Our Blessed Mother dresses in black: general mourning is just beginning

Our Blessed Mother dresses in black: general mourning is just beginning

Felipe Pérez Martí

November 3, 2023.

Dear All.

I present to you this prophecy that our Blessed Mother Mary transmitted to Luz de María de Bonilla yesterday, November 2, day of the faithful dead. She appears, practically in all her revelations, dressed in light and bright colors. On this occasion she appeared dressed in black, “a color she uses before serious events for humanity.”

You will find the prophecy on video here in Spanish:


The Source is here in Spanish [4]. The translation is mine.  Before transcribing it, I point out these crucial points related to what I have been explaining:

1. Our Holy Mother confirms that there is a hand from the shadows behind the governments that are protagonists of what is happening in terms of the preparation and execution of the Third World War, which is already irreversible, as well as imminent, and other phenomena of destruction of humanity, such as Covid and moral degeneration. According to our Blessed Mother, in fact, “a group of families” is the one that dominates what we have identified as the Deep State, with its financial, media, military industrial complex, technological and pharmacological elites.

2. The time has come to open your eyes and to leave behind stubbornness, as well as the devil's side in this fight between God and Satan. The evil one will present himself as Antichrist politically, economically and religiously and has agents of his Anti-church at all levels, from the aforementioned families, to chats and other social networks. Masonic lodges play a crucial role in all this, particularly religiously. It is not convenient for us to take their side in these apocalyptic moments, because that will lead us to hell. Not only at death, but in this very life: While those who are close to God will be protected, those who collaborate with the devil will experience horrific and continued suffering. There will be many innocent victims along the way, including women and children. God will take care of them in the afterlife.

3. To be part of the “faithful remnant” that is with God, one must prepare, especially spiritually. Below you will see a consecration to the Holy Spirit, which I recommend to everyone. Furthermore, we must urgently prepare for the great famine on the way, as indicated here: [1]. In addition, a new pandemic is coming, worse than Covid, for which there are no vaccines. But there is an effective remedy, given by our Blessed Mother: hawthorn leaf tea (Watch video [2] for that). You must also consecrate your homes to God the Father to protect them from the great war and the apocalyptic cataclysms that are coming, using holy water and the prayer indicated here: [3].

Without further ado, I pass on the prophecy:

Message from the Blessed Virgin Mary to Luz de María de Bonilla

November 2, 2023

Beloved children of My Immaculate Heart:

My blessing remains constantly on you.

I call you to consecrate yourself to the Holy Spirit (1) and to remain in a state of Grace so that you do not grieve Him.(Jn. 14,16-18; I Cor. 3, 16; Ef, 4,30). 

Keep the Love of My Divine Son latent in you by being compassionate and merciful.

Dear children:

My word received with gratitude illuminates the path for you.

This mother issues at this very moment this urgent Call to all humanity, imploring them to be aware of what is approaching for everybody in general. They are being led like sheep to the slaughter and, since they find themselves in this moment of pain, fear can lead them to lose faith, which is what the enemy of the soul desires.

The fact that humanity does not open their eyes and look at what is happening in the world is the fruit of human stubbornness...

The suffering is decided and humanity does not want to stop it, it continues to be another participant in the great world stage of pain, betrayal and threats that have ended with more war.

Beloved children. Pray. Get ready. The darkness remains in the minds of human creatures from where it is transferred to the earth itself.

Beloved children. Pray. Humanity is going to live in the midst of threats from terrorist groups that want to conquer the world.

Beloved children, Pray. I call you to prayer with a “contrite and humbled heart,” being aware that you are making reparation for what is happening at this moment. For this reason, prayer must be deepened and active, leading it to give itself as a testimony to its brothers, sharing bread with the hungry and being a light on the path of so many in need.

Little children. Be prayerful souls (2) in every act and work of your day to day life. Be great workers in the great vineyard of my Divine Son; in which there are no great creatures that stand out, nor great critics of their brothers, but only great heroes in the inner silence.

The Earth is the land of uncertainty where security will be unknown. More countries enter the scene of war. After a slight moment, the force of evil pounces with great impiety on humanity (3)

In the midst of the rapidly spreading illness My children do not lose faith. They remain secure in the Trinitarian Love for each of their human creatures. My children are strong, firm and determined. They maintain the security of the blessing of being a true child of My Divine Son.

The greatest protection for a nation is a praying people converted and convinced of the omnipotent greatness of the sacrosanct Trinity.

Pray children, pray for your brothers who will suffer because of the great floods and earthquakes.

Pray children, pray that the flame of my Divine Son's heart remains burning in you.

Pray children, pray for your families for the conversion of everyone and humanity.

Pray children, pray for strength so that you do not fall.

Beloved children of My Immaculate Heart, I love you.

Mama Maria.

Hail Mary Most Pure, conceived without sin

Hail Mary Most Pure Mary, conceived without sin

Hail Mary Most Pure, conceived without sin

1. Download book about the Holy Spirit (it is in Spanish, and I will try to find the English version):


2. Download prayer book (it is in Spanish, and I will try to find the English version):


3. About the devil's traps, read (it is in Spanish, and I will try to find the English version):


Comment from Luz de María:


Infinitely thanking our Blessed Mother, I wish to inform you that today especially, our mother appeared to me dressed in black, a color she uses before serious events for humanity.

He expressed to me: “beloved daughter, a great betrayal is brewing towards… (She told me the name of the country in Asia, but I cannot communicate it) that is involved in the current war.”

I remind you of these messages given in previous years:

Our Lord Jesus Christ on 6/10/2017:

My Beloved People. The relics that My Church possesses are going to be taken for desecrating them. Because of this, I have previously requested that the relics be rescued and treasured from this moment on. Otherwise you will have no trace of them.

The Blessed Virgin on January 31, 2015:

Humanity is manipulated by a power that the vast majority is unaware of: a group of families to which the rulers have adhered, obeying their commands. They are the ones interested in the rapid occurrence of the Third World War. Among them, the Freemasons, contrary to the Church of My Son, have entered the same hierarchy of the Roman Curia and in the most relevant points of the world and society to dominate humanity in all its fields.


Consecration to the Holy Spirit

(Inspired to Luz de María, 05, 2021)

In the name of the Father of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, amen.

Holy Spirit. Come, I beg you. I am unworthy of You. I know that you reside in me and I have not reciprocated so much Divine Love. Aware of this, today I wish to consecrate my life to be a worthy temple of Yours. I consecrate my senses to You, which I have led to separate themselves from You.

Come, Oh Holy Spirit. Make a dwelling in me. Come put my life in order, I beg you. My free will has run aground and I need You to be the rudder of my life. I need to walk towards You.

Holy Spirit: I give you my free will so that from today onwards you may be the One who guides me and leads me with righteousness, thus purifying my physical and spiritual senses and I become light and not darkness.

Come O Holy Spirit, in the name of the Father and the Son, I surrender to You with my fallen pride, with my trampled character, with my empty pride, with my ineptitude. I humbly prostrate before Your divinity, aware that I have offended You and like The Prodigal Son I come to you.

Come oh, Holy Spirit. I desire to free myself from submission to my human self. Govern me with Your love to be a new creature filled with faith, hope and charity.

I consecrate myself to You, Holy Spirit, rejecting evil, refusing its insinuations.

I consecrate myself to You, Holy Spirit and I light my lamp to watch with You, in this my inner room where only You and I can meet. Amen.


1. To prepare against famine:


2. Video worth watching in full. Towards the end we talk about hawthorn:


3. Consecration of your houses:


4. Source for tex (in Spanish):