The time has come for the liberation of Venezuela and the world

The time has come for the liberation of Venezuela and the world

Felipe Perez Marti

July 24, 2023

Hello everyone.

Here is God's promised Plan for these times, made to counteract Lucifer's. It is a fact that the devil has been extremely successful in taking control of virtually the entire world for himself, in many ways, notably from the Deep State, the woke culture, voter fraud in America, the 2030 agenda. That is why the time of God's plan arrived, which I detail here:

I had the privilege of being at the last retreat that Father Michel Rodrigue gave, in which he revealed details about this plan not known until now, such as the fact that we are already in the "Small Tribulation", which will last about three years, beginning in 2020, at the end of which the famous and expected "Warning" will occur. But God revealed to Fr. Michel that he is accelerating chronological times, given the great dominion of Satan on earth. Therefore, this same year, 2023, or next one, 2024, probably towards the beginning or the middle, the Warning will occur. About six and a half weeks after that, the “Great Tribulation” will begin, which includes World War III, which will be nuclear, chemical, and biological. With all the curses that will occur in those tribulation years, including more and worse pandemics, great famines, and natural cataclysms like never before, some six billion people, three quarters of humanity, will die. A "faithful remnant" will be protected in the "Refuges" mentioned in the text.

Many people are not aware of the seriousness of what is happening. The only way to be saved is to get closer to God as soon as possible, as I explain in detail.

By the way, the chronological timeline described (which has a crucial kairological component, which shortens or increases the conventional times to which we are accustomed) implies that the 2024 presidential elections will not take place in Venezuela. I recommend in this regard to see the part of the Mobile Refutes, in which wars between the forces of good against those of evil are described. Evil regimes, all over the planet, will be forcibly overthrown and the armies of good will triumph with supernatural help just as Joan of Arc amazingly defeated her enemies in France, led by Saint Michael the Archangel. Only with much more effectiveness and protection.

It is worth noting that the leadership in Venezuela for this liberating feat will not come from the primary political election planned for this year. It will come from God's chosen ones, marked with an invisible cross on their foreheads. Although we are all called, good and bad, the chosen ones will be those who approach God from now on. The choice will not occur by vote, but by conversion: the only elector is God. The chosen ones, for their part, will not only be the leaders of the liberation war, but also the respective soldiers, who will be soldiers of the Kingdom of God. In the good army there may be elected leaders in the primaries. But there may also be some who are defeated, as long as they convert. And, above all, there will be voters who will have voted in the primary elections: the ordinary people who are spiritually clean or who will be healed given the great opportunities of God's mercy that are detailed in the document. Much of the people are corrupted, as we know; but just like corrupt leaders, the members of the people will have the opportunity to mend their ways and be chosen by God. The criteria for the election of God, then, will be spiritual and I explain it in the text in part using game theory and finance theory.

On a global level, the enemies will come not only from the East (China, Russia, Muslim countries and soldiers), but from the bad governments of the West, where corruption of all kinds is rampant, including electoral corruption, gender ideology, child trafficking, and the 2030 agenda. There will therefore be two fronts against which the forces of good will fight: internal and external. But in the end they will triumph and participate in the restoration of humanity. In the Era of Peace, which will be the Christian Utopia, the Triumph and reign of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

In countries such as Venezuela, the internal front will have two components, represented not only by the red rent-seekers of Maduro-Cuba and other criminals, but also by the blue one (the opponent who wants to restore the fourth republic). The international front will be represented by the black rent-seeking mafia (the Deep State). Of course the regimes in Cuba, Nicaragua, China, North Korea, Iran, the United States, Venezuela and the like will be deposed and many of their components, whether leaders or soldiers, will perish during the war and go straight to hell. But practically all the governments of the world will be deposed and replaced. Jesus is going to designate the regents of the twelve "countries" that will be worldwide.

Cordially and in touch, that now is when the good part comes,