Jorge Nihán: Alternative medicine is the true medicine

Jorge Nihán: Alternative medicine is the true medicine

Felipe Pérez Martí. June 29, 2022.

Dear all.

These days I sent to what we call Virtual Venezuela an interview with Dr. Alberto Martí Bosch about his novel method, based on the origins of medicine, to heal illnesses. The secret, as can be seen in the following video by Dr. Martí Boch, is to heal the person, not cure the disease:,_BASIC_PILLARS_TO_FACE_CANCER About this topic An interesting controversy arose with geopolitical overtones as well, including the hairy hand of the Deep State in favor of conventional medicine. Because this is so important for billions of citizens around the world, I reproduce it here, where you will see the fundamental contributions in this regard made by Jorge Nihán in a colloquial way.

He is an expert in Medical Physiology, with studies in Neurophysiology, a researcher with publications in indexed journals and a professor at the Faculty of Medicine of the UCV.

To begin with, before the interview with Dr. Martí Bosch, a member of the chat said:

“The alkaline diet has no scientific basis. It's like a fad, except that taking bicarbonate and those things damages the body."

Another citizen of Virtual Venezuela asked:

“Where can you read the statement you make? Are there studies that decertify what is exposed there?

To this the critic responded:

“Medical science says that we cannot modify the blood PH. If you want, here is more information about it.

To substantiate his claims, he cites three links: el-risk-of-cancer#:~:text=The%20called%20diet%20alkaline%20advocates,%2C%20sodium%2C%20bicarbonate%2C%20potassium%20and -dietas-de-maldita-ciencia-la-dieta-alcalina/

From there begins the intervention of Jorge Nihán, on medical scientific knowledge:


“First I would like to know what medical science the writing refers to. The published links are not from indexed journals or serious scientific works.

“Second, the brief does not reflect the arguments of those who have the most authority on the matter.

“It is valid to express an opinion on a subject that one does not dominate. But the statement about the state of medical science in this regard is not correct.

Nihán continues, on how the human body works to feed and maintain itself:

“The human organism functions under certain normal parameters which we call physiological. When these parameters are broken we speak of Physiopathology, that is, disease.

“In the case of a normal subject, the brain secretes physiological amounts of inhibitory neurotransmitters such as GABA and stimulators such as norepinephrine or dopamine. That is physiological.

“In the case of blood pH, it is normal for it to be 7.45, that is physiological. When buffer systems such as bicarbonate stop working due to kidney problems or there is an accumulation of CO2 due to chronic obstructive diseases, we have metabolic or respiratory acidosis or alkalosis. Body acidity values ​​are modified, that is pathological.

“pH is a measure of acidity. The closer to 1 the more acidic, 7 is neutral and above 7 is alkaline, therefore our blood is slightly alkaline.

“To keep it that way, there are control systems, hemoglobin itself is one, another is the phosphate system and another is bicarbonate. The latter is reabsorbed in the distal tubule of the nephron and prevents the acidity from rising or falling sharply.

“In pathologies such as cancer, the pH values ​​are pathological in the periphery of the tumor. The same as the levels of copper and zinc in the body as well as body temperature, which in normal situations is 37.2 degrees Celsius. (The terms centigrade and Celsius are no longer used, they are Boltzmann degrees according to IUPAC).”

Nihán continues on acidity, alkalinity, disease and alternative medicine:

“When we eat, food is reduced to its molecular components, glucose for example, enters glycolysis to form pyruvic acid and passes to the Krebs cycle. Throughout the process, H3O+ is generated, which is the ACID SPECIES, affecting the body's pH levels. The more we eat acidic products, the more acidity we produce. If the regulators do not work or the acidity is excessive, there are problems.

“The diets that produce the most acidity are: meat, cheese, sauces, tomatoes, coffee, etc.

“To say that diet does not affect the body's acidity is to ignore basic biochemistry. We can affect that acidity with bicarbonate, for example, 300 mg daily help combat the excesses that our diets produce. In the case of cancer, it is logical that if the pH of the periphery of the tumor is affected, I can alter the pathological environment and fight the cancer cell. In that sense, the doctor's article published by Felipe is absolutely logical and coherent. I can not only alter the pH level, but the levels of copper, zinc, temperature, etc.

“As for its effectiveness, it depends on the degree of rigor that it has. The more rigorous the discipline, the more effective. THAT MEDICAL SCIENCE has not done studies, false. Yes, they have been done and they are not published. As an anecdote, a doctor in the faculty used chicken feet with her husband to raise his platelet levels, already desperate because her science did not solve, well, cooked and blended chicken feet healed the husband, and despite the ridicule of the Buddhists she showed that a protein present in them affected platelets.

“Current medicine is just a patent business imposed by Rockefeller, THE ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE IS THE TRUE MEDICINE. Although it is not proven by medical protocols, we know that there are things that work and are not approved BECAUSE THEY CANNOT BE PATENTED. However, I say: VERITAS NUMQUAM PERIT (The truth never dies).”

More specifically, Nihán follows the interview with Dr. Martí Bosch:

“I have already explained it. This is the most coherent and logical I've seen this tenor. I say that we must be rigorous in the application of this methodology for it to work and maintain it for the necessary time. I would also use: hypnosis or self-hypnosis, dowsing, homeopathy, natural products and acupuncture. Several combined techniques and shower people are generally required in its application.

“I always say that homeopathy "doesn't work" because it is applied by doctors. In homeopathy the technique is different from the medical protocol of attacking symptoms. The base is attacked and you have to be exact, no approximations are worth it. Accuracy in the medication and its concentration. Doctors don't have that accuracy. For them, if Captopril doesn't work, they send Losartan, while in homeopathy you can't do that. If it's Natrium a la c1000, it's that one and no other.

“Regarding the fans of allopathy, white coats and stethoscopes, that’s their problem. I have seen what I have seen and I am a witness that things well done and well applied, work. For example, they did work with me, with my sister and with hundreds of people that we saw inside... Everyone there, I've also seen many people die for fools, stubborn and fanatical."

Nihán concludes with an example. Diabetes and amputations as a remedy:

“Finally an example to contrast alternative medicine with conventional medicine. In the case of diabetic foot, for conventional medicine, when ulcers occur in a diabetic's foot, antibiotics are administered intravenously, but the fact is that the CAPILLARIES AND ARTERIOLES of the patient are clogged, so the antibiotic does not reach and it gangrene. So you have to amputate. If the antibiotic is injected directly into the foot as we have done, things change and the patient walks out of the hospital.

But conventional medicine doesn't and I've seen patients tortured to the limit with amputation after amputation. In the case of type II diabetes, the ppar receptors are clogged with fat, so it is essential to eliminate it. That is why type II diabetes is associated with the metabolic syndrome. We'll come back to cancer tomorrow."

Before Jorge Nihán's intervention, I had motivated the debate by responding to the critical citizen in this way:

“Doctor Martí Bosch does not say that the alkaline diet affects the PH of the blood (which can be seen in the original video).

“Their problem is that bad eating habits have made people sick. Unbalanced diet towards acid. Sugars, carbohydrates, bad fats, red meat. All this in excess. People have gained weight and do not eat well.

“He is based on the fact that food should be your medicine. Strengthen the body and its immune mechanisms. To prevent disease. Not to cure the disease, but to treat the patient so that he heals himself naturally.

“The status quo of science should be a natural, balanced diet. Not the acid one, as until now, in practice.

“Now, about cancer remedies, I imagine there is controversy. But I have no doubt that diet is essential. And that acid diet should not be the most recommended.

“Nor lose sight of political biases. I have no doubt that the Deep State objects to treatment that goes against their economic interests. The pharmaceutical and medical industries are not neutral. Not for the citizens. But in favor of their petty interests.

“Therefore, in this scientific controversy I would not be surprised if they had paid apologetics against currents that question their practices and narratives. Let's not forget that the communication area is the main one used by our enemies.

“I'm going to read more carefully, but I saw fallacies there in those articles. For example, the fact that it has not yet been proven that the alkaline diet improves cancer patients does not imply that a doctor should stop advising it. And you should not stop advising against an acidic diet.

“This is the fallacy of ignorance (which says that the fact that something has not been proven false does not imply that it is true). The status quo I already said. That is the one they should attack if they want to prove a new theory, and they haven't. In other words, they have not shown that the acidic diet is better than the balanced diet.

“Let's see what the experts say and let's find the truth, please. It is the one that will make us free from slavery in all its forms. Enough of bad medical and pharmacological practices. This is do or die. For millions of people. Not playing carts. The war is total. Integral. The global rent hunters have already done enough damage. We defend the underdog. Not to the powerful."