless yourself using and the already blessed one: with it, you rub each of the rest with the sign of the cross, while saying: “In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.” In the case of grains, like beans, the logical thing is to bless a small pile and from there bless the rest, equally in small piles, so as not to bless grain by grain. Here you can see a video for the case of grapes, but it can be applied directly to our cases of tropical fruits: [8].

It is important to emphasize that, just as a single grape (or half, if eaten by two people) is enough for an entire day for a person in times of famine, so a single spoonful of blessed mango jelly, for example, or a single piece of blessed papaya sweet, is enough for one day per person. This is important especially for poor people in Venezuela and other tropical countries. If they are going to use a large part of their salary to buy food to feed themselves in a miraculous way, they should not eat all the papaya sweet in a single day, for example. A single bowl of papaya sweet can last a person the entire month, if it has thirty pieces. In fact, just as a single grape can feed two people in one day in times of famine, a single piece of papaya sweet , broken in two, can feed two Venezuelans in one day in these apocalyptic times, as we are now learning.

It should be noted, to conclude this part, that just as in the case of grapes, it is recommended to have one hundred and eighty for each person, so the equivalent of one hundred and eighty servings is recommended. The idea is that, while it is recommended to buy normal food for three months, in the case of grapes, fruits and grains, it is recommended to have enough for six months. Don't ask me why, because I haven't figured it out yet, beyond the prophecies, but it makes some sense.

2. Can Venezuelans and people from other tropical countries start eating those blessed fruits before the great world famine?

I'm sure we can use them now if they are in need, within a famine. The reasons are that people have already had a famine in Venezuela and other poor countries for a long time, although not for everyone, but for the most needy, who are those whom God is not going to deny a solution like this. As if that were not enough, we have already been in Venezuela (and other poor countries) for a long time, moreover, in apocalyptic times.

It is something very interesting, but if we think about it, of those things of famine, demonic domination of the country and apocalypse, we have quite a bit of experience in Venezuela. And in other poor and destitute countries too. Although those countries do not use the word apocalypse, it is what they have been living, rather suffering. Famine? Well. With a minimum salary of three dollars a month, who can eat? A public administration worker, with a salary of six or even nine or twelve dollars a month, cannot eat. That happens in Venezuela for most people for a long while. In other poor countries too. The fact that those workers and their families are alive is truly a miracle. It is known that many people do a thousand things to survive, such as asking their relatives abroad, who have migrated, in the case of Venezuela, especially young people of working age, to send remittances to their parents, grandparents, uncles and friends. They often work in occupations that no one else wants to work in in the destination countries, such as cleaning wells or washing dishes in restaurants. This includes people who in Venezuela achieved degrees as engineers, lawyers, economists, musicians with positions as soloists in the best symphony orchestras in the country. In other poor countries similar things happen. But many people in Venezuela and other similar countries have died of hunger, or of perfectly curable diseases, although that is not in the official statistics, as we all know. They die of disease because they are malnourished and have no immune defenses, not only because they do not have access to health centers. Or simply because there are few public health institutions, or because they do not have the financial means to pay for private medicine. Or because they do not have the means to buy the respective medicines.

Of the children who manage to go to an educational center, many faint in the entrance line, due to malnutrition. The situation is so desperate that a large number of people have pinned their hopes on some politicians to get to power and do public policies that benefit them. In the Venezuelan case, they hope that María Corina Machado will win the presidential elections at the end of 2024. But can they wait that long, more than a year, for a political and economic solution? Furthermore, I personally do not believe that the political solution will come before the general famine of all humanity (see [9]).

It is true that in Venezuela and other poor tropical countries not everyone goes hungry. Does this mean we don't have famine here? Of course not, from what has been said, although it is very selective. In this sense, the apocalyptic famine is not going to affect everyone equally, really. Let us not doubt, for example, that those who are producing, by design, this world war are forewarned. They are people from the world's highest elites, who already have their bunkers, with their respective provision of food, water, energy and security protection. Fortunately, as I said above about the advances of the devil, God has not abandoned the helpless worldwide. But did he abandon us, the helpless in Venezuela and other poor countries, when He did not abandon those who enjoy economic and political power, regardless of their color? On the contrary, as we are clarifying here. People who are far from God and actually choose the devil's side in this conflict are going to go to hell very soon, because God is a God of Justice, not just Mercy (see [10]). By the way, the “faithful remnant”, the people who are in grace, close to God, will also have their bunkers, much more effective than those of the world's elites. They are the Marian Refuges. You can see here how to turn your house into one, just by consecrating it to God: [11].

3. Apocalypse in Venezuela. Application to other poor countries.

What I propose here is the solution that Jesus, our Blessed Mother Mary and Saint Michael the Archangel have given in their prophecies to face the world famine that is at the door, due to the events mentioned, of the world war and the great apocalyptic cataclysms that are already so hard to deny, even for skeptics. But it is really clear that Venezuelans and citizens from other poor countries suffering from famine do not have to wait for the apocalypse to begin in the world for God to lend us a hand. In fact, it is paradoxical, but if that great apocalyptic tribulation is the requirement that God demands to help someone, Venezuela has long satisfied that criterion, not only in practice, but also in theory and even in name.

That Venezuela went into famine a long time ago? We all know it, really, from what has been said. But perhaps we need others to explain to us that this has to do with the apocalypse for us to believe it. And therefore, so that we know that we have the right to the extraordinary help that God has programmed for these cases. For our benefit in this regard, it is good to know that the most prominent mystic of recent times, a living saint, Father Michel Rodrigue, of Quebec, Canada, said that the Apocalypse has already begun for a long time. And it began precisely in Venezuela, no less. And when he said it, he spoke of our Venezuelan visionary María Esperanza, from Betania, considered one of the great prophets of our times by the rest of the world, but very forgotten in her country of birth, unfortunately. It is probably due to a lack of faith that we have not had access to the remedy that God designed for those who suffer from famine during the apocalypse. I wrote an article about this some time ago, which you can see here: [12]. It is clear to me that this includes the remedy for famine. In any case, nothing is lost by trying it, because people with very few resources have nothing to lose by applying this remedy, since instead of eating unblessed mangoes, they can eat blessed ones. And faith moves mountains, as Jesus told us. I am sure all of this applies to other poor tropical countries. The reason is that God is infinitely merciful. And just. He does not discriminate against countries in general, and will help, in these apocalyptic times, people who have suffered from many circumstances, in particular related to political malpractice of their governments.

4. Conclusion:

Helpless Venezuelans and people from other poor countries, tropical or not, who have very little income, must optimize it by purchasing the ingredients to use the miraculous food recommended by Jesus, our Blessed Mother and Saint Michael the Archangel. Have the respective fruits or foods blessed, and preserve them with unrefined whole sugar cane, or in rum, cocuy or similar local natural alcoholic drinks. And start using them as soon as possible. With scarcity criteria, of course: with maximum discipline, as we can imagine, so as not to lose the effect.


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