Great tribulations starting in October

Great tribulations starting in October

Felipe Pérez Martí

September 27, 2023.

Dear All. Today I send you this important prophecy that our Blessed Mother gave to Father Oliveira, a renowned prophet of Brazil. It refers to the beginning of the Great Tribulation for this month of October. This giving of dates is something totally unusual in Marian prophecies of the last (apocalyptic) times. We usually talk about signs that indicate the approach of the Third World War, great floods and earthquakes, famines, the Warning (Illumination of Consciousness). But pointing out specific dates is, again, something unprecedented and can take away the credibility of the prophet who speaks about them. In fact, the specific dates thing also happened with another visionary, who in my opinion is quite credible, John Leary. Jesus spoke to him, for the first time in the entire history of his revelations, which began forty years ago, of a specific date. It couldn't have been a different date, of course, since that would call into question either of the two revelations, if not both at the same time. It is also about the coming October, mentioned to John Leary by Jesus as the beginning month of what was previously prophesied. I talked about the latter in our Sharing Era of Peace email group ([1]).

Let us note that, according to what was said to Father Oliveira, it is not that everything will happen in October, but that the process will begin then. We know that the prophecies are not contradictory if they are authentic, since they come from the same celestial source, therefore we must interpret what John Leary said in the same way, since he does not explain the dynamics of the dates. In fact, due to another prophecy given by God the Father to Father Michel Rodrigue in 2022, the process will have that same dynamic, progressive, although we know that a war of these characteristics, like the third world war, develops very suddenly. Let us also note that the main recommendation is spiritual preparation, which is absolutely URGENT: Our Mother insists to Fr. Oliveira four times, in the same sentence, to make the conversion today, not tomorrow. It is crucial to be in grace (confession) in order to be able to have communion. Recommended too are Eucharistic adoration and praying the rosary. But also complementary practical things, such as using the miraculous medal, that of Saint Benedict, the oil of the Good Samaritan, etc. In the case of John Leary, it is recommended to prepare physical refuges in other revelations related to today's, and not travel after October. Finally, let's notice how Jesus warned us about the dates, about when to prepare in a special way (Mt 24:32-33):

“Learn a lesson from the fig tree. When its branch becomes tender and sprouts leaves, you know that summer is near. In the same way, when you see all these things, know that he is near, at the gates."

John Leary

The initial revelation that Jesus made to John Leary about this occurred on July 31 of this year and reads like this:

“Now, my son, you are seeing the coming events that I have prepared you for. I thank you for spreading my word and having people make refuges for their protection from the evil ones during the tribulation of the Antichrist. I am giving you a warning not to make any trips after the beginning of this October.”

In subsequent messages Jesus talks about the message being conditional, as you can see in the reference.

P. Oliveira

For its part, in relation to Father Oliveira, from Brazil, you can see the reference here: [2]. Without further ado, I transcribe what was prophesied by our Mother Mary on June 17 of this year:

Beloved son, listen carefully: In October of this year, a period of great tribulation will begin, which I predicted when I was in France, Portugal and Spain ([3]). On these three occasions, I spoke about the cause of these tribulations.


Be prepared, above all spiritually, because this period will not come with a bang, but will be gradual and will spread slowly throughout the world. The war that has started will increase, as you have already seen ([4]). There will be droughts, great storms and earthquakes in many places of the world. But as my Divine Son said, when you hear these rumors ([5]), do not be afraid! Always use the Miraculous Medal from today on, and distribute the medal to your flock as well. Sickness will not be the only evil that will spread; spiritual evil will be worse. Sickness will however be a great scourge. Put the medal of Saint Benedict on the door, and do not forget to use the scapular. Bless candles, oil, and water. Have no more doubts about the Oil of the Good Samaritan:([6]) bless it and use it. Seek to remain in a state of grace, because the demons have set upon humanity with strong temptations, especially against priests. Pray for them and pray for yourself too, as you are a priest. Always remember who you are! Pray also for your bishop and for all bishops. Pray much for the Holy Father: make fasts and sacrifices for him. I, your Mother and Queen, will be with all those who entrust themselves to my care, and I will not leave any of my children helpless. As I have promised many times, this time is part of what I said in my Third Secret in Portugal.


On October 13, I will give you a sign as you asked me to do; that is why I have shown you this date ([7]). I have received from God the mission to guard, together with the holy angels that the Lord has placed at my service, all those who have entrusted their lives to me. There will be great devastation from Russia, instigated by the infernal Dragon. This will harm the whole world. But do not fear. This is the opportune time for holiness. Remember that the great saints rose up in times of great darkness. Times of tribulation, especially this one, should not be faced with fear and cowardice, but with love and courage. You see, my son, this is why I have called you in this hour, so that you would remember and proclaim that the opportune time for holiness is now, today — not tomorrow, but now.

Eucharistic adoration should be your anchor, and the Holy Rosary the chain of that anchor. Eucharistic adoration, acts of reparation and sacrifices, united with the Holy Rosary, can change all prophecies! Do not forget this: Adoration and the Holy Rosary. Do penance, offer sacrifices for the salvation of souls, for the conversion of sinners and the sanctification of the clergy. Remember that the Lord knows everything and is in command of everything. Soon there will come the Triumph of my Immaculate Heart! Remain faithful in this time of purification; trust in the help of your Guardian Angel. The time for the saints is now. Pray, dear son, pray and watch, as I have called you today — pray and watch.




3. Presumably referring to the Marian apparitions at La Salette (1846), Fátima (1917) and Garabandal (1961-1965) – translator's note

4. Presumably in a previous vision – translator's note.

5. cf. Matthew 24:6 – translator's note

6. Medicinal plants:

7. N.B. This may be a personal sign, not necessarily a public manifestation.