Consecration of our houses as Refuges

Consecration of our houses as Refuges. Apocalyptic times update

Presented at the Community Center. Informal talk. Fatima Parish. Seattle.

Felipe Perez-Marti

March 4, 2023.

Points to discuss.

We are already in the last times. Garabandal: the four popes and other signs. War, earthquakes, animal behavior, pandemics, world domination, church division, signs from the prophets. We must urgently prepare ourselves, through spiritual and physical shelters.

I. Motivation. What Fr. James Blount said in the church of St. Stephen the Martyr (February 27, 28; March 1) about it.

1. Generalized depravity. Pornography, depression, woke culture.

2. As an exorcist, he saw a big snake over Seattle. The biggest he has seen so far. The devil gaining ground and here it is well established.

3. Recommended two books: “The Warning” and another by Daniel O’Connor about Luisa Picarreta, The Will of God. Both stress the coming of end times (not the end of history, when the Second Coming is to happen): end of an Era and beginning of the Era of Peace. Fr. Blount says the Warning is imminent (as well as the Chastisement, and everything else before the Era of Peace).

4. He saw the Antichrist. A famous world leader. He did not say who he was. My take is that it is probable cardinal, who will be the Anti-pope after the martyrdom of Pope Francis. Both of them where surprised, because Fr. Blount was not expected there, and he does not know how he got there. It is logical that it was by bilocation. Fr. Blount, as an experienced exorcist, was able to see two horns in the head of the Antichrist (remember that he is the son of Satan).

II. What we see as signals confirming the prophecies, in order to be prepared.

1. Platform for the Antichrist: UN, Davos, the Deep State. New Communism in its behavior: slavery of people through media, technology and social networks. Control of elections. Oligarchy in power: Illuminati, masonry. Cartel of financial, media, technology, pharmacological, industry of war. Agenda: diminishing population. Ideal according to them: 500,000 million. We are at 8 billion (8,000,000 million 12 times more). Control of the population. Programs against the family: gay marriage, new rights, abortion, etc. War, famine, etc.

2. Nuclear War: not only from prophecies, Game Theory (to corner a rat). Devil intentions.

3. Earthquakes: Turkey-Syria. 50,000 + deaths.

4. Animal behavior: crows in Kiev, Mexico. Herds in circles.

5. Pandemics: it is now known that Covid was fabricated, as a biological weapon. Also the vaccine is diabolical.

6. Division of the church: two sides. For or against Eucharist. For or against the family. For or against New World Order.

III. How to prepare.

1. Go to the spiritual ark, or Refuge: The Immaculate Heart of Mary

1.1. Consecrate to Mary, God the Father, The Holy Spirit, Jesus, Joseph, St. Michael.

1.2. Five points of Our Mother at Medjugorje:

1.2.1 Frequent confession (one a month at least), reading the bible, fasting, prayer (rosary, two hours), the Eucharist.

1.2.2 Go to the physical ark, or Refuge: Prepared by our Mother of Mount Carmel protected by St Michael.

IV. How to consecrate your home and land to God to be Refuges

Summary based in the prophecies of Fr. Miguel Rodrigue and message of St. Michael to Lorena. There will be official Refuges, in charge of Our Blessed Mother of Carmen. But you can also consecrate your house or land in case God wants to use it for that purpose, as a complementary refuge, which will be connected in a network of the Holy Spirit with the others.

1. From Fr. Michel Rodrigue:

The consecration is done to God the Father, with sincere hart, by the owner. God the Father will be the new owner and will put it under the protection of an angel. When the time comes for people to go into a refuge, no one will be able to enter it without the sign of the cross on their forehead, recognized by you and by the angel.

The angel will protect not only the space, but all of your inhabitants in that area as well. If someone comes to your home with the spirit of the devil, the devil will stay out.

If you are renting a place you can consecrate it too. If you are the owner of a property, but you do not live there, you can also consecrate it. God will use it according to his will. Of course this means that when the time comes, there will not be a contradiction between the original owner and the renter in case both have consecrated the same place, since the property is now of God. But both will be protected and accommodated conveniently, either there or in a formal refuge of the ones our Holy Mother of Mount Carmel is in charge.

When the Father touches something, it is touched forever, unless a place is profaned. If there is a mortal sin on that land or in the home or refuge, it would it have to be reconsecrated, like when a bishop reconsecrates a church in which mortal sin has occurred.

Prayer to consecrate your home or land to God the Father:

“In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, God the Father, through Your Beloved Son, Jesus Christ, Who shed His Blood on the Cross to save us, I consecrate my home (land) to You, through the intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, to be under the wings of the Holy Spirit for the time of purification. It is yours, Use it as You will for the safety of Your people.”

Sprinkle the exorcised (or holy) water in the four corners of the house, and Exorcised (or holy) salt in all corners of the land, making a sign of the cross, as you say: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.”

Source (Pages 43-44):

2. From St. Archangel St Michael message to Lorena.

1. The candidate houses will be houses of prayer, including the prayer of the rosary. The leader of such house should be consecrated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

2. In order to be chosen as a refuge, those houses should be fortresses and cenacles of prayers before of the Warning, and the inhabitants should be servers of God and His witnesses through their testimony of a good life. No one there should be in mortal sin. The place should be consecrated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. As a signal that the house is chosen to be a Marian refuge, a special light, similar to that of a candle, will come to illuminate it for half an hour. Then the house will start functioning as a refuge, which will protect the people there from the chastisement, or Great Tribulation, that is going to be happening in the world.

3. It is enough that a person in that house is in state of grace for the rest of the inhabitants there to be protected by St Michel the Archangel through one of his angels of his Celestial Army, day and night, but in order to be accepted there, every person should have the sign of the cross in the forehead.

4. During the time of the tribulation, such Marian refuges will be provided assistance by both St. Michael and our Holy Mother, and there will be healing and miracles. People will live there in harmony by the power of the Holy Spirit. Food will be multiplied and water will be enough. A base of food is required as a start. A spring of water will be provided in the garden of the house. A proper, blessed symbol, or group of them, should be placed in the door of the house. It can be for example the fish symbol of the first Christians, St Michael the Archangel, St Benedict, our Holy Mother, the Sacred Heart of Jesus symbol with the crown of thorns (Detente), the Holy Trinity.

5. Cell phones and other technology devices are not going to be necessary for communication with other refuges. In fact, they are forbidden in the refuges, for the devil, through the Antichrist, will be using them to locate souls, influence them and attack them. So, once the house becomes a refuge, all electronic devices of telecommunication should be turned off and banned from the site. Discontented, placed in plastic bags, and buried underground in the garden, as far as possible. And the following prayer should be said:

“I, as a son (daughter) of God, sealed by the seal of the Living God, hereby seal my electronic devices, closing all contact and sealing all communications with the exterior of the house, turning off all of those devises so that they can not be used by the enemy and his plans and we avoid being used by him. By the power of the Holy Spirit, I seal all telecommunications. Amen.”

6. It is good to have exorcised oil, wager and salt. St. Joseph oil. St. Rafael Oil. Good Samaritan oil. All the preparations should be made as soon as possible. The prayer of telecommunications should be prayed every day starting as soon as possible in order to avoid that the minds of the inhabitants of the house be taken by the Antichrist at the moment he appears in TV or through other electronic devices. Important to pray everyday the chaplet of mercy.


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