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Interview to Dr. Martí Bosch:


By Antonio F. Muro

By blog.alkalinecare.com on 01/20/2014

Dr. Alberto Martí Bosch gave at the III International Congress on Complementary and Alternative Treatments in Cancer, a masterful presentation in which he placed as fundamental elements -not unique- of the treatment of any disease -including cancer- a diet based on vegetables and fruits, a low-sodium diet, a deep detoxification of the body basically using herbal infusions and hot baths with sea salt; treatment that can still be complemented with other therapies depending on each particular situation.

Human beings have been facing the so-called "diseases" for a few decades as a real war that must be waged against their "responsible parties", external aggressors (bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, prions...) that must be fought. And that is why doctors today use an eminently warlike language and speak of "fighting", of waging "war on disease", of "enemies to fight", of "attacks" -systemic or localized-, of "victories" and “losses. And for obvious reasons the same thing happens with the language with which "medical" techniques are described -that is why they speak of cutting, burning, destroying, blocking, eliminating...- as well as the "weapons" to do so, whose set is defined in fact as a therapeutic "arsenal".

Even in the field of cancer, because tumors are also seen as something pathogenic, as the cause of the lack of control of a group of anarchic cells that threaten to spread throughout the rest of the body until they cause their destruction – reminiscent of those who still defend that it is necessary to maintain social control at all costs and not allowing anarchy-, a "threat" that therefore justifies the use of all kinds of aggressive military actions, even though there are "collateral victims" (the "healthy" cells).

And where has this vision of “lack of health” led us?

Not knowing how to cure practically any of the so-called "diseases". Perhaps because in reality neither exist nor are there “enemies to fight”. On the other hand, even if it were so, if they existed, the tactic of attacking our own organism with the absurd argument that we are helping it that way, is simply stupid.

Among those who think so today is Dr. Alberto Martí Bosch, who after sharing for some time the dominant philosophy among the medical class, one day came to the conclusion that the best thing to do in the face of any pathological process is to help the body to face the problem itself, boosting your immune system and bringing it to a state of ideal balance and harmony through deep detoxification and adequate nutrition. Although he does not give up, when he understands that it is necessary, to fight tumors that grow and endanger life -by preventing the correct functioning of an organ at a given moment- with more intelligent and less aggressive tactics. How? Applying Poliorcetica or art of the siege to Medicine.

Tell us, doctor, how is it possible to go from the practice of Pediatric Oncology to the practice of Natural Medicine, taking into account the enormous differences that both maintain regarding the approach to cancer?

Well, I would say that Natural Medicine does not get along badly with Oncology but rather that certain sectors are at odds. I have studied and worked in academic medicine. But this medicine that I'm practicing today is just as academic as what I was taught in college. It is true that it is a type of medicine that they did not teach me at university because they have preferred to ignore it, but it is there and that is why I have been able to learn it.

Then what made me switch from one medicine to another? When you are on a hospital floor seeing children treated with chemotherapy every day, vomiting and screaming at you not to give them chemo, who flatly reject it because of how bad they feel afterwards, and implore you "Please, Alberto, don't give me do this” there comes a time when you wonder what you are really doing with that child. If your intention is for things to go better, if you want to help them overcome leukemia, lymphoma or sarcoma but you realize that you are subjecting them to enormous suffering, you begin to look for the best way to ensure that this child suffers less, obtaining the maximum possible benefit of the treatment being applied.

And that was what led me to investigate the fields of Natural Medicine, to know how it could help cancer patients to improve without interfering with the treatment proposed in the field of academic medicine, the one they teach you in college when you are 20 years old.

Was the children's suffering at least offset by the results?

The results we obtained were very discouraging. I'm talking about 30 years ago, when I finished my degree. The mortality rate and the suffering rate of the patient undergoing chemotherapy treatments were very high. All team members have personal crises. You saw how the people who were with you (colleagues, nurses, assistants...) soon ended up getting depressed, threw in the towel and left.

Others of us are left thinking that when there is nothing to do is precisely when there is more to do because it is necessary to start looking. If I don't get good results with what I do, I told myself, I must find something new. That restlessness is what leads you to move forward. And that is what has meant that over more than two decades it has been developing a holistic, comprehensive treatment proposal, with which we know that -especially in the last year- it is achieving very good results.

I have always said it and I repeat it: I do not cure anyone. What I do is give the patient a guide to help him come to a good end. Of course, it is true that over time what was initially a mere work project dedicated to helping the patient to better tolerate chemotherapy and to enhance its effects, ended up leading to a pathway to cause cell apoptosis and get the cell cancerous die by itself. And more and more often I see cases in which patients achieve amazing results, patients whose disease, as my conventional colleagues would say to justify my results, “spontaneously remits”.

So, ironically, I say yes, spontaneously... but with a lot of work. A god begging and with the hammer giving. Because we are talking about very disciplined patients, highly motivated and mentally aware that they are going to get ahead, so they work hard and well on their pathological process.

The case that I presented as an example last November 1 during the III International Congress on Complementary and Alternative Treatments in Cancer that was held in Madrid under the auspices of the World Association for Cancer Research (WACR) and Discovery DSALUD, is the most recent case , more spectacular, but I have had others. Although we cannot yet speak of a cure because we are still in the initial phases, since the patient cannot be considered "cured" until he has not relapsed for ten years. What I do have clear is that cancer must be treated holistically.

Well, that case, especially significant, shocked the public. Can you summarize it for our readers?

Well, it is the case of a 31-year-old woman who came to my office after giving birth. A brain tumor had been detected in her 34th week of pregnancy and after performing a cesarean section before giving birth, the tumor that was located in the right parietal area was later removed. However, when performing a subsequent general review, pulmonary, liver, bone and muscle metastases were detected, with the entire lymph node chain, both thoracic and abdominal, being affected. In short, it was “invaded”. So, given her condition, the medical team that was treating her -I think with good judgment- decided not to apply chemo or radiotherapy because the suffering they would have caused her did not justify the possible benefit that could be obtained. And in those conditions it arrived at my consultation.

He had been given a life expectancy of about two months. Obviously my first thought was to try to provide him with the best quality of life for as long as possible. But that's not why I gave up trying something else. In fact, I not only suggested some palliative treatments, but at the same time I started therapeutic methods that I knew could help the tumor lesions to regress. In short, I followed the biological medicine protocols that I have developed by immediately putting her on a diet while detoxifying and alkalizing her body and making sure that she was not lacking in any nutrients through proper orthomolecular treatment.

I also strengthened his defenses with Renoven -former Bio-Bac- and supported everything with the protocols of doctors Banerji. And oh surprise! After two and a half months of treatment, the brain tumor residues after the surgical intervention had disappeared, as had the lung and liver lesions, while the involvement of the lymph nodes had remitted and the muscle and bone lesions had experienced a 50% remission. Obviously his quality of life improved a lot and therefore his life expectancy. And all this and in such a short time, with a simple Natural Medicine treatment!

It is true that this is a surprising case, one of the few that one can see, but it is also true that it was someone who had not previously undergone any conventional therapy! He had not received chemotherapy or radiotherapy. And that when it comes to getting ahead is essential, because when it comes to people who do not come with a poisoned or burned body and low defenses, everything is simpler. The problem is that today this type of patient is unusual. Every time we serve more people who have already done the complete journey -surgery, radio and chemo- and come with the attitude of "lost in the river". In other words, most of them have already been told in the hospital that there is nothing to do, that it makes no sense to give them more chemo or radiation. They arrive homeless. And of course, they come over doubting what Natural Medicine can do when nothing has been achieved with them by conventional medicine in which they believe. In short, almost all arrive as lost. The singular thing is that despite this many times we manage to recover, to overcome the cancer, but since they have undergone radiotherapy and chemotherapy, some are left with the doubt of whether it was not a delayed effect of these, of whether their recovery it was due to our treatment, the conventional one or the synergy of both. They continue to doubt even though their oncologists had given them up! That is why cases such as that of the young woman that I have summarized before and narrated in the congress -fully documented- are so important, since it confirms that our treatment, by itself, works.

What are the bases of your protocol?

Oncologists, when it comes to treating cancer, have been taught a medicine that is based on destroying tumor cells instead of trying to restore the metabolic pathways that have been damaged and ultimately lead to tumor development. And what it is about is understanding that if we modify the "terrain" it is even possible to reverse the evolution of tumor cells or cause their suicide or apoptosis. .

We are told that when a tumor appears, the first thing to do, if possible, is to “cut off its head”; that is, use surgery. And if this is not possible, then radiotherapy is considered; that is, burn the tumor, "send it to the stake"; well, rather bring the fire to him. The other option would be chemotherapy, that is, “poison him”. And it is freely added that if all that fails, nothing else can be done. In short, it is suggested to the modern oncologist that he can "cut, burn or poison", actions more typical of the 12th century than of a sophisticated 21st century. really pathetic.

It is true that sometimes you have to face the problem of having to eliminate a tumor because its growth could put the functioning of a vital organ at risk, but in this case, the smart thing to do is to follow a fourth path of an equally warlike nature whose origin, play with metaphorical comparisons, we could also find in the twelfth century and earlier, but it is much less aggressive. Because, what was done in ancient times before a city that wanted to be conquered and was difficult to beat? Siege her. Leave it without water or food by cutting off its supply routes and modifying the environment so that no one could enter or leave. And then sit back to wait or reinforce the siege with assault machines and tools. The siege has worked all my life, so I came up with the idea of ​​incorporating this system into the fight against cancer, for which it was essential to understand the survival conditions of the tumor cell compared to the healthy cell.

Today we know that the healthy cell lives in an alkaline medium rich in oxygen, uses very little sodium to live and uses levorotatory proteins -with a left turn- that are stable in it. On the contrary, the patient who develops an oncological process enters into metabolic acidosis -that is, the ground becomes acidic- and then there is a shortage of oxygen -we call this hypoxia- which forces healthy cells to mutate if they do not want to die .

You see, healthy cells get their energy by oxidation; that is, thanks to oxygen they generate Adenosine Triphosphate or ATP -for its acronym in English- which is the base molecule of cellular energy. But when the ground becomes acidic and oxygen is scarce, he has only one alternative if he does not want to die: find another way to obtain energy. And that possibility exists and is explained by the so-called Krebs Cycle. Simply instead of oxygen, the body uses pyruvic acid through a phenomenon known as glycolysis that allows it to obtain ATP molecules, but also generates lactic acid and alcohol as waste. It is therefore an anaerobic route -without air- to survive. In other words, the healthy aerobic cell that lives in alkaline soil becomes anaerobic, but in an environment so acidic that in order to withstand it, it has to alkalinize its nucleus, its cytoplasm, for which it is excessively loaded with sodium. And it also uses right-handed proteins instead of left-handed ones to feed itself since they live in acidic media.

In short, all tumors live in an acid medium that is poor in oxygen, loaded with sodium, and feeds on dextrorotatory proteins. Then if we want to neutralize it without attacking it, what will we have to do? Well, use the siege tactic. And for this there is:

- First to deacidify the ground by alkalinizing the patient. What is achieved by eradicating the acids that have accumulated in the body. This is why food is key in this area - everything that acidifies must be eliminated from the diet, and that includes alcohol, coffee, tobacco, sugar, dairy products, refined carbohydrates, red meat - and taking periodically baths in hot water with sea salt.

- Secondly, a low-sodium diet should be followed, that is, very low in sodium or salt. I have never understood why salt should be forbidden to a hypertensive person or someone with kidney or heart problems, and the same should not be suggested to a cancer patient.

- Third, it is necessary to provide the system with proteolytic enzymes with selective action, enzymes with the capacity to eliminate right-handed proteins, leaving left-handed proteins intact. And here we must remember the extraordinary work of D. Fernando Chacón, creator of Bio Bac, a product that achieves exactly that.

In short, if we eliminate the dextrorotatory proteins, leaving the tumor cells without food, we follow a low-sodium diet - without sodium, cancer cells cannot maintain the stability of the membrane and the cytoplasm - and we reduce the level of acids, the medium becomes alkaline. and rich in oxygen. And oxygen is toxic to the anaerobic tumor cell. In short, for cancer cells to die, it is enough to modify their environment because they do not survive in alkaline and oxygenated soils. Gives an excellent result. That is why there are more and more cases of referrals among cancer patients who follow this protocol.

Is diet then the first key element in any healing strategy?

We had always been advised not to eat meat on Fridays and many traditions call for the practice of fasting - at least one day a week - but no one has clearly explained to us why. However, Galen already understood the need to purify the body, either through fasting or following vegetarian diets.

Cures based on lemon, onions or grapes come from the time of the Romans. And since 90-95% of fruits and vegetables are basically water, whoever eats only them for a while cleanses the organs responsible for filtering the blood of metabolic and toxic waste, that is, the lungs, kidneys and liver. . Filters that if they become clogged lead the body to become intoxicated and acidified.

It is explained to everyone that when the car filter is dirty it has to be changed, but nobody is told that when the body filters are dirty they have to be cleaned. Well, fasting or following a vegetarian diet from time to time helps to cleanse the filters and keep the body in an alkaline environment.

Obviously if the intake of certain plants is added to the diet - there are specific ones for each organ - we improve cleaning even more. Because there are plants that cleanse the lungs (thyme, mullein, plantain), plants that cleanse the liver (artichoke, milk thistle, dandelion, boldo, desmodium) and plants that cleanse the kidney (green tea, horsetail, arenaria) . So we can take thyme, artichoke and green tea, for example, and obtain a remedy to cleanse all three organs at the same time. In short, we can eliminate acids through the liver, lungs and kidneys as well as through the skin with hot water baths with sea salt thanks to osmosis. And achieve the desired alkalinization.

Do you suggest to all your patients that they eliminate meat from their diet?

The WHO already explained in 1985 that the ideal diet should contain 85% vegetable protein and only 15% of animal origin. And we are eating animal protein well above that percentage. Many people ignore that an excessively protein diet acidifies. I also have to say that it is a mistake to eat eggs at night, a very common practice. The egg has a high fat load and a high amount of albumin. Therefore, we recommend eating only two or three a week and we make it coincide with the vegetarian day. They can therefore be taken at breakfast or lunch but never at dinner. In short, the diet should be especially light at night: vegetables, fruit, rice or simply a salad.

The key is in the liver, because in order for it to carry out digestion it needs the presence of a hormone - cortisol - which is only found in the blood when there is sun. And as our social habits make us have dinner when it has been hidden -and therefore, when its blood level is very low- having a copious dinner forces a very heavy digestion. And if it is achieved, it is thanks to the fact that the liver receives from the adrenal gland an alternative hormone, adrenaline -or stress hormone-, which is available 24 hours a day. That is why after a heavy dinner it is so common for one to fall asleep late or go to bed with a racing heart. In addition, circadian rhythms must be taken into account: during the day the liver is responsible for assimilating the proteins we eat, but at night its function is basically to drain bile. And it is cortisol that determines the investment of work so that from being an assimilating organ it becomes a draining organ. So if we stress the liver every day by making it assimilate when it should be draining, it will not properly eliminate metabolic waste later, so in the end it suffers. I always tell patients: the problem with nutrition is not usually so much in what we eat as in the waste that we do not eliminate. When the body cannot drain the toxins, it retains them and we self-intoxicate, acidifying ourselves, fertilizing the ground with acids for a possible tumor settlement.

The second basic pillar of his protocol for good detoxification and alkalization is hot water baths with sea salt. Can you explain it in more detail?

At first I seriously considered how to get an effective and simple therapeutic system to help the patient, because he already has enough problems with his disease for us to generate more. And I was helped by the work of Dr. Josefina San Martín Bacaicoa - Professor of Medical Hydrology at the Complutense University of Madrid - and Schneider, on the world of thermalism.

With them I began to understand that thermal baths are an excellent therapeutic solution. Why are spas useful? Because its waters are mineral and thermal. In other words, it is hot water that contains sodium chloride and potassium chloride in a concentration greater than 20 grams per litre. And it is saline water in a higher concentration than that of the sea and that of our plasma since it has 9.4 grams of salt per liter and that of the spas is around 20 grams per liter. Well, when you immerse yourself in a place where the water is hot, your skin pores immediately dilate. But since it is also very salty and our bodies are 70%-80% water, it turns out that when we get into it, the phenomenon we know as osmosis occurs, so that the water in our body comes out dragging all kinds of toxins and salts. minerals through the pores to the outside. With which the salt also leaves the nucleus of the cells and they become alkalinized.

This made me understand the concept of "bath salts". I always wondered what was the point of putting salt in the bathroom. Then I got it. Well, the bathtubs that most of us have in our homes can be turned into low-cost, high-performance home spas. In fact, who were the first to have a bathtub at home? The wealthy class people. Think that in the 40s of the last 20th century, poor people did not even have a bathroom. Those who went to the spas belonged to the wealthy class because a spa was not and is not cheap. A one-month stay can cost more than 3,000 euros today. Something that not even a rich man pays with pleasure since he is usually someone who is looking for how to get what he wants without paying for it. So when the rich realized that spas heal -although they did not know why- they decided to study how to have one always at their disposal but without paying so much for it. Then they were told that the water from the spas heals because its waters are thermal. To which the rich man replies: "Let them put a bath in my house!" It is that spa waters are minerals, they are told later. And then they ask what minerals they contain, they talk to a chemist and he explains that in spa water there are 20 grams of salts per liter of water. So the educated rich order bathtubs knowing that they must fill them halfway - so that there are about 100 liters of water - and then add two kilos of sea salt. In this way the proportion of salt will also be 20 grams per liter. And they already have an osmotic gradient.

In short, homemade bathtubs are actually very effective therapeutic devices that no one has taught us to use. Because when hot water dilates the pores of the skin and they open, the body perspires, eliminating carbon dioxide (CO2) while expelling fat, ammonia and uric acid. And all those acid fractions that we eliminate through the skin in the bathtub no longer need to be discarded by the lungs, kidneys and liver, so we avoid them having to filter them. All it takes is hot water -it doesn't need to burn- and two kilos of sea salt in the bathtub to set up a simple mechanism for rapid alkalinization -half an hour of daily bathing is enough- available to anyone. And cheap. Such baths involve percutaneous dialysis, a kind of high-performance, low-cost artificial lungs, kidneys, and liver that hardly anyone uses because they haven't been told.

Well, not everyone - and I'm thinking especially of the elderly - can afford to get in and out of the bathtub every day.

There are always alternatives. To older people who can't or shouldn't get in the bathtub to avoid greater risks, I simply tell them not to get in it. You just have to sit in a chair, take a small basin with room for about ten liters, pour hot water and a quarter of a kilo of sea salt into it to maintain the proportion we were talking about, and enjoy it. It is true that the exposed body surface is less, but three foot baths a day are equivalent to a complete bath. You can therefore do ten minutes in the morning, ten at noon and ten in the evening. And when it comes to temperature, I always tell patients that they should feel comfortable. There are people who do well at 25 degrees and others who do well at 30. With 30 degrees in the shade, you already sweat... and the question is sweating.

Let's rediscover Galen, or if you like, our grandmothers who always healed with four elements. The first thing our grandmothers did when you said oh! -and it didn't matter what happened to you- was to prepare an enema. And then they gave us a chicken or chicken broth, or a vegetable broth, or an apple or pear compote, or a soupy rice, and with that -the enema and the broth- they already had their water cure. The third pillar they proposed was a good sweat. They fixed everything with a good sweat. When the grandmothers did not have a bathtub -I verified it when I practiced rural medicine in the Segarra region in Barcelona- they put water to boil, filled glass bottles with the liquid at 70-80º, wrapped them with towels -so that the glass did not burn the skin - and then they placed three bottles on each side of the patient adding four blankets on top. And don't you see how sweaty! Well, they also used medicinal herbs because unlike the current generation they were well aware of their therapeutic properties.

What is the primary purpose of an enema or colon hydrotherapy?

Detoxify, and therefore protect the liver. A toxic colon is most affected by the liver.

And I am going to explain it in a very expressive way: next to each toilet there is a brush in every house because the dirt sticks and when you activate the cistern the fecal remains often remain attached. Well, the same thing happens in our intestine: fecal remains pass through it every day and there are always remains attached to the mucosa. To the point that over time an authentic casing of fecal remains can form attached to the intestinal mucosa. We know it but we do not value it. And yet it is very important. One of the primary functions of the colon is to recover the water of digestion and pass the fecal bolus in a solid state. To digest we actually use almost five liters of water that we obtain with what we ingest when drinking but also with the water present in food -especially in fruits and vegetables since 90-95% are water- and in juices gastric (up to two and a half liters). All this serves to make a great soup, emulsify the fats and micronize the minerals and trace elements so that the small intestine absorbs everything later. Therefore, what reaches the colon is only the non-nutritive remains, the fecal remains, although the body -which takes advantage of everything- recovers the water by dehydrating the fecal bolus.

And that water that is absorbed in the colon goes into the blood; moreover, it first goes directly to the liver. Then, if we do not cleanse the colon every time it recovers water, it has to go through the casing of fecal remains before reaching the mucosa, go through it and reach the liver and then the blood. With what we end up taking to this one an authentic infusion of fecal waters. In other words, when the colon is very dirty, we inevitably become intoxicated. So one should consider doing a colon cleanse from time to time. If possible, a good colon hydrotherapy. If economically it is not possible, through the lifelong enema. Many times what I suggest to my patients is to combine the intake of aloe vera with the enema. The idea is that the patient ingests aloe vera juice for a week to help loosen the adhered remains and then the enema is applied. It is enough then to get a couple of liters of warm / hot water so that the colon is clean.

Do you think that the mentality of oncologists regarding natural medicine has changed somewhat in recent years?

Little by little… but yes. I can tell you that there are already quite a few oncologists and radiologists from different parts of Spain who have been sending me patients for some time so that I detoxify them because they openly admit that doing so makes their treatments go better. Another thing is that they ask for it even with a small mouth and that their request is always accompanied by the tagline "Look, Alberto, this stays between us." But the opening is increasing. Of course there is a kind of run-run among patients in waiting rooms about the effectiveness of what we do and in the end everything is known. Well, it is no less true that the ones who send us the most patients are the nurses because they are also the ones who have the most direct contact with the patients. Como es cierto que cada vez más médicos entienden que la Medicina Biológica o Naturista no es una “medicina complementaria” ni una “medicina de confrontación”. Es simplemente Medicina.

Entrevista de Antonio F. Muro, publicada en la Revista Discovery Salud. Ver video con la referida exposición del Dr. Martí Bosch en el encuentro de WACR “World Association for Cancer Research”.