Are There Physical Refuges

Are There Physical Refuges?

Foreword by Felipe Perez-Marti

March 9, 2021.

I refer you to this interesting article in, written by Mark Mallet (one of the editors of the web site), on this subject. In this regard, let's remember that I sent you the following document on how to consecrate our houses and/or land to God, to allow Him to convert them into Refuges if He wants (if the conditions are met):

Many people are not aware of what is coming, in terms of wars, plagues, natural cataclysms. Among those who are aware of this, some admit that there are spiritual refuges. But many of those people doubt the idea of physical refuges.

The article I am submitting to you today provides a solid foundation for the idea of physical shelters, based on scripture, church tradition, and private prophetic revelations.

This helps us to establish ourselves in the idea of consecrating our homes, as we had said in the document and in our conversation at the Fatima Community Center.

This topic is so important, that I propose we talk about it in our next meeting to discuss it in depth,  in particular our Holy Mother's proposal to organize ourselves in a community like the first Christians, in order to be prepared for what is coming.

Best and blessings, and here is the link of the article: