God's Plan for Apocalyptic Times

God's Plan for Apocalyptic Times

Revealed to Fr. Michel Rodrigue [1]

It is life or death (eternal!) to get closer to God as soon as possible

Felipe Perez Marti

July 16, 2023.

Motivational summary

As many already know, Lucifer's long-term plan has been very successful thus far to impose, in its final stages, an earth-wide Demoncracy at this time, in the midst of a devastating World War III [2]. That is why God has a plan to rescue humanity from this terrible eventuality. He will give all humans the opportunity to be saved, even if today they are far from Him, or even against Him. Only those who make an effort to get closer to Him will have a better chance of being saved.

To give everyone an opportunity, God will carry out an act of infinite mercy, called "New Pentecost", "Illumination of Conscience" or "Warning", in which everyone will be able to see God and what is good and what is evil. The latter may seem obvious to many people. But when their consciousness is enlightened they will realize that their eyes have been blinded for many years by the devil's persistent work on each of us. Jesus himself will be in charge of removing that veil from our sight and we will see not only how wrong we have been and how terrible to do evil, but the wonders of doing good.

Once we know that God exists and if we have been close or far from Him in our lives, we can opt to choose salvation or damnation after a "Reprieve", another act of His infinite mercy. Although God infinitely loves us all, He is also just and, because of that, respects the free will of his intelligent creations, such as humans and angels. As a just God, He will allow those who choose Satan to go to hell at death, after undergoing terrible suffering on earth in a period called the “Great Tribulation”, or “Chastisement”. It is about something fair, it is worth emphasizing, because it will happen after God has done everything possible and impossible, so to say, for them and give them the opportunity to exercise their free will. The Great Tribulation, revealed by God in the last book of the Bible, Revelations, written by the Apostle Saint John, had not been unveiled in all its details until now, through the so-called "Marian prophecies." It includes a Third World War with atomic, chemical and biological weapons, as well as great natural cataclysms, such as earthquakes never before seen in terms of intensity, duration and extension, with their respective tsunamis. The earth will experience terrible climatic changes; there will be a great shortage of food and money will lose its value, all of which will produce great famines and violent conflicts to dispute what little will be left to eat.

On the other hand, those who have equally exercised their gift of free will, but chose God during the Reprieve, will not only experience protection from all these calamities in a kind of Noah's arks, called Marian Refuges. Rather, they will be able to repopulate the earth after the Great Tribulation ends. In fact, a period of Three Days of Darkness is prophesied as the end of this terrible event, in which the earth will be completely sanitized and those who have chosen the bad side will be killed by the demons, who will roam the earth freely in order to carry out those murders. During those three days all the effects of radiation and other chemical and biological contaminations will be cleansed, while our Blessed Mother Mary defeats Satan and his hosts with the assistance of the Angel of Peace, Saint Michael the Archangel and his army of heavenly angels. Then the Era of Peace will be inaugurated, in which the part of humanity that has chosen God will come out of their refuges to repopulate the earth and enjoy a long period of prosperity in conditions similar to those of the earthly Paradise. People will be healed physically, mentally and spiritually, taking advantage of the gifts received by grace from the Holy Spirit during Second Pentecost. As a consequence, they will be able to perform miracles even greater than those that Jesus performed on earth two thousand years ago, since their faith (their spiritual eyes) will be so great that it will move mountains, as the gospel says.

Thus, God's plan will not only prevent the establishment of the Demoncracy in which the designated Antichrist will rule according to Lucifer's plan in order to totally subjugate humanity, destroying God's creation on earth. Rather, He will protect the part of humans who choose Him and establish a Kingdom in which His chosen ones will enjoy the fruits of doing His will, being completely restored to the original idea that God had of them when He created them. During the new era inaugurated for this purpose as a result of the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, called the Era of Peace, twelve kingdoms will be established to govern a world restored also for animals and plants, with ruling kings appointed directly by Jesus Himself.

A note for the skeptical but honest and coherent reader in his reasoning. What you will see in this document is complete madness if God does not exist. But if He exists and is Unique, Almighty, Loving and Personal, what has been said and will be explained is not only plausible, but logical and true. To understand it, it is also required to believe in the existence of demons, which actually derives from the existence of God the creator. Indeed, God is consistent with His intelligent works, who have free will, similar to Him, as in the case of angels, some of which decided to oppose their Heavenly Father and have tried to destroy His works since then. As we will see, the opposition to their creator is also allowed among humans who decide to worship those fallen angels, instead of their Father. Despite His infinite love for all His children, given His consistency, as just as He is, He also allows them to experience the consequences of their decisions, in particular to condemn themselves and suffer eternally.

Introduction. Fr. Michel Rodrigue and a strategic approach to present God's Plan.

Although God's Plan for the end times has been revealed in the "prophetic consensus" related mostly through the apparitions of our Blessed Mother Mary throughout the last 150 years ([3]), God the Father revealed defining and harmonizing details to Fr. Michel Rodrigue, Canadian priest. In fact, Fr. Michel has not only received important prophetic revelations, but he has also had a unique ability to interpret, guided by divine locutions, the other Marian revelations in this regard. This has allowed him to discover, like no one else, that all the Marian prophecies of the last times are pieces of a great puzzle that fit perfectly in their place assigned by God in His plan for these "last times" (of the end of an era, not the end of History). That is why he can be considered the most important prophet of these times in which the first stage of the Apocalypse has already begun. The second and last stage corresponds to the Second Coming of Jesus in body and soul, to carry out the Final Judgment.

The puzzle of God's plan for these times is not immovable: it depends in part on acts of piety (prayers, sacrifices, fasting) that we make as humanity, which can prevent or anticipate events, as has happened with the prophecies, as in the case of Nineveh. Such a thing indicates that the plan is a Strategic Plan, as it is said in Game Theory, which by nature is not only dynamic, but contingent. In this case, the contingencies would be the actions mentioned in addition to God's acts of mercy, both personal and group. In this sense we can say that the "game", which is a war of life and death, especially spiritual, depends not only on chronological time, but also on kairological time. The latter is that of the aforementioned spiritual circumstances involved, which include miracles from God that can expand or shrink what occurs in a given chronological time.

For those interested in the game theoretical approach, see Annex 1 in which the Signaling Game of recent times is introduced. But we don't need that to understand that the player Satan and his hosts have gone too far in their dominance over humanity. We also understand the significance that God has announced a strong move in this spiritual warfare to reverse the course of events. This movement of God includes aspects of Divine Mercy, such as the Warning, the Reprieve, the Miracle, the Refuges and the Era of Peace. But two aspects of Divine justice will be inevitable in the game, which in this case leads to death: The Great Tribulation and the Three Days of Darkness.

This document deals with that strong move of God, part of His strategic plan for these apocalyptic times. We are in the obligation to disseminate and multiply the knowledge of it, because only by being aware of the matter beforehand can we prepare our optimal response move. It's like a traffic light that turns red on a busy road, warning you that if you don't stop you can easily die. God's Plan also tells us that we must protect ourselves and stay inside the car, because we are like someone in an African jungle where there are hungry lions roaming around who are waiting to kill us if we open the doors. In this case, death would be not only physical, but of the soul: for eternity. Fr. Michel Rodrigue personally presented this plan to us and it is up to us to spread it. As we can imagine, the red traffic light will indicate the need for conversion. Staying in the car means leading a life given to God, so as not to open the doors of the spirit to the devil, who prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour (1 Peter 5:8) in these times like never before (because we are in an African jungle, not in a city).

On the relevance of Fr. Michel, our Most Holy Mother herself, on the day the Religious Order he founded was officially instituted, told him in an internal locution that they were part of her team of Apostles of the End Times [4]. Since then he has been conditioning the buildings of the Monastery of the Order, called the "Confraternity of Saint Benedict Joseph Labre", to be one of the Refuges (of which we will speak here, since they are part of God's plan referred to) for many priests. Another important prophet for these times is the American priest Fr. James (Jim) Blount, who is also an exorcist and healer like few others.

I had the privilege of being present at the spiritual retreat that God the Father asked Fr. Michel to be held at Gospa House in Los Angeles, California. There he presented the big picture of God's plan and also important details not known until now, such as the difference between the Small Tribulation and the Great Tribulation. The event lasted three days and culminated in this year's Divine Mercy celebration on April 16. Indeed, God the Heavenly Father instructed Fr. Michel in a locution that he was to cover three crucial topics during the retreat. About the first two, God asked him to remind us "of the meaning of the Mercy of my Son (Jesus) and the Triumph and the Era of Peace of my Daughter (Mary)". About the third, He asked Fr. Michel to provide us with "the discernment that my children must have in relation to the enemy, who is going to act like the Antichrist."

An important detail is that Fr. Michel, who usually offers several spiritual retreats, referred to this one as “the last one”, which indicates that the times of the prophecies are already very close and that we must concentrate on preparing for them. That itself reaffirms the importance of revealing what he said in the retreat, which constitutes privileged information to prepare our optimal move from now on, in this game that is of eternal life or death, and for this reason this document. We must all multiply the message, using the language and means of each messenger that we must become, adapting it to each audience that we can and should address. Let us remember that the Archangel in charge of God's messages to humanity is Saint Gabriel. If we take into account that the messages are signals and that the languages are the means of transmitting them, we will immediately realize that St. Gabriel is our helper angel in this task for everyone, for all humanity. Let's use him, as he is more than willing to give us a hand, and he is very powerful with that specialized hand, as we can imagine.

The infinite mercy of God is manifested in an extraordinary way in these last times.

The first topic of the retreat, Divine Mercy, was taught to us through the messages of Jesus to Saint Faustina Kowalska, the first saint of the third millennium, canonized by Saint John Paul II on April 30, 2000. It has to do with the fact that the effort required by God of us is actually extremely small, compared to what He gives us for our cause of salvation. Of course, such effort should not be destructive, as the one that implies transgressing the laws of the creator, of Whom we are children, such as stealing or taking advantage of others. But divine mercy is so great that it applies it also to children who transgress His laws. Even for extreme situations of destructive efforts, as in the case of one of the two thieves crucified with Jesus, who went to heaven after being a great sinner all his life, repenting and asking Jesus to take him with Him to paradise. Jesus emphatically revealed to Saint Faustina that His mercy is extended to the worst sinners, including murderers, corrupt politicians who harm an entire society, etc. As in the case of the thief in the cross, even they can be saved as long as they sincerely repent. It applies to all humans, good and bad, Catholics, Muslims, Protestants, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, witches, atheists and followers of any religion, as we will see with the Warning, the first act of extraordinary divine mercy for these times.

Without further elaboration on the theory of this first topic of the retreat, so deep and essential for these times, let us move on to its practical application and to the following topics: the Triumph and the Era of Peace of our Most Holy Mother Mary, as the second topic, and the identification of the acts of the Evil One in these last times, particularly those of the Antichrist, as the third and last one. The practical application of the three themes will be better expressed in the stages and provisions contemplated in God's plan for salvation in these last times, which we describe below.

God's plan and His divine Mercy and Justice. Its stages and provisions.

There are two stages of divine justice, also called chastisements, and two stages of mercy interspersed with them. The first stage of chastisement was called by Fr. Michel “Small Tribulation” and it is the stage in which we are at the moment, which began last year. For its part, the first stage of mercy for these last times includes three events: the Warning, the Reprieve and the Miracle. On the other hand, the second stage of chastisement is that of the Great Tribulation, which includes at the end the special event called Three Days of Darkness. For its part, the second stage of mercy consists of the Era of Peace, but contemplates a provision to protect and defend his chosen people while the Great Tribulation occurs, the so-called Marian Refuges. Each of these stages or events of God's plan have, as we mentioned before, a chronological component and another kairological component.

The Small Tribulation.

This stage has to do with the warning signals, announced by Jesus in the gospels, so that we prepare to save ourselves from the Great Tribulation. Such signs have been occurring, as we have witnessed, and coincide with Lucifer's plan, and include the build-up to World War III which was set in motion some time ago, even before the Ukrainian war. This stage includes pandemics, hunger, persecution of Catholics, etc, as we have described elsewhere [5], [6]. It began when Saint Joseph, the Protector or Katejon of Saint Paul's second letter to the Thessalonians, was no longer in control of the demons in a special way, after December 8, 2021. It was on that date that this period of the Small Tribulation, which lasts about three years, depending also on the spiritual conditions involved, between 2022 and 2024. Fr. Michel also speaks of an additional auxiliary Katejon, Pope Benedict XVI, for his action to protect the church was very remarkable and providential, commanded by God himself. His death, on December 31, 2022, thus marks the beginning, in the year 2023, of a special period of concentrated action by demons against humanity, as we have been seeing.

The Warning

After the Small Tribulation, which can end before December 8, 2024, depending on the prevailing kairological component, which crucially includes the prayers of the faithful for God to speed it up, comes what our Most Holy Mother of Carmel called the Warning in Garabandal, Spain. It is also called Illumination of Conscience or New Pentecost in other revelations. It represents the first great act of divine mercy in recent times, of an importance only comparable to the incarnation of Jesus. It consists of an event in which all people with the use of reason will experience, simultaneously, a kind of particular or personal judgment, which is the judgment to which God submits all His children when we die. During the Warning we would become aware of the existence of God and that we are His children, on the one hand, and we would know perfectly the state of our soul. As a consequence of this we will know if, out of justice, we should go to heaven, purgatory or hell. Like in a movie, our whole life would go through our minds in great detail, with all the good and bad things we have done or not done. If we go to hell we will be condemned eternally. But if we go to heaven or purgatory, we will be saved for eternity.

If we go to Purgatory, the place where our soul is purified in order to enter heaven, we ourselves would agree with divine justice in terms of what destiny we would have. The reason is that, upon seeing God, of whose existence we would then be totally convinced, our love for Him would be ignited to a level that our hearts would be totally on fire. The esteem we have for God at that moment would be so great that, knowing that our soul, which is our wedding garment, is stained, we would not want to present ourselves in that state to unite in marriage with Him, which is what heaven means.

It is interesting that God, during the particular judgment, gives us the opportunity not to choose hell, according to Catholic doctrine and the experience of people, including visionaries and prophets, who have passed through and returned to the world after what is called a “near death experience”. But those who deserve hell choose it. And that is related to the second part of the second act of divine mercy, the Reprieve, which we will present later. The reason, similar to choosing purgatory if we deserve it, is that, since we love God so much at that moment and we do not have the veil that blinds us to the truth, even if we have been very bad, we judge the same as He, for which reason we would not agree that we must save ourselves: we know that there is no possible cleansing for our soul, since we have transgressed the laws of God without making the permitted but required amendments. As we will see, with the Warning and the Reprieve, even these people who deserve hell if they die right now, will have the possibility of being saved at that moment. The reason has to do with a special act of divine mercy (although consistent with justice), since they will have time to try to make amends, unlike the private judgment.

Regarding the timeline of these events, it is not that the first stage of chastisement has such a determined duration that it is known when the Warning will happen, since it is more of a kairogram than a chronogram, as we said. Only God the Father knows the day and the hour, since only He knows the propitious circumstances, which include the knowledge of what happens in each soul at every moment and the mentioned prayers, in addition to the progress of the devil in his plans to dominate humanity. But it is good to note that God the Father told Fr. Michel in locution that He is shortening the chronological time that remains for His intervention within His plan of salvation, since Satan and his devils are doing too much damage and can compromise many of His chosen ones. That is why this event of mercy, the Warning, could take place at any time before December 8, 2024, the date on which, according to chronological times, the first stage of the chastisement, the Small Tribulacion, would end.

Given this acceleration of chronological times and since we are in 2023, the central year of the three of the Small Tribulation, the Warning might happen at any time this year or before the end of 2024. Can God's plans change and the Warning and the Great Tribulation not be necessary? In principle, yes, depending on our prayers as humanity, as happened in the case of Nineveh and was established in Fatima as the third secret of God's conditional plan. But in the Marian revelations the Warning appears announced as an irreversible event, which is logical, given what has already happened with humanity's notable departure from God and its lack of conversion despite constant calls to that effect, beyond that of God's faithful remnant. Those calls, more than all coming from our Blessed Mother Mary, are more than 200 years old and have accelerated a lot lately.

If we also take into account the large number of people consecrated to religious life, priests, bishops and cardinals in the Church who are also in this situation of distance from God, everything points to the fact that the Warning is now completely irreversible. This issue related to the clergy has been insistently mentioned by our Blessed Mother on several occasions, at least since La Salette, including Garabandal and Akita. And it is a determining component of the irreversibility of God's direct action to correct the course of humanity in the Marian prophecies.

It would then be necessary to interpret that the Warning is essential as a kind of global exorcism, since the devil has practically possessed humanity: although not all of it, certainly its main civil and religious leadership and a large number of its mass, which is captive of its domination through mass media. The diabolical possession of humanity has reached such a degree that even God's chosen ones are in danger of falling into the clutches of the enemy. That is why God the Father is in a hurry to carry out an indispensable "external help" to save humanity, as well as when a person possessed by the devil has no capacity to free himself from possession and needs external help, from an exorcist. Let us note that an exorcist exercises the ministry of liberation at the level of a person, invoking the power of Jesus, as one of his priests on earth [4]. Since no priest of Jesus on earth, nor all of them united, really have the power to liberate humanity, it is Jesus himself, as Supreme Priest, Who is going to perform the global exorcism, the global liberation of all souls from all the devils.

The Reprieve and the forgiveness of faults.

Immediately after the Warning comes the complementary act of divine mercy, the Reprieve. We had said that each person, at the moment of his death, first sees God and sees himself as God sees him. This is equivalent to the Warning, which in this case applies to all humanity at the same time. That is why it is worth remembering that at the time of death, after the illumination of conscience, the second stage logically comes, the judgment, in which each person chooses, together with God, their destiny. Similarly in this case of the Reprieve, but for all humanity, since logically after the Warning comes the Judgment, in which the fate of each person is decided. The person then chooses whether to be saved or damned, but not for the afterlife, because people will continue to live, in general. But the Judgment in this case is the final stage of the Reprieve, which lasts six and a half weeks, as we will see.

It is good to point out here that in special cases it may be that someone dies during the Warning, for example from a sudden heart attack. This sudden death would be due to a great shock that can occur to the person in question by the surprise about the state of his soul at that moment, perhaps because the person is spiritually very ill and he did not know it. Without specifying the cases of the degree of spiritual filth of the person who experiences sudden death, this event, which can occur during the Warning, has been presented as possible, according to the seers of Garabandal.

Returning to Reprieve, now the alternatives also have parallels with the particular judgment between being damned or being saved, not after death, but for the life that the person has left on earth. Indeed, these alternatives mean either experiencing the rigors of the Great Tribulation, in the first case, or being protected from it through the Marian Refuges that we will mention later, in the second. Although it is already implied, it is important to emphasize again that even people who have done a lot of wrong and have been playing directly in favor of Lucifer's strategic plan have an opportunity to be saved despite that, as a consequence of God's infinite mercy. The very word "Reprieve" indicates that these people can choose to be saved from the Great Tribulation, the equivalent of hell during the private judgment (because after this opportunity there will be no other), as long as they repent, ask for forgiveness and repair the damage caused to others.

In the case of a private judgment, the chronological time for enlightenment of conscience and decision to be saved or condemned is minuscule, according to those who have had a near death experience. It is a matter of a few seconds miraculously concentrated, that allows people to remember their entire life in such a short time and make their decision. It is the kairological time, with the mark of the Holy Spirit in this case, which is very different from the chronological one, as narrated in these experiences in Medjugorje by Spanish writer María Vallejo Nágera [7]. In the case of the Reprieve, on the other hand, the chronological decision time is much longer, about six and a half weeks. It should be noted that, just as the devil has nothing to do with the particular judgment, he is not present or has any influence during the Reprieve either, although he returns after this event in this case, as we will see.

The first weeks and the consequences of the general Pentecost.

That time of six and a half weeks is divided in two: During the first weeks people will not have the ties of their bad habits; during the latter, even though the demons will not be present, such habits will return and people must deal with them before making their decision. We have this information thanks to a revelation that God made to Fr. Michel in this regard. For some, this may seem surprising and even artificial because, according to them, "God does not give that level of detail in true prophecies." In general it seems to be true, although God makes his exceptions. But in this case, if we look at it carefully, it makes all the sense in the world, especially when we observe the way divine mercy operates during the particular judgment, of which Reprieve is a logical and extraordinary extension of infinite goodness.

During the first weeks all of humanity, including good and bad, will experience great happiness during their chronological course, as in the particular judgment upon just dying, since they will know in both cases that God exists and that He loves all and each of us infinitely. Therefore, we are going to love God intensely with reciprocated love, because we are made to love him that way if our spiritual vision were not clouded, which has now been completely cleared. We note that, as a consequence of the Warning, the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit (wisdom, understanding, knowledge, counsel, fear of God, piety and strength) will be present in everyone, since such an event is a general Pentecost. This implies that we will be able to perform miracles, since our faith, illuminated by the gift of understanding, moves mountains: it is the requirement for performing miracles that Jesus referred to in the Gospel.

By having the gifts of wisdom, understanding and knowledge, all humanity will realize that there is only one God and only one church, the one founded by Jesus, as in the particular judgment. In this sense, it is good to point out that the church will have the opportunity to cleanse itself of the great impurities among its members, including the Pope, cardinals, bishops, priests, nuns and other consecrated persons, in addition to the lay faithful. All the more for this cleansing, which must happen as it will happen for all humans, when everyone knows that there is only one church, both Muslims, Jews, Protestants, Hindus, Buddhists, as well as militants of all other religions and also Atheists will convert to Catholicism.

Although the gift of understanding will open their minds in spiritual matters, converts will need to learn many details of the doctrinal foundations of our religion in order to be baptized, confessed, receive communion and be confirmed. As we can imagine, there will be very few priests for the number of people who want to access these four sacraments as soon as possible. It is natural that many Catholic laity, similarly, previously prepared, are used by God to help in these tasks of doctrinal teaching and assistance to the priests and bishops officiating the sacraments. Fr. Michel told us that those who attended his retreat at the Gospa House will form part of the team of Apostles of the end times if we are chosen by God and prepare to exercise that role, even from now on. It makes sense: only if we are chosen by God; it is not enough to have gone to the retreat with Fr. Michel.

The last weeks of the Reprieve and the urgent need for immediate conversion

Turning now to the last three weeks, when our bad habits return (still without the devil present), going back to the parallel between the particular judgment and the Reprieve will help us even more now. The reason is that it will allow us to try to understand much better what seems inexplicable, that people can choose Satan over God when they make their final decision in this case. I myself asked Fr. Michel the question during the retreat and he answered something logical to understand what is happening: people who have been further away from God before these acts of mercy will be more tied to habits that imply addiction, such as drugs, alcohol, lust and pornography, gluttony, rancor, egotism, idolatry for money, political power, etc. Therefore, during the last weeks of the Reprieve, when these vices and addictions return, those people will go through much more difficulties to overcome and be clean to choose God and not the Devil at the end of the Reprieve. During the particular trial, a person with mortal sin as a consequence of being enslaved by some serious addiction goes to hell, as we know. In this case of Reprieve, they can be saved, although the possibility of achieving it will be less than that of people who do not have these ties or who have them to a lesser degree.

It is convenient to reiterate that this type of people with addictions will also have much more help than in the private judgment, for which we can appreciate an additional act of mercy from our God towards us in these apocalyptic times. In the first place, because they will have some time to heal using their new spiritual powers that derive from the gifts of the Holy Spirit for the New Pentecost of the Warning. Secondly, they will have the Sacrament of Confession, which will cleanse their souls before those tests they have to go through to overcome their vices. Both of these things will make people with bad habits more capable at lessening their ability to cloud their minds when deciding between God and the devil. During the private judgment, people have no chronological time or opportunity to confess, simply because those options are available to people only when they are alive, not when they are already dead. Third, it is interesting to note an additional advantage during the Reprieve. It is about the fact that the kairological time can also be qualitatively extended for each person during the chronological time of conversion in these weeks, both the first and the last.

This act of mercy from God can perhaps be better understood because the devil has advanced so much, that many of our faults are due to the very negative circumstances in which we have lived in these times of special domination of the evil ones over us and over the whole society. Let's remember that when judging a person's performance, we have to evaluate not only personal effort, but also the circumstances surrounding that effort. A very simple example is the height at which a person is to reach a second floor. If he is in the basement, he will have to exert twice as much effort as if he is on the first floor. It makes no sense to rule, in general, that if the person on the first floor reaches the second floor first, it is because he made more effort than the person who started the race from the basement.

It is clear that the devil's dominion has been over the world in general: he has put us all in the basement. But it is also noteworthy that it has manifested itself in some countries, regions or families more than in others. In some basements there is no light to see the stairs. In others there are not even stairs and you have to climb using ropes. Because of these issues it makes sense that these differences in times and spaces are taken into account by God in his infinite mercy and justice for each person in his personal kairological time.

Through the use of the sacrament of confession (before a priest), which cleanses the soul of past sins, one might think that this is enough to remove their bad habits before the last few weeks. But from what I understood from Fr. Michel, that is not going to be enough. Also, we know that those who choose the bad side will be many more than those who choose the good side, so it would be good to try to understand the reason, to be prepared and avoid it as much as possible.

Part of the explanation, to be verified by Fr. Michel and other experts, is that one can be forgiven for one's own sins, but not for the consequences of the sins of our ancestors, as the exorcist Fr. Javier Luzon has explained conclusively [8]. In this regard, it is interesting to know that one can lessen, or even eliminate, these ties, praying for the ancestors who are in purgatory, for example with a plenary indulgence in favor of the respective ancestor. That can free us from those bad habits that have an ancestral bond component, as exorcists have said. Another part of the explanation may also be that miracles and confession can more easily heal spiritual and mental illnesses. But vices and addictions, and here I am already speculating as I am not an expert in the matter, may have a physical (hormonal-neuronal, let's say) component that is less easy to heal in these ways.

The truth is that those who fail to significantly rid themselves of that ballast of bad habits are likely to choose hell at the end of the Reprieve, before the devil returns. The reason would be the same as during the private judgment: people, having an enlightened conscience, would see that the just thing in their case would be chastisement, not salvation. I also imagine, and here I also speculate, it is not so much about personal punishment as about social consequences of a judgment decision, as well as in human justice: there is a social effect in the verdicts that have to do as much with the example that is given to others, as with the influences that the condemned have on others if they are free and not imprisoned as a result of an unfair trial. In this case, if a person with bad habits accesses the Refuges, he can negatively influence others there. Since there are no demons in the Refuges, they would play the role of demons in terms of temptations, by bad examples. Which is neither appropriate nor allowed. Not even for who is making the decision and knows that it must be condemnation.

Another possible reason would have to do with what in dynamic games are called "reputational effects" of the judge. If other criminals see that the judge did not rigorously sentence the person who previously broke the law, they will have incentives to commit the crime. It has to do with the intertemporal consistency of the judge, which is reflected in the famous phrase "you don't negotiate with terrorists." Actually, it might be convenient to negotiate if the game is not repeated: if the authority grants a safe-conduct to the criminal so that he does not kill more hostages. But only as long as it is known that this situation will not be repeated for that same authority. If the game is repeated (it is dynamic), the agreement is not convenient for the authority, since that will produce more crimes and dead hostages in the future. Since God is consistent in matters of Justice in all aspects including the temporal, dynamic, and is the same authority as judge forever, he could not be inconsistent intertemporally, even though he is merciful as well as just and consistent in His justice.

It is interesting to think about the case of people who at this time have sold their souls to the devil. In this case, it is logical to think that the evil one is going to take charge of turning these people into slaves of great vices and addictions, to ensure that at the moment of the particular judgment or in the Reprieve, they do not let go and go with God. I imagine there will be people who will succeed even in this case. But it is clear that the probability of being saved for them and for those who have strong vice ties will be much less than that of people who are closer to God and are more liberated previously.

In order to close the causes of possible reasons for choosing eternal damnation in these circumstances, let's take into account that a bad habit can be considered as a damage product of a sin. But not only to other people (because of the bad example, among other things) but to himself. From this point of view, we know that although sins are forgiven during absolution in the sacrament of confession, the damage caused is not, since remission of what is owed is required. However, this damage can be compensated by own acts of mercy, by prayer, or by acts of others, including the church (by authority and by communion of saints, who transfer gifts to each other). The church has spiritual treasures that it can administer with authority by the will of Jesus, under certain conditions to be fulfilled by the person who needs remission. They are called "indulgences", which can be partial or plenary. A plenary indulgence is so powerful that it completely erases all the damage done by the previously confessed sins. Therefore, it is good to make this known to those who have bad habits during the first weeks of the Reprieve, so that they request the respective indulgences and meet the requirements, which include acts such as half an hour or more of adoration to the Blessed Sacrament at the altar, praying of the rosary, etc.

Knowing that all this is available to save us, the explanations made so far seem insufficient to understand an eternal damnation. But there must be something beyond our comprehension, at least mine, that explains that, despite the infinite treasures of God's mercy available to even the most serious sinners, the vast majority of humanity is going to be condemned at the end of the Reprieve, according to the apocalyptic prophecies. That is why I include among the notes an additional explanation that has to do with game theory and finance theory, in which it is exposed how “myopia”, in addition to confusion about the benefits of being with God or with the devil, can explain an incorrect decision [15].

In Annex 2 I summarize this section of the Reprieve, using the black hole theory of Astrophysics, where we also introduce the concept of spiritual capital (treasure in heaven and how it accumulates and depreciates). For all that has been said, it is logical to suppose that the Illumination of Conscience does not imply an equal growth of spiritual capital for all. So, not everyone will be able to perform the miracles that we have understood at the same level, both because of what was said by Fr. Michel, and because of the logic of the requirement of Faith that Jesus puts.

Finally, for all that has been said in relation to the Reprieve, here is the benefit of starting to change course as soon as possible when receiving these warnings, because knowledge of what has been said, although it does not allow us to accumulate capital on the spot, allows us to know how do it when there is the opportunity or the moment, for example during the Reprieve, resorting to indulgences, etc. This explains why our Blessed Mother has insisted so much on the matter of warnings in favor of conversion, over and over again, even despite the lack of response from some members of the church, among her own, the priests and the rest of the Catholic hierarchy. This urgent conversion is what would reduce the possibility of choosing hell when our habits return, during the second half of the Reprieve.

The miracle

This event was predicted, although not explained in detail, by our Blessed Mother, both in Garabandal and Medjugorje, through her visionaries in those places. From the seers of Garabandal we know what will happen sometime within the year after the Warning. The little we know of such an event is that it will occur in the two mentioned Marian apparition sites and probably in all the others too. The natural interpretation is that it will be of such a nature that it will convince people who are not yet defined, to make the decision for God and not for the devil. It makes sense to see it as a kind of last desperate act, so to speak, of the mercy of God and our Blessed Mother, to try to save people who have not yet been able to free themselves from their bad habits in order to choose the good side when they make their final decision.

It is important to emphasize that, according to what Fr. Michel told us, the last moment of decision, for God or for the devil, is the Reprieve. Just as in the particular trial, once our destiny has been decided, we cannot change the decision later, after the Reprieve we will not be able to do so either in terms of whether we will receive the mark of God or the mark of the beast. Therefore, given the nature of the Miracle as God's last effort to save us, it is logical that it is located chronologically at the end of the Reprieve and before the Great Tribulation, which is what comes immediately after. Of course we cannot judge God, and His ability to stretch chronological time into kairological time for each particular person. Fr. Michel also did not explicitly speak of when the Miracle would occur, but this is my best interpretation of the times on the matter.

In any case, it is natural that during the first three weeks of the Reprieve we mention to those who have bad habits that, before those habits return, they must physically move to those places where the Miracle will occur. If our goal is to save as many souls as possible, then we can help them very effectively in their personal liberation struggle. Indeed, the Miracle may be the last hope to save yourself, after an arduous struggle, probably without guaranteed success, to be free from the veil, which comes from bad habits, that covers your eyes and prevents you from seeing the truth. The idea is that the Miracle unveils your eyes so that you can choose salvation and not perdition.

Regarding this, the seers of Garabandal, when speaking of the Miracle, said that there will be unmistakable signs that God exists, but they have not explained much more. Personally, I imagine that whoever goes to those places will be able to see our Blessed Mother as the visionaries saw her in the different apparitions and will be able to talk to her and witness miracles like those performed in Garabandal, in which thoughts were divined, etc. She, with her infinite motherly tenderness, will speak directly to those in need of one last chance, about how to access the infinite Treasure of Jesus, of the Church and obtain plenary indulgences to be able to stop addictions and decide for God and not for the world. Devil. Place yourself beyond the threshold of hell at that decisive hour, to avoid the Great Tribulation and therefore eternal damnation. According to the psychics, everyone who is there will be able to see it and photograph the evidence of it, but they will not be able to touch it. I imagine that they will also be able to hear, although just by seeing they can read if our Mother writes the aforementioned instructions and the needy read them.

Returning to the topic of the chronology of the event, Conchita González, the most prominent seer of the Garabandal apparition, knows the precise date of that event and will announce it publicly a week in advance. So you have to be aware and make plans for the transfer to Garabandal and the other places where the Miracle will take place during the first three weeks of the Reprieve. By the way, from what has been said, we will not need conventional means of transportation, automobiles, trains, and planes. With the gifts of the Holy Spirit and without addictions during the first weeks, transportation will probably be miraculous, as the saints do in bilocations: in moments we will be able to travel from one place to another, even if it is distant. It is good, in any case, to ask Fr. Michel about this.

To end this section, something that tends to confirm the hypothesis that the Miracle will occur immediately after the Reprieve is that the Miracle has two stages: one that will only occur on the day it starts and another that will last forever. It makes sense to think that the stage that will occur on the day it starts is the one that potentially has the power to help to complete the healing of people who suffer from problems related to their bad habits. Most likely, for this type of reason, there will certainly be catechists and priests at those sites who can assist in instruction prior to baptism, confession, and communion during mass. Instruction will be given on the subject of doing adoration and other means of gaining plenary indulgences, which will free those in need from the ballast of bad habits and free them from hell.

The Great Tribulation, the Antichrist and the Three Days of Darkness.

At the end of the Reprieve, each person will be marked according to the decision they have made. Therefore there are two marks, as it appears in the book of Revelation. Those who choose God will have an invisible cross on their forehead. Those who choose the devil will have on their bodies the number 666, "the mark of the beast". As we said and according to Fr. Michel, there will no longer be possible conversions to the good side, and although we do not know what the infinite mercy of God has in store in this regard, we must acquire an insurance, during the Reprieve, with actions that allow us to eliminate the uncertainty of ending with the mark of the beast on our body. As we can imagine, this insurance against the risk of eternal perdition can only be bought with a conversion of heart as soon as possible, due to the issues discussed in the Reprieve section and in annex 2 of the black hole of hell [11]. The "faithful remnant", the part marked with the invisible cross on the forehead, will be protected in some Refuges, explained below. But those who have the mark of the beast will suffer the hardships of the Great Tribulation that, paradoxically, they chose for themselves.

At the end of the Reprieve the demons will return. Through the people they control, they will spread the version that the Warning occurred, as it will be undeniable from what has been described, but they will say that it was not a divine intervention, but a cosmic phenomenon that has a scientific explanation using Astrophysics. They will say that he had an influence on many people, to such an extent, that they were falsely suggested because what happened has nothing to do with the spiritual. As we can imagine, this lie will be transmitted by the people who have political and media power: the political and economic elites who run the big media, technology companies. The false version of the Warning will clearly only convince those who have already opted for demons, so this, since it will not be able to convince those who have opted for God, will only be a justification for their decision, a false consolation, already with their The blinded mind will no longer enjoy the effects of the Illumination of Conscience.

It is during this time, after the Reprieve, that the Third World War will openly unfold, with nuclear, biological and chemical weapons. As a consequence of the war, there will be an acute shortage of food and other essential goods and services, and hunger will become widespread, as will deadly and even cannibalistic fights between people for food. Money will completely lose its purchasing power. God will also allow, as part of his Divine Justice, huge natural cataclysms, such as never-before-seen serial volcanic eruptions, gigantic and widespread earthquakes, weather disasters, pandemics, disappearance of islands and entire countries, etc. Note that it is that, at this point in chronological time, the six seals of Revelation are all released approximately at one time. It is to be noted that the Great Tribulation will involve the complete destruction of many cities. And many Catholic temples will also be destroyed,

It is at this time that the reign of the Antichrist will come. He will not present himself as such, but will emerge as a providential world leader to convince the majority of humanity that has already chosen the side of the devil, currently subjected to great insurmountable hardships, that he is the true savior of the world, who can solve those problems, indirectly implying that Jesus is not. Another false consolation, of course. This is why in the Bible he is called the false prophet par excellence.

Like a beast of the apocalypse, the Antichrist will have three heads, according to Fr. Michel. One as a political leader, another as an economic leader and another as a religious leader. In religion, he will occupy the seat of the papacy: he will be a false pope, the Antipope, because by the time of the Great Tribulation, the true church will not have a Pope. This is an expression of the idea that the Great Tribulation also implies that the church will experience the same death that Jesus experienced, this time lasting years, not days. Economically, he will probably be a visible leader of the global financial mafias, the Illuminati and Freemasonry. Politically, as I have been able to infer from the prophecies in this regard, he will be a new young leader, who will burst onto the world scene with appearances of goodness, good intentions and ability. He will use the "benefits" of alleged aliens in the service of humanity. They actually exist, but are not from other planets, but are incarnated demons that are part of the satanic army to deceive people, because as angels they are, they can perform preternatural wonders, inexplicable by science, such as the instantaneous movement of their ships from a place to another in heaven.

The same with other prodigies such as Artificial Intelligence, which will be presented as powerful tools for teaching, research and solving practical problems, including robotics directly related to human orders at home (appliances) in transport (cars, aircraft, weapons), industry, business management including complex integrated business management, etc. Beyond the apparent, he will be a means to dominate the mind and the will of the humans who will fall into the respective traps.

The Antichrist, with his three heads, will be Satan's instrument to establish his kingdom over humanity, as stated in Albert Pike's letter [Referred to in note 2]. It is noteworthy that in religion he will promote a single universal church, a union of a false Catholicism, Protestantism, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism, in which there will be a kind of universal brotherhood of solidarity and mutual help. Of course, despite the fact that the Antipope, seated in the Vatican, is to be the main promoter of this union of churches, the Eucharist will be abandoned in this church of presumed unity, which of course will not be with God, but really with the devil. Meanwhile, the remnant of God will use the Eucharist as the center of their activity, and they will do so united with God and with each other, in the Marian Refuges explained later.

An interesting detail about the false messiah and prophet comes from Fr. Jim Blount. I was a privileged witness when he publicly announced that he saw the Antichrist in person. The announcement occurred during a Parish Mission he made at St. Stephen the Martyr Church in Renton, a suburb of Seattle, on February 27 and 28, and March 1. Fr. Jim doesn't know how he got into his office, nor does the Antichrist. We presume that it happened by bilocation, as it happens to some saints and it has happened to Fr. Jim before. The fact is that the two of them were surprised when they met and Fr. Blount, unlike his interlocutor, who was also curious about the identity, knew instantly who he was. As an experienced exorcist he was able to see two revealing horns of his demonic character coming out of the forehead of his interlocutor. He told us that this was not discussed everywhere, and pointed out that he could not, for now, reveal the name of the character, who is someone well known publicly. I imagine he is the political head of the Antichrist, whose present existence is confirmed by Fr. Jim Blount's revelation once again. He had already been announced by other prophecies that have spoken that his time has come, so he must already be alive despite the fact that he has not publicly manifested himself as such.

Beyond initial appearances of saving kindness to humanity, the Antichrist will further the Luciferian plan which involves the actual intent of the destruction of three quarters of humanity, some six billion people. He will achieve this, among other things, through the Third World War and the consequences described. The number of dead may even be more than those mentioned, as we remember that well-known leaders of the New World Order have said that the ideal size of the population on Earth is 500 million people.

At the end of the three and a half years of the Great Tribulation, there will be the so-called Three Days of Darkness, prophesied by several notable seers, including Marie Julie Jahenny, Saint Faustina Kowalska, and Padre Pio. For three days and two nights the darkness on earth will be total, except in the Refuges for the chosen ones of God. During this time all the devils of hell will roam the earth and kill people who have not died before by wars, plagues and cataclysms. Meanwhile, sometime before the Era of Peace, which comes after that, the earth will be cleansed of radiation and other poisons and garbage, most likely by heavenly angels under the Angel of Peace of the Revelation and Marian prophecies.

The spiritual and territorial Marian Refuges and the guardian angels.

In Noah times God wanted to do justice to cleanse the earth of human perversions, particularly in Sodom and Gomorrah, through a universal flood and chose a faithful remnant group, Noah and his family, to protect him and repopulate the earth with them. He made with them a new alliance of good behavior, which was going to favor them and prevent them from falling into the clutches of the devil. He saved them through the ark that he told him, through revelations, to build. Noah tried to persuade many people about the proximity of the flood and the need to convert and prepare, but they treated him like he was crazy, including people close to him. The same thing is happening in recent times, when our Blessed Mother has used chosen seers and prophets to reveal to the population that times of great tribulation are coming, even worse than the days of the universal flood, because the perversions of humans are much worse and widespread than when Sodom and Gomorrah. You have to seek refuge, as in the case of Noah, because only those who do will be protected. Also as in the case of Noah, some very relevant prophets of our Mother Mary, such as Fr. Michel, have been treated as crazy and/or frauds not only by non-believers, but also by priests, including theologians of a certain prestige.

The main refuges are the spiritual ones, which we find in the hearts of Jesus and Mary and in our approach to God the Father, making a decision to accumulate treasures in Heaven with great creative effort. Using the terminology we introduced earlier, this allows us to leave behind deviations against God and his natural, social, and spiritual laws. In addition to consecrating ourselves both to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, we must put into practice the recommendations of our Blessed Mother in Medjugorje: frequent confession (at least once a month), frequent communion (ideally daily, necessarily on Sundays), fasting (Wednesdays and Fridays with bread and water), Biblical reading (at least the daily readings of the liturgy) and prayer (recommending adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and the Rosary as a family). The spiritual refuges, then, are similar to the case of Noah, since it was because he was a righteous and just man that he was chosen by God to save himself together with his family.

But there are also physical Refuges in our times, like Noah's ark in his. They are called Marian Refuges, in charge of our Blessed Mother in her invocation of Mount Carmel. Here you can see the foundations of physical Refuges in the prophetic consensus and how to consecrate our houses as temporary Refuges [12], [13].

Although we must make every effort to prepare the physical refuges, like the spiritual ones, it is practically impossible for a normal person to have food and water for three and a half years, which is how long the Great Tribulation lasts. That is why these places will be provided by God with inputs to prepare food, including water, but, as in the case of Noah, we must also participate in the preparation of our physical refuges. Our Blessed Mother asks us, for example, to have as soon as possible a supply of food, including water, that will last about three months. The rest will be provided by God, like when Jesus multiplied the bread and fish from a small amount provided by someone in the benefited community. In this order of ideas, it is natural to think that, even if a three-month supply of water and food is not achieved for various reasons, among which are economic hardships and the lack of cooperation from some relatives, spiritual consecration is what guarantees that what little there is will be multiplied.

Once the Great Tribulation begins, the refuges will be provided with instant communication services between them, without the need for telephones or computers, with a mechanism similar to how the saints use bilocation to move through their angels to other places to heal the sick. Likewise, the refuges will be provided with spiritual services that include the daily communion of the Eucharist, which will be the center of their lives. In this way Jesus will reign there through His body and His blood, which will sustain each person thus fed by Him to live according to His laws of love, like the first Christians, who shared everything and lived in harmony in community. In addition, the refuges will be protected from all types of weapons of war, including atomic, chemical and biological bombs and their effects, such as impacts and radiation, as well as pandemics. They will also be protected from predicted natural cataclysms such as major earthquakes and climate changes. They will be like domes completely isolated and protected from the outside world in war and desolation. No one will be able to enter there if they do not have the mark of the cross on their forehead, the "identity card" printed by the Holy Spirit on the citizens of the Kingdom of God.

It is noteworthy that the chosen people, upon entering the Refuges (led to those places by their guardian angels), will be endowed with extraordinary spiritual faculties that will allow them to perform the miracles that we have mentioned, of physical, mental and spiritual healing. This time at high levels, all of them, since having been chosen to be in refuges implies an important level of sanctification: although they have not reached the Warning and Reprieve, they may have experienced a great positive qualitative change during those processes. Personally I am not clear if some not fully purified people would enter the refuges. Just as a soul that is saved from hell can go to purgatory when he dies. Fr. Michel did not clarify that for us. But presumably if this is the case, those people will be sanctified in the process, because there are others who will be very purified and have the ability to quickly cleanse them in body, mind and spirit using his ability to perform miracles.

That is why what Fr. Michel told us makes sense in the sense that those who are admitted to the refuges will have their bodies, minds and spirits healthy. They will even rejuvenate if they are old, which is natural according to the logic that we are discussing. It is interesting to know in that same order of things that, upon entering the refuges, its tenants will have the ability to see their guardian angels, as well as the guardian angel that will guard the respective refuge. They will also be able to see the souls in purgatory and in heaven, which makes sense if we take into account that the people there will have clear eyes of the spirit and it will happen to them like the apostles Peter, John and James during the Transfiguration: it is not that Jesus changed appearance and Moses and Elijah were not there; rather, the spiritual eyes of said apostles were opened and they could see, for the moment that the grace granted by Jesus lasted, the spiritual reality that they had not seen before.

Another interesting detail mentioned by Fr. Michel is that each city and each country has been assigned by God, even since always, a guardian angel, just as each person has been assigned when they were conceived. Its function, as in the case of the person, is to protect, defend and guide them. Each ruler should, like each person, invoke their assigned guardian angel to help them in these activities, since the demons are also organized to attack and condemn each person, each city, each country and the entire world at every moment. In this sense, we better understand that each territorial refuge will have its guardian angel.

This also allows us to understand the role of the Angel of Peace, designated as the angel that coordinates all this, since he will be in charge of the whole earth for these apocalyptic times, promised in the public revealed prophecies (in the book of Revelation) and the ones private too. It is good to note that his appearance will occur after the public manifestation of the Antichrist, since his mission will be to solve the problems, but in a true, not fictitious way, as in the case of the false prophet. If he appears before, some devout people could get confused, because the Antichrist will disguise himself as an “angel of peace”, a person who would resolve all the problems humanity is facing at this times. I am not sure about this, but it is possible that all humanity knows the Angel of Peace. But if it is not so, at least all the faithful remnant, in the refuges, will identify it, so to speak in terms of the open spiritual eyes of the chosen ones.

Mobile Refuges and physical battles to defeat communism during the Great Tribulation.

As we know, according to Fr. Michel Rodrigue, after the Reprieve there would be no opportunity for conversion. However, in the book by Xavier Reyes-Ayral, Revelations [3], based on prophecies made to Marie Julie Jahenny, among other seers, battles are narrated, within the Great Tribulation, waged by the army of the good side in France against an invasion of that country by Russian troops allied with Muslims. The good side is led by Henry V of the Cross, a God's chosen descendant of King Louis XIV and Marie Antoinette, legitimate heir to the crown of France. The invading side is joined by Asian (Chinese, North Korean) forces, according to a revelation that George Washington received from our Mother Mary, as narrated by Fr. Jim Blount [14].

It must be pointed out that the good side here is not the one that is promoting, from the West, the Third World War, the global rent-seeking elites that include the military-industrial complex and the global financial mafias cartel from the Deep State. In fact, the prophecies speak of two battlefronts that the good side, in the West, will have to deal with: both the invasion from the East, and the betrayal by the Western leadership to the citizens of their countries. In the East and in other latitudes they would have to deal with all governments that in one way or another serve the demons, be it because of their dictatorial, corrupt, ideological, religious fanaticism, etc. The effectiveness of the good side against those two enemies would be staggering, according to the prophecies, given the difference in the number of troops.

My personal conclusion, in order to explain the presence of people chosen by God in the midst of the Great Tribulation, is that there will not only be fixed territorial refuges for those who have chosen the good side, but also mobile ones. Such mobile refuges would be assigned to those people chosen by God with a different mission than those who will be in the fixed territorial refuges. They will physically fight evil, much like Saint Joan of Arc, serving as soldiers in the armies of God during battles within countries or groups of countries in the context of World War III. The refuges in these cases would be, instead of uniform domes, a kind of domes with arms and dynamic shapes, territorially adaptable as the troops move, whose coverage encompasses not only the largest concentrations of troops, but also soldiers and groups of them that are physically separated from those centers, on special reconnaissance missions, etc. It is as if the Mantle of our Most Holy Mother of Mount Carmel sheltered them to cover their bodies and equipment on the move and would keep them together with the other soldiers of the same liberating army concentrated in other places. These Mobile Refuges would also, of course, have their logistics of food, rest and combat weapons, spiritual and material, similar to the fixed refuges, but with different logistics. Most like in the biblical cases of armies protected, favored, sheltered, anointed and fed by God.

It is logical to think that there would also be similar battles around the world in places where there are illegitimate governments, either because they have come to power by imposition of force, from the right or left, or because they have come to power through electoral fraud. Frauds, if we analyze them from the point of view of God's laws, include not only rigged elections, but also those that result from deceptive influences using the media and technology companies on social networks over the minds and the will of the voters. It is well known today by people who are close to God this way of turning voters into useful instruments of the rent-seeking elites in power when it comes to voting, so that they choose their own enemies as their rulers. That's what they use the media for, with their populist deceptions, in this apocalyptic case of satanic populism that promotes the debauchery of the woke culture, etc.

In this we can pinpoint the increase in the dominance of lies and the division among citizens, who vote for one candidate or another and fight with each other because of them, without taking into account their own common interests, which are common to the interests of God too. Notice again that lies and the division come from Satan and the demons. In fact, what justifies, as we explained, the great move of God that will take place soon, in this game of life or death for humanity, is the increase in the power of domination of demons over humans to such a degree that they can no longer fend for themselves. It is nothing more than the new masked communism of the West: a corrupt nomenclature, which does not represent the interests of citizens but imposes itself by denying democracy, dominates practically every country and international organizations such as the UN and the European Union. The geopolitical platform of the Antichrist.

It is interesting that the Garabandal prophecies mention the strengthening of communism as a requirement and sign for the proximity of the Warning. According to the aforementioned general notion of communism, which is a regime that dominates and enslaves citizens, usurping their political and economic rights and their personal and social freedom, communism is present not only in the East but also in the West. That is why it is logical to think that all manifestations of great political, social and spiritual corruption, whether in the East or the West, led by direct or indirect puppets of the devil according to Lucifer's strategic plan [2], will be deposed by liberating armies protected by God in their mobile refuges. This prophecy of Garabandal also explains, therefore, the proximity of the Warning about which Fr. Michel spoke to us in the retreat at Gospa House.

It is worth saying in this context a very important revelation that Fr. Michel Rodrigue told us in the Gospa House retreat: during the Era of Peace there will be twelve kingdoms on earth, the number of the tribes of Israel, governed by regents appointed by Jesus himself. And it is logical to think that the liberating armies during the Great Tribulation, as in the case of Henry V of the Cross in France, become the governments of the respective countries during the Era of Peace. Jesus' choice of these regents would be related to the leadership of those liberating movements. For example in the United States of America, Canada, China, Russia, North Korea, Iran, Afghanistan, Cuba, Iran, Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico, Nicaragua, Colombia, Spain, among many others. Those armies will triumph as Saint Joan of Arc triumphed in France, by direct advice from Saint Archangel in each battle, which she won amazingly.

In this case, they will triumph even more easily and effectively, since all the soldiers of the Kingdom of God will be powerfully endowed with spiritual weapons, not only physical ones, which come from the aforementioned spiritual faculties to perform miracles, by being protected in shared mobile refuges. And their armies will have the protection, defense and direct advice of the guardian angels of each soldier, in addition to the help of the guardian angel of each mobile shelter. The Angel of Peace would also help each mobile shelter and all at once, coordinated as a whole according to a single Strategic Plan, God's plan for salvation in these apocalyptic times. It is worth remembering, within the same plan and with the same direction, the help and advice of the guardian angels of each country and each city involved, who would also be seen by the respective armies. Of course they will be the winners not only in each war raised, but in each battle, against the two mentioned fronts. They would establish the bases of the governments and the subdivision in the twelve kingdoms that will function during the Era of Peace.

In any case, it is good to point out that, according to a prophecy made by Saint Francis of Assisi to Antonia Salzano, the mother of Carlo Acutis and narrated by Fr. Jim Blount, it will be the chosen young people of our generation who will be the leaders, probably of governments as well, just as David was anointed by God to be King of Israel at a very young age, of times to come, during the Era of Peace.

The Era of Peace

The two tribulations we have described can be interpreted as direct battles between good and evil. In fact, they are really apocalyptic battles between our Blessed Mother Mary, assisted by her angels and chosen human warriors, led by the Angel of Peace, on the one hand, and Satan, assisted by his angels of evil, the demons, and the humans who they have sided with him, in particular the Antichrist with his three heads, on the other. It is during the Three Days of Darkness that the final operations of those wars will take place, once the winning and losing sides have been decided. While the good side will cleanse the earth of all filth, the bad side will take the only thing that was left to it as spoils of war after having lost all his dominion over the land: the souls, which although they were created as beloved daughters of God, who chose Satan. I imagine that at this point in the conflict, the physical armies of good will enter fixed territorial refuges in order to be protected during the three days of darkness, when part and part cleansing activities would be performed only by angels, both good and evil. While the evil angels will carry out the aforementioned murders, the good ones will then cleanse the earth, including the burial or cremation of the bodies of the murdered in addition to the remains of radiation, biological weapons and other filth and pestilence.

Exactly then, at the end of the Great Tribulation with its consummation of three days, it is that the definitive and general triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary over Satan can be proclaimed. It is then that it can be said that our Mother Mary has crushed the head of the serpent, as predicted in the book of Revelation. All the armies of liberation will have triumphed, deposing the governments that favor evil, both east and west, left and right. They will have established governments that represent the interests of citizens and obey the laws of God, restoring harmony between natural, social and spiritual laws.

As a result, all people who have chosen God have been protected from the effects of the Great Tribulation. They have also been rescued from a world in free fall towards the abyss. Meanwhile, all the people who have chosen the devil have experienced the damnation they have chosen despite the immense displays of divine mercy.

The integral character of the children of God, who had the eyes of the spirit covered, their bodies degenerated and their minds twisted, will have been restored. The health of the earth will have been restored, with its animals and plants regenerated to their original nature created by God in Paradise. Finally, Satan and all the rest of the demons will be confined to Hell for about a thousand years.

The new era, the Era of Peace, which will replace the era of humanity's decadence, which began with the false enlightenment and Lucifer's plan, thus begins on the right foot to give full meaning to that Marian triumph. That it is a triumph of God's Plan for the rescue of humanity when it was on the brink of the abyss.

The beginning of that triumph was prefigured with the opening of the Marian Refuges, whose existence in itself had represented an initial, albeit partial, triumph of our Most Holy Mother in her invocation of Mount Carmel, at the level of the territories occupied by them and of the armies on the move that defeated the forces of evil in the socio-political realms.

Thus, in a similar way as when Noah, his family, and his animals left the ark as the earth dried up after the flood, the earth will now be repopulated with regenerated animals, plants, and with humans, their families, and their societies restored to an almost paradisiacal situation. Let us note something interesting in terms of comparing the case of Noah with the present: By contrast, just as the tribulation was much more severe in these apocalyptic times than during the universal flood, what will come afterward during the Era of Peace will be qualitatively much better than when Noah repopulated the earth.

Let us note that the restoration of plants and animals means that the former will produce more and better fruits and the latter will have more strength, gentleness and beauty, all serving humans for their sustenance and needs. Without the need to be exploited, mistreated in any way, as it has been until now, especially at the end of the era of decadence, when it came to wanting to exterminate them. As some of us know, they went to the extreme of considering many animals and plants as a burden on the environment, among other horrendous things, following Lucifer's plans to end humanity and all of creation.

In relation to the members of the surviving people, the faithful remnant, they will be restored to the original idea that God had of them when he conceived them in his mind. In that sense it is worth repeating the following one more time, for what it implies for our true happiness, comparing it with the baits on the hook of demons in terms of hedonism and addictive enslavement to drugs, depravities, etc: Humans will be fully healed and harmonized physically, mentally and spiritually. That is why they will be equipped to perform even greater miracles than those Jesus did when he was on earth, according to his word, in John 14; 12:

"Amen, amen, I say to you, whoever believes in me will do the works that I do, and will do greater ones than these, because I am going to the Father."

In fact, the chosen ones will live much longer than the average humans now live and will not need doctors as they have up to now, since their healing abilities will keep them healthy in all aspects. Each one would make creations of great well-being for all according to their divine graces and there will be no need for exorcists, since there will be no demons.

But they will die eventually, for we have not yet reached heaven in body and soul. That comes after the Last Judgment, the second coming of Jesus prophesied in Revelation, which we now see divided into two periods. This one of the "last times", and the one of the "end of history". The return of the demons is foreseen before that final moment. That is why the Second Coming will take place, and the Final Judgment, which will lead to the Resurrection of the flesh: living in Heaven in body and soul.

Let us remember, finally, that many temples were destroyed during the Great Tribulation and now there will be a great need for places of worship and special communion with God. In this regard, the prophecies have spoken not only of the reconstruction of the great cathedrals that need it, but of the construction of new and great temples of worship, with the participation not only of humans, but also of angels. These things have been referred to by Fr. Jim Blount in some of his talks. It is to be expected that the organs used and the choirs that participate in the masses there will be made up of humans and saints and angels. Heavenly choirs, literally speaking.

In fact, it will be in the Era of Peace that the church will once again have a legitimate Pope, after spending three years without the Vicar of Christ on earth, with an Antipope who served the Antichrist, as we said. As the Great Tribulation meant the death of the church, the Era of Peace will be like its resurrection, which will include the election of that new pontiff. The Pope thus elected has been highly praised in the prophecies of a hundred years ago made by Marie Julie Jahenny, since he will closely accompany the kings designated by Jesus to govern the earth in these almost paradisiacal times, in which the Will of God is gone. to be fulfilling also in social and political matters, not only spiritual and religious.

In the absence of demons, both the coexistence between humans within each kingdom, as well as the coexistence between kingdoms, will become infinitely easier, as we can imagine. There will then be no spiritual warfare between God and Satan for our souls and we will not have to choose between one or the other, but we will strive to follow God's Will. For this we will have the inner guide product of the assiduous communion of the Eucharist, the assistance of the Holy Spirit. These same gifts will allow coordination between humans without malice and very well endowed in spiritual and earthly abilities: as everyone loves their neighbor as themselves, they will want for them what they want for themselves. And vice versa, which implies complete harmony between altruists, since their wills will be completely aligned.

We could imagine that the coordination between kingdoms will not be as easy as that which exists within the kingdoms. But since the kings will be appointed by Jesus and are His devoted followers, they will be well coordinated among themselves, since they have the same Supreme King. With the assistance of the Popes (authentic vicars of Christ now) and the bishops, priests and religious, in principle there may be mediation to resolve possible issues of lack of complete harmony. The Constitution of these kingdoms will be that of Love between them and love with God. If someone does not love someone who lives far away as himself, let's say because they do not know of their existence, love through God will make it possible to build the bridge for harmonization.

Citizenship will be the mark of the Holy Spirit on the forehead of each citizen, so there will be no need for an identity card in each kingdom, nor a passport or visa to travel, visit or work in different kingdoms.

As we can see, The Era of Peace is nothing more than the Christian Utopia put into practice, as many well-intentioned humans have dreamed of, especially Saint Thomas More, who was the one who originally coined the term. At this point it is seen that only humans could not have done it. A direct intervention from God was needed to do it, which is why the term Utopia fits him very well, because it indicates that it is a thing not only of humans on their side, but of God Who governs them. In other words, they can only govern well when they follow God's Will in everything. Furthermore, the transition from political imperfection to Utopia could not be carried out by men either, only, as we have described. A very strong and special Plan of God was needed, as well as merciful and just, to be able to achieve it. A primary detail is that this Utopia requires the absence of demons among us. Which further confirms the appropriateness of the term Utopia.


1. This is an attempt to write down what I understood about God's plan for the end times as revealed to us by Fr. Michel Rodrigue during the retreat he led at Gospa House on April 14, 15 and 16, this year. To write this report I resort mainly to my memory and my personal interpretation, also using the Marian prophecies that I have been learning in the last two years, as a simple interested layman in these subjects but without deep theological formation. I complement, to fill my gaps or lack of good memory, with other videos of Fr. Michel in previous retreats in the same Gospa House. I also make personal reflections on the topics covered, in an attempt to better assimilate what I have learned from such lofty teachers. I have just received the videos that were recorded of the event, so I will soon make a new edition to incorporate the respective additions, which will surely be many. However, given the urgency in knowing these things for as many people as possible, I make the document public, assuming responsibility for errors. A conversion as soon as possible can mean eternal life instead of death forever, as we will see in the text.

I have training as an economist and academic experience in that field, as well as experience in socio-political practice: I was Minister of planning at the beginning of the first government of Hugo Chávez in Venezuela (From May 2002 to April 2003). Then I've been an activist in my spare time for citizens' political rights since the year 2003, being the coordinator of the Libertadores Movement since 2016. Any error in my interpretation of God's plan is of course my entire responsibility. I await the indications that Fr. Michel has to make corrections. Same thing about Fr. Jim Blount. Of course I submit to the authority of the Catholic Church for its judgment on the concepts that I issue here and in any of my spiritual writings. By the way, "Gospa" is the name given, in Croatian, literally "Lady", to our Blessed Mother in Medjugorje, which is in Bosnia-Herzegovina. The most accurate translation of the actual meaning of Gospa is "Queen of Peace", as she wants to be called.

2. Lucifer's plan:


3. Two references that can be used to gather information on the prophetic consensus, which I recommend, are: https://www.countdowntothekingdom.com/ and “Revelations. The Hidden Secret Messages and Prophecies of the Blessed Virgin Mary” written by Xavier Reyes-Ayral and published by Austin Macauley Publishers in 2020.

4. Fr. Michel has been subjected to a great worldwide debate, both for his prophecies and for his way of being. Even two Canadian bishops, who have to do with his jurisdiction as a priest, have expressed disagreement with his prophecies. A famous North American theologian has objected to his behavior, and an Argentine priest, highly valued on social networks, has condemned him as a false prophet. I studied these cases carefully and came to the conclusion that the devil is involved in this, since the errors of appreciation of these bishops, priests and theologians are so gross that there is no other possible explanation:


Later a controversy arose because one of his prophecies was not fulfilled. However, that does not qualify him as a false prophet, since God's plans are contingent, as is well known, since Nineveh, in the Old Testament, when God changed his decision to punish the capital of Assyria, because the prophecies of Jonas on its destruction managed to convince their King and his people to change their course. As you can see in these videos, his explanations are convincing:

4.1. https://youtu.be/zRFz06abIUc

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5. The wiki, with articles in Spanish and English:


6. The Sharing Era of Peace google groups page: https://groups.google.com/g/sharing-era-of-peace

7. This has also happened recently for the Warning on a personal level to many people, for example in Medjugorje, notably María Vallejo Nágera. And the decision to convert, like enlightenment, takes very little, as they decide to go to confession and change their lives completely. Here you can see the case of the famous Spanish writer:

In Spanish:https://youtu.be/DVTCMhxdlVg

In English:https://youtu.be/DxoxDby3T2U

8. "The six gates of the enemy." P. Javier Luzon.

9. On how breaking God's laws hurts us and others:


10. This way of seeing things shows us as natural what we know from the doctrine of the church: the deceased in purgatory cannot accumulate creative acts themselves, because, since they are not in this life, they do not have those opportunities to improve God's creation as co-creators. It is others who can help them with their creative acts, such as prayers, requests for indulgences.

11. To find an explanation for these thresholds, we can use the theory of black holes from Astrophysics. See Annex 2.

12. About physical Refuges:


13. On how to consecrate our houses:


14. Fr. Blount has narrated several times some important revelations that George Washington received, which include the Third World War. He received them from our Blessed Mother Mary, at a time when his liberating army from English colonialism was decimated when crossing the Delaware River: with a number of soldiers 90% less than in his previous battle in New York; with fewer weapons than those of his enemy; hungry, without clothes in a harsh snowy winter between 1776 and 1777. Some soldiers had no shoes, not even stockings or pants. Our Mother appeared to him when he was already desperate and promised him victory, which miraculously occurred. But it also predicted victory for the good side in the civil war a hundred years from that day. And not only that. He told her about an invasion from the east, at the end of time, which would mean they would have to flee to the countryside. After a lot of work, they will recover their country.

15. The incomplete information that occurs in the game with God and the devil after bad habits return, which partly clouds your mind, refers to the game payouts if you play for God or the devil. Game Theory This occurs when the payoffs of the game are not well defined and are probabilistic. Because we don't know who we are playing against and we give one probability to a God player and another to the devil player, depending on the signals we are given and how we interpret them. And we may not even know who we really are, and have to resort to probabilistic calculations about the future consequences of our decisions.

Simplifying all this, for example, since you have a great addiction to pornography, you give a present value of being with the devil of 5, while of being with God of 4. If you did not have the veil, the present value would be - ∞ (minus infinity) and +∞ (plus infinity), respectively. Certainly it may be due not only to the amount of payments in each period, in hell or heaven, but to what is called the "discount factor" applied to each period. For example, if a person is very “myopic”, he places very little value on the future and a lot of value on the present. Myopia is part of the devil's veil. Another way of expressing this idea is that the myopic person is very impatient and wants everything for now, since he has very little ability to wait to enjoy a certain good later. If someone values the future a lot, it can be said that he is very "visionary", he is patient. It is something that comes from God, which is the true vision if you did not have the veil.

The discount factor of the future is normally represented in finance as 1/(1+r) (one divided by one plus r). If r is very large, for example 49, that means that the person is very myopic, since enjoying 100 in the coming month (let us assume that the discounts are monthly, although interest rates are normally applied annually) is equivalent to enjoying 100 *(1/50) = 2 in the present. But if r is small, tending towards zero, enjoying 100 next month is equivalent to 100*(1/(1+0) = 100 in the present. In other words, for the myopic 100 in a month is worth 2 today, while that for the visionary, 100 in a month is worth 100 today. In other words, the myopic is desperate to enjoy everything today, while the visionary is very patient.

Let us note that for the patient in this example of r = 0 the same thing happens if a year or a hundred years pass: the future is valued as much as the present. For the myopic, meanwhile, as time passes, the future is valued at almost zero at present value, since the discount factor, (1/50)^t ( 1/50 raised to t) is going to zero very quickly as t, the number indicating the number of periods in time, gets large. You can calculate the present value of a benefit referred to infinite periods in the future.

The point here is that both the periodic amount of enjoyment (or pain) and the discount rate are elements that enter into the calculation of the possible benefit of being with the devil or with God. Bad habits can cloud more or less, depending on the degree of addiction, the two elements to such a degree that a negative value of the periodic gain in hell is set by the devil as positive (enjoy pornography, for example). And a very positive enjoyment of being in heaven minimizes it because being with the bad habit (like pornography), you don't enjoy spiritual tastes; also due to the effect of a very high discount rate (myopia is induced), which is why he prefers pornography today to a beatific vision a year from now.

It is clear that the higher the addiction, for example to cocaine, the more cloudy the mind will be when deciding if it is better for them to continue consuming the drug than the beatific vision in heaven. Not to mention that the devil can promise what he won't fulfill and he won't even give drugs to the victim in hell. We could call the degree of critical addiction the value implied by an assessment in favor of God or the devil at the moment of opting for one or the other. If we make a conversion as soon as possible, and with great effort, that can affect that critical degree in a crucial way during the Amnesty, especially during the last weeks, when bad habits return. This is connected to the theory of black holes. The critical value that makes us choose the devil measures the spiritual capital that puts us at the gates of hell defined in that theory, from Annex 2.

This type of reasoning allows us to better understand, then, an erroneous decision during the second part of the Amnesty. Which gives us an additional sense of urgency at this moment to make the supreme effort that we would have to make today to abandon any type of addiction or ties to idolatry, including that of egomania. Conversion today is essential to be able to save ourselves when we have the great opportunity of the Warning and Amnesty, because the closer we are to God, the less cloudy our vision will be to identify both the true future values of heaven and hell, as well as the values true of the discount factor being sane, as children of God.

Annex 1: Spiritual warfare seen as a deadly game

In the text of the introduction we said that the theme of mobility in God's plan points to the fact that it is a plan, it is a Strategic Plan, as it is said in game theory, which by nature is not only dynamic, but contingent (in In this case, the contingencies would be the actions of humans, such as the prayers of the church). Furthermore, since the "game" (the war, actually, which is life or death) is spiritual, the plan depends not only on chronological time, but also on kairological time, that of the spiritual circumstances involved.

This game theory approach is not necessary to understand the message that God wants to convey to us, which is always simple and understandable by simple souls. Perhaps for some, like me, it will allow us to better understand the nature of the matter, but if you do not understand this vocabulary or these approaches, do not worry, Jesus and our Blessed Mother always explain things in a simple and profound way to those who are not exposed to these issues. The intellect should help those of us who do not have much spiritual wisdom, which is the main thing in this, to go deeper into it. Those preferred by God are the simple ones, and they are the ones who best understand his messages, without the need for technical vocabulary. I myself have not analyzed all the implications of what is in the proposed topic, nor do I think anyone has, so it is a pending task. I opt, for now, to express some guiding ideas that may be useful, meanwhile, to those who are interested, thinking aloud more than formalizing the application of theories to our subject of study.

With this in mind, a game is nothing more than a set of players who have available certain strategies that can play within certain rules, and a set of benefits, one for each player. A player is the one who uses such available strategies to try to obtain the maximum benefits, also called payouts, available to him. There are many types of games, which can be classified into four basic broad categories. In relation to time, static or dynamic. In relation to the information, complete or incomplete. This refers to information about players and about payments. Players include us, as we may not even know ourselves. It also includes payments, as we may not know the consequences of our actions in terms of compensation. Especially if the devils are always trying to make us believe that it is better for us, in terms of payments, to do what is actually less convenient for us.

For us, the studied game will be dynamic with incomplete information. It is important to emphasize that the information that players have can be asymmetric, in the sense that players have private information about who they are while others cannot fully identify them, except through signals that they emit within the game. It is clear that the devils know who they are and we, most of the time, do not know who they are when they interact with us. To the extent that most humans today, including many priests, do not even believe that demons exist. It is one of his greatest successes in this Signaling Game. Nor do we know who the angels are, nor even God, nor the saints, among them our Blessed Mother Mary. Her signs want to help us identify them, while the devils help us hide them.

On the subject of contingencies, in a normal game between humans a "contingency" is an exogenous fact (outside the system, the game) to the players involved, which occurs in the dimension of uncertainty. like rain etc In a game that incorporates God as a Player, nothing is exogenous to Him, really, since He can control everything and there is no uncertainty for Him. But, given the importance of the issue of contingencies in terms of prophecies, which can change depending on the human prayers, we propose to stretch in this case the meaning of that word. The reason comes from the fact that God has relinquished his total control over history and has decided to consider us fully players in the game.

This seems incredible, because it implies that, according to what we do, history will unfold and God will accept it that way. That makes God dependent on what we do, strictly speaking, which seems strange and heretical. But it is not like that, because God, as consistent and just as he is, respects a property that we have, created by him, which is free will and that is why we are real "players" in the game of history. Of course, we cannot talk about humanity as a single player without thinking about a very big simplification. We must talk about God's plan for each one of us, and we can be very divided. And perhaps we can make very thick groups in humanity, taking into account the great limitations that this has in the analysis, like the Catholic Church and the rest of humanity.

Keeping this great initial simplification of humanity as a single player for convenience in the analysis and because it has a lot of reality to analyze what comes in the Amnesty, the other two players, then, are God and the devil. Why don't we speak in this case of devils in the plural, since that better reflects the reality of their diversity? Because in this game, unlike the case of humans, they are strategically and consciously united in the war against their common enemies, God and his creations, us humans. And they are under a single command, despite their internal differences, as Jesus himself implied when he said that a kingdom cannot be divided, otherwise it disintegrates. From knowledgeable exorcists, we know that Satan (not Lucifer, the initial leader) is the top boss of that team of players. Therefore, it is lawful that we speak of a single, strategic plan of the evil one.

As we can imagine, each player has their tools and abilities that allow them to better develop their tactics, within their strategy (The strategy can be thought of as the set of tactics, one for each time and contingency, depending on the plays of the other players) . Each warrior has his own weapons in this spiritual fight. The devil, for example, has abilities beyond the natural, since he has the nature of an angel, called "preternatural", which are powerful, although not as powerful as "supernatural" powers, which come from God. The devils, then, have a lot of power over us, but not beyond what God allows them to use. In addition, we have guardian angels, assigned by God to each one of us as His children that we are. They protect us, defend us, and guide us, especially if we are aware of them and ask for their help. Being children of the King of the Universe, we are Princes and Princesses. As such it is that we have these bodyguards, who are much more powerful and intelligent than the earthly ones.

If we did not have those defenders, we would be dead from the moment we were conceived in the womb, because the devils hate us to the death and are attacking us all the time, even if we don't realize it. Let's imagine what this struggle is like, and what we are not aware of, and note that game theory terminology can be very useful for some of us, who are not familiar with spiritual life, to understand the issue of permanent spiritual conflict. in which we are involved: God trying to save us every time and the devil to kill us and condemn us every moment and forever.

One of our most powerful weapons in this war is prayers, which the devils don't count on. Prayers are so powerful that they can heal people and cast out demons. They can even move mountains, literally speaking, and here we will see how humans will use them very soon with that power, within God's commented plan. This shows that living in these times has aspects full of hardships and terrifying worries, but, on the other hand, full of privileges not seen in two thousand years and even more, from the very creation, after the fall of Adam and Eve. They are part of the specific payments of this game of the end of time.

For its part, the game with the demons playing, which has fundamental aspects of what is formally called Signaling Games, which we will continue to talk about briefly in this brief introduction to the subject. Returning to the present and the origin of those weapons in the war with the demons. That power to do supernatural things of course does not come from ourselves, but from God. Because a father's little children can sweetheart him into doing things they can't do for themselves, as long as they are useful to them. That is why a prophecy that predicts harm against us may not come true, if we pray enough for it not to happen. For example, the Third Secret of Fatima: if we had prayed enough and the Pope had consecrated Russia at the moment our Blessed Mother asked for it, the Great Tribulation would probably not be about to happen, as many theologians and seers have said. .

To finish this matter of our weapons, we must include, of course, our abilities (including economic resources) to carry out material actions other than prayers, in each moment and circumstance, more or less effective if they are in tune with the Will of God. . For example, if we are owners of great wealth and administer it as a treasure for the growth of the kingdom of God, in favor of those in need, we will be making a great play in favor of ours (and God's). But if we are poor, but we do not make an effort or educate our children in the laws of God, we will be playing in favor of the enemy. Of course, whoever possesses wealth is tempted to idolize money and the power that it brings to his ego and that can distance him from God more than a poor person, as Jesus said when he spoke of it being very difficult for a camel to enter through a low height door Weapons are, then, they are like the talents of which Jesus spoke to us in the Gospel. You can already imagine how profound all this can mean, with so many apparent paradoxes, like the ones Jesus taught us. That is why faith is more useful than reason for us in many circumstances, since we only understand a tiny part of what is at stake.

Speaking now of the objectives and the strategies and weapons available to the devil, he is an expert in trying to influence us with deception (temptations), so that we do what harms God and his creation. As for the weapons that the devil has, we are talking about preternatural abilities. They are abilities to do some kind of miracles, but not to heal or release. On the contrary: to make sick and to enslave. In fact, a sorcerer who works with demons has the ability to cure an illness (not with God's perfection and speed) if a person goes to him. But after a short time the person affected realizes that he has three other new ailments. The devil gives you, but in exchange for much more in terms of equivalent value. Very good business for him and very bad for us. In fact, the sorcerer makes a lot of money from this (unlike Christian healers, who give away for free what they have received for free, as Jesus commanded), and wrap the victim around until all he has left to offer for a "healing" or spell is the soul: sell the soul to the devil for thirty coins. We see how he is enslaving you, instead of freeing you.

As we talk about God's plan to save us during the Amnesty, we will look at the problem of bad habits and addictions, not just witchcraft and other forms of ties to the devil through religions and “self-help” practices. They have to do with the breaking of natural, social and spiritual laws that the devil misleads us into using his weapons of war. The devil offers us a bit of meat on a hook (as he did to Eve by offering her an apple from a tree forbidden by God), making us believe that by enjoying it we are going to be happy; when what he really represents is a trap to catch us, kill us and “eat” us. That meat, or rather bait, consists of the pleasures of life that transgress the mentioned laws of God. To create addictions in us for sex, with pornography. With eating disorders, with gluttony. With the idolatry of money and political power. We already know that he uses the media, the technology companies, of which he has almost absolute control in these times, which is why they are apocalyptic. As we will see, these ties can lead us not only to suffer the torments of the Great Tribulation in this life, but also eternal suffering in hell, despite the great effort that God is going to make to save us with this plan that complements so the death and resurrection of Jesus two thousand years ago is unheard of.

By the way, a weapon that the devil does NOT have is the gift of prophecy. But as the exorcists explain to us, including Father Javier Luzón, he pretends to be a prophet. The ultimate false prophet is the Antichrist, as we know from God's revelation and here we will detail some of the actions expected of him.

In addition to the weapon of lies, the devil has great abilities to divide and generate quarrels among humans, to defeat them more easily. To introduce the type of game, let's note that the lies (temptations) and the reasons for quarrels are signals that he sends us to follow. Thus, the devil acts like someone who puts up the wrong traffic signal so that the driver goes down a ravine, instead of crossing in the right direction. God, meanwhile, sets the right sign for us to follow and be saved. The role of humans in the game is to discern between the two signals and make the decision of which direction to go.

Regarding God's strategic moves in this regard in these times, let us note that He, through his spokespersons, mainly our Blessed Mother Mary, tries to send us alert signals so that we follow the path that suits us, since it is the one that really makes us happy: that of respecting its laws, the agreement that we have made with Him, especially the new agreement better known as the New Alliance, that of Jesus, who shed His blood for it and rose triumphant for it. And he sent the Holy Spirit on him for it. We humans have the goal of being united with God in heaven and enjoying that union, which implies union with all who are united to Him.

If a player expects the other players to play in a certain way, it is logical to predict that he will choose the strategy that suits him best. If there is a set of strategies that imply that each player reacts optimally with his strategy to those chosen by the others, we will have a good prediction of what is going to happen in the game. That is precisely the concept of equilibrium or solution, in any game, called "Nash Equilibrium" in honor of John Nash (whom the film "A Beautiful Mind" is about) who contributed significantly to the study of it.

We are now equipped to say, then, from God's signs and the devil's signs, that this conflict has a very strong “Signs Game” component between the three main players: God, Satan, and us humans. We will see that in this game, humans can be divided into two: the followers of God and those of Satan.

This game is much more complicated than the one that occurs between two players, which is the one that is normally exposed in game theory courses, since there is the problem of distinguishing who is the player that sends you the signal: God or the devil. If the sign is from God, there should be no problem, in principle, whether to follow it or not. The devil, therefore, tries to make his signs appear as from God. Like when he wears the disguise of a false prophet, but for predictions about the future, not just for matters that have to do with day-to-day life. Since we are in a game that has to do with the future, in recent times, we must focus on the issue of signs on what to do from now on, facing the future. One of the key issues for humans is, therefore, to discern whether a prophecy is authentic (it comes from God, since the devil does not have the gift of prophecy), or false (if it comes from the devil, with the aim of harming us). And if a medium that God is using to send us messages, a prophet, is true or false. We know that there is an additional difficulty that comes from the fact that a person may be a true prophet, but some prophecy from God that he has transmitted may have changed (or "failed", as some say). Should we continue to believe in him or her?

On this subject, in this game there would be certain equilibria that are predictable: on the one hand, the one that clearly separates the good from the bad signals, with "expensive signals" (not simple words, but works that require a significant creative effort, co-redemptive) . This includes the effort we must make to save ourselves if we follow the sign that God gave us with the coming of his Son, Jesus. The most expensive sign in the world, completely unimaginable and unthinkable for someone with the power of God. For those who do not believe that Jesus is God, there are miracles, of Him and His disciples. But also his Resurrection, which also shows that he died. And he did it willingly, as he could have easily prevented it. We know this from the consequences that he brought to the disciples, the change from denial and betrayal, for example of Peter, towards courage and martyrdom. They are expensive signals, which are "differentiators" in a Signaling Game. This theory of sign games is actually based on the teaching of Jesus: by his works you will know them. Words are not enough, which in this theory are called “junk signals”, “cheap talk”.

On the other hand, there is the equilibrium that confuses all of us humans (in theory, since there are many faithful who are very close to God, despite the fact that their number has decreased a lot in recent times) about what is good and what is evil. evil. The devil makes us believe that it is good to transgress God's laws. He presents himself as one of our own: with our own interests, since we are sheep and he pretends to be one of us through his external appearance. When he is actually the enemy, the wolf that kills the sheep.

Let us note that the devil is at war with God and we are the prize. God wants us for himself, and the devil wants us for himself. From this point of view, we better understand the signals that both send us. The devil wants the pooling equilibrium, where we become deluded and doomed fools, with the goal that God's signs, Jesus' sacrifice, and prophetic warnings from him, have no beneficial effect on us. That not even a part of humanity be saved but that we all be damned.

This "game", rather war, represents the permanent spiritual struggle between good and evil. And it is to death, and death or eternal salvation. And many times we do not realize it, especially when, as is happening in these times, the devil hides and disguises himself and makes believe that he does not exist. And that the spiritual world does not exist. Only the earthly is real. In fact, at this time we are practically in this equilibrium, the aforementioned “grouping equilibrium”, also called chameleon, in which we are unable to distinguish the devil in sheep's clothing. The Antichrist disguised as a redeemer.

Since most people are deceived and without hope at this moment, God is going to make the very strong move mentioned very soon in this strategic game, as he has indicated to us by the Marian prophecies. As we know and Fr. Michel informed us in detail in a retreat at Casa Gospa, this is a costly new sign, in which he is going to use a huge amount of divine mercy comparable only to the coming of Jesus two thousand years ago. That sign is called a Notice: a warning sign, according to the etymological meaning of the word.

God's tactical objective, then, according to his long-term strategy, is to prevent all of us from falling at this crucial time into the "grouping equilibrium" in which we are all deceived by the wolf in sheep's clothing (the Antichrist, who is already working even though it has not fully manifested), and let us all go to hell, in this life and the next. Added to this is an opportunity to make a decision, called Amnesty, it will allow us to reach a separating equilibrium regarding the God player. From the point of game theory, Amnesty is a decision node in the extensive game in which, as a result of the exercise of our free will, many of us can decide whether to save or condemn ourselves. It is worth noting that in this decision node of the game, we have to decide whether to go with God or with the devil. In order to go with God, we will have to send him a costly signal as well, since a conversion takes effort, especially if we have had bad habits in the past, as we will explain later.

When the devil is not present, the game changes completely, as we can imagine. We had commented that the power to perform miracles will be used by the faithful chosen and marked by God from the stage of the Refuges, if not before, then after the New Pentecost, when the Holy Spirit will give them his Seven Gifts, which imply those capacities. Above all they will use those powers in the Era of Peace. Interestingly, neither in the Vaults nor in the Era of Peace will there be demons, which is precisely when humans will be able to perform miracles in a more or less general way. In this case, perhaps we shouldn't even talk about games, let alone weapons, but rather skills.

In any case, there are also games for cases in which the players do not attack each other, but try to coordinate to achieve a situation of mutual improvement for all. They are the “coordination games”. The issue in these cases is how to coordinate among faithful humans to do the best of God's will, which is what is best for them. It is interesting that during the Era of Peace we will once again have legitimate Popes who, for their part, will have close coordination with the regents in the twelve kingdoms that will exist worldwide. From this point of view, coordination within kingdoms and between kingdoms will be easier to follow the will of God, since in many coordination games it is useful to have "focal equilibriums", in which the players assume that the others will to play their part because there is a leadership that proposes that everyone play what is best for them.

In reality, it is a kind of “self-fulfilling prophecies” for coordination games: the leadership proposes that everyone plays an equilibrium; each player, following the leader, assumes that the others will play his part; as a consequence a given player contributes his positive actions to all. As the same happens for each of them, the best is achieved for the society of the players, coordinated in this way by the leadership. That role can be played by the church, if it is credible and acceptable as connected with God even better than the individual players. Let us note that in this case faith moves mountains, but at a much higher level than when a faithful moved mountains for his faith, aligned with the Will of God: as each player believes that the others are going to do their part, he makes his contribution. to move, not a single grain of sand in this case, but a whole mountain, by their individual miraculous act. As everyone believes the same thing, everyone brings their contribution from their own mountain, and a gigantic mountain is achieved as a result of all the contributions. Let us note that if there is no coordination, the result can be a loss for those who contribute, because the required number of mountains is not achieved and the project remains unfinished, as when a building is not finished because parts are missing.

Annex 2: Summary of the Reprieve section and use of the concept of black holes in Astrophysics.

= Summary of the Reprieve, using the concept of spiritual capital and creative work, or constructive creation.

To summarize this important act of God's mercy, it is clear that we have a kind of "spiritual capital" (or heavenly treasure, not earthly, in terms used by Jesus in the gospel), which accumulates through good deeds throughout our lives. life. But that depreciates with bad actions. From what has been said in relation to the consequences of the sins of our ancestors, that capital has a depreciation that comes from there, a negative inheritance. As in matters of capital and work in economics, the acts of accumulation of spiritual capital can be interpreted as acts of "creative effort", carried out as children of the creator that we are. If we disaccumulate it, it is from destructive acts of God's creation, transgressing his laws, which has negative consequences, as we have explained, for us and/or for others [9], so with this we stand on the side of Your enemy, the devil. Other people, such as ancestors, can negatively sign our initial capital with negative consequences of their destructive acts in your life. As is logical, they can also leave us a positive inheritance, a consequence of their creative, virtuous acts, such as teaching in our childhood and youth. Others can contribute to our capital, as in the case of the church, managing its wealth, treasures of God's spiritual creation, through the efforts of so many saints, particularly "victim souls", such as those who suffer the stigmata of Christ. , to help him redeem many people, because they are already saved, with a great positive spiritual capital to their credit. But we can also benefit from other humans, whether they are alive, through their prayers (for example, our parents) or dead (for example, the saints, our deceased ancestors, and our Blessed Mother). It is clear that our acts of creation bring us closer to eternal life, to God; and acts of destruction bring us closer to eternal death, to hell. Describing the Warning and the Reprieve, we have been able to observe acts of infinite mercy of God towards us, which can make us pass a very negative spiritual capital to a very positive one in a matter of seconds, which can mean eternal life and happiness instead of eternal death and suffering. A negative capital does not necessarily condemn us to hell at the moment of particular judgment, since we can earn capital with the help of others, for example through the prayers of our relatives who are still alive, until we can go to heaven [10]. There must be a threshold of spiritual capital that God sets as a logical limit to define whether a person is saved or damned, we could call it the gate of hell. If capital is negative below that hellish gate, you're doomed. To go to heaven, the capital must be positive, even if it is very small and it would place us at the gate of heaven. To go to purgatory, which means that the soul is saved, but there will be a period in which it must be purified, the capital can be negative, but above the level of the gate of hell. Let's note that having a positive capital is not easy, with the amount of temptations, negative circumstances and ballasts that we drag. A whole spiritual struggle that adds and subtracts capital every day and at every moment. At this time, according to the prophecies and what we see with the naked eye, the vast majority of humanity is with such a negative capital that it is beyond the gates of the infernal abyss, to the point of no return, because Satan and his demons they are prevailing like never before in their hearts. That is what actually explains the coming of Jesus to exorcize us, with his extraordinary acts of mercy of Warning and Reprieve.

The White Top and the Black Hollow; the gates of heaven and hell

The hole is a celestial body, like a star, say, that has collapsed all its mass into a single central point whose dimension is basically zero, paradoxically. Despite the fact that its dimension is minuscule, we can know that its mass is very large judging by the force of gravitational attraction that it exerts on other celestial bodies. The gravitational pull is what causes an asteroid to fall to earth if it gets too close. Even light, when it travels through space, feels the gravitational force of celestial bodies: if a ray of light passes close to a star with a mass less than that of a black hole, like the sun, it bends a little: it deviates from his straight course but he goes on his way. In the case of a black hole, its mass is so great that if that same ray of light passes close to it, it will be absorbed and fall like an asteroid falling to earth. If the ray of light passes far enough, it is deflected, as in the case of the sun, but it is not absorbed. This amazing fact in the relationship between these kinds of celestial bodies and light is what makes those celestial bodies special. As we can imagine, there is a distance from the center of the black hole (which is minuscule in size and gigantic in mass, as we said) such that if light passes under it, it will be absorbed. The circle that makes that distance around the center has a special name, the "event horizon."

To apply it to our spiritual theme, the gate of hell or the threshold of no return can be interpreted as that circle around the black hole of hell.

We are now equipped to better understand why we talk about the gates of hell as a point of no return. From the spiritual point of view, if a soul has a very negative capital it means that the demons have blinded them so much that they cannot see any light. Consider the case of demonic possession. In this case, the person does not govern himself, because he has lost his will, which is in the hands of the demons that possess him. The person cannot escape by their own force from the slavery to which they are subjected with this; they have no remedy on their own. Being alive, that person can obtain external help to his own being: through the spiritual assistance of a priest, who represents Christ on earth and uses His power to practice a procedure of liberation from the slavery to which the soul is subjected. Such a procedure is also called exorcism, and allows the person to regain control of their will. But being already deceased, the person no longer has access to that goodness. In fairness, earthly existence was the opportunity God gave you to get help, generally to perform acts of wealth creation in heaven (increasing the size of your spiritual capital). Dying with such a negative capital, beyond the threshold of the gate of hell implies, then, that the black hole of the devil will absorb it. It has no remedy, having passed the infernal event horizon and it is curious, but the same soul knows it by obtaining the respective information from God at the moment of its illumination in the particular judgment. That is why his decision about where he will go coincides with God's. It is fair, let's say, from both points of view.

Let's look at the case of heaven. If hell is a black hole, whose mass is concentrated in the center and has a sphere that surrounds it that we call the gate of hell, we could call Heaven a White Cusp, in whose center is God the Father, God the Son and the Holy Spirit, the Most Holy Trinity. It also has an entrance door, beyond which the soul could not leave, since it is attracted towards the Summit with irresistible force, the force of God's Love. Both she and God use their strength to attract each other until they are completely united. We know that even on earth, as I understand it from Saint Teresa of Jesus, beyond a point of sanctity of the soul, its spiritual capital is so high that it is not possible for it to be condemned, since it even uses the temptations of the devil for its benefit and glory of God. They are souls that are so united to God that they are possessed by Him, in a union of love. In this case, an "external" action is not capable of disuniting the soul possessed by the Spirit of God, as in the case of the devil with an exorcism. The explanation is obvious: God's strength is infinite and all-powerful. He is above the strength of the black hole of the demons that with a breath would eliminate him completely and forever. But he keeps it because he respects the free will, of the demons and of the humans who ally with them. It is infinitely Just and Straight. As soon as a soul enters the event horizon of the White Cusp, there is no turning back: it is completely possessed by God, in this case with much more force (and more delight, as we well know and we know his reasons). ). It's as if the only direction he can go is heaven: he's entered the event horizon of Heavenly Peak, which is going to pull him in with no chance of return.

We have spoken of a single gate to heaven, or hell, for all humans, but it is natural that each person is different before God, as Jesus repeatedly told us when he spoke of each one having different talents and for such will be judged: at who is given more will be asked for more. All this makes sense on the subject of God's approach and his distance. It is clear that the breach of the first commandment, that of loving God above all things, is what defines this matter. If one has idols and prostrates his will before them, it means that his "gravitational center" is elsewhere, far from God. If that gravitational center is strong enough and the person is close enough to it, they will be irremediably attracted, they will have passed through the gates of hell for them. Those gravitational centers of idolatry can be the ego, money, political power, etc., and we can interpret them all, although they are related, as the territory of demons, of hell itself. Egotism can, for example, be so exacerbated that it implies a spiritual capital to such a degree of negativity that it is already beyond the threshold of the event horizon of hell: beyond the possible return. Beyond the gate of hell. The love of the ego has so completely blinded that person that he does not allow him to see God. If he dies like this, he'll go straight to hell.

Let us note that the magnitude of the spiritual capital of the person, which goes from minus infinity to plus infinity, measures the degree of proximity or distance from God. And at the same time the degree of approach or distance from hell.

There must then be, for each person, a zone between the two gates, that of the Infernal Abyss and that of the Celestial Cusp. That is where the merciless spiritual fight for a soul develops, in which demons, angels and the person participate. Each person has a guardian angel, a bodyguard assigned by his Father, who treats him as a Prince as King of the Universe that he is. If a person dies and their accumulated capital has a value in this zone of indefiniteness, they will go to purgatory. By not being at the gates of hell, or below it, he has been saved. He will eventually enter heaven, but after a period of "purification", or growth of his spiritual capital. It is interesting that the devil is no longer around to tempt said soul. But she cannot accumulate capital in that state. Other forces, other souls, push her to the heavenly gate. From our theory of the attractions of celestial bodies, we can also understand to some extent what happens in purgatory, as Jesus revealed to María Valtorta and María Simma: they are places where the Love of the Holy Spirit purifies those who are not yet prepared. to enter heaven. The theory is that, in that undefined zone between the two doors, the two event horizons, although the two celestial bodies still exert influence on any body even if it is not at its door, the attraction of the Celestial Summit is much greater, therefore be that of God. In that play of forces, the soul in the intermediate zone will eventually reach the gate of heaven and heaven itself.

The idea is that a soul that enters purgatory upon death when he has a negative spiritual capital, but not to such a degree as to reach the gates of hell. If a soul has a capital slightly higher than zero when it dies, it goes to heaven, since this door must be, in our scheme, at the number zero. This interpretation is consistent with God's infinite mercy: He is so merciful that entering heaven requires a positive capital, but it may be very small, relatively speaking, at the time of death. We could perhaps think that it should be positive well above zero, but if we take into account that between the threshold of eternal death and that of eternal salvation there is a continuous fight without quarter of the devil to take the soul, the fact that this Keeping a non-negative capital on balance indicates that you have not been defeated by the forces of evil in your battles. Of course, those who have quite positive capital at death would have more merit, and by the doctrine of the communion of saints, that positivity above zero is used and we know that voluntarily, in addition, to help other souls in the fight, both earthly as in purgatory (the latter I imagine, if the request is made from earth).

To end this note, it is worth noting that any celestial body, due to its mass, also attracts others. If one has more mass than the other, when approaching each other, the second "falls", joins the first. Why do we use black holes for spiritual doctrine? The reason is that we are talking about the greatest existing forces in that area. God is the maximum, with his Love, His Light, being the "forces" that we have to consider. He is the creator of everything, and for the natural, as in the case of the laws of Physics, he has established some laws, which he wants us to respect. Although his spiritual laws are above the natural ones and he can change them whenever he wants, he takes them into account for our behavior in the world, as with the commandments that have to do with our social behavior. That is why we can speak of our respect for His commandments, for the Covenants we have made with Him, as the laws that should govern us. If we transgress them, we put ourselves on the enemy side. It is in this sense that we speak of black holes: they are the ones that, when we do not use the Light of God, we inexorably fall into if we stray too far from God, from his laws.