World famine and the physical appearance of the Antichrist are confirmed

World famine and the physical appearance of the Antichrist are confirmed

Felipe Pérez Martí

November 14, 2023.

Prophecy video (in Spanish):

Hello everyone.

I give you the video of this important prophetic message from Jesus to Luz de María de Bonilla. I transcribed it here and translated it for you from Spanish. Before I make you note the following points:

1. World War III will soon break out. Another war will occur that will be the trigger. I interpret that it may be different from that of Russia-Ukraine and that of Gaza-Israel. In any case, we know that these two will be related, due to the alliances they imply.

2. A great world famine will come. What we have said is confirmed and the need for the remedy: buy, now, three months of food. Including water and the way of cooking food, since there will be no electricity or external sources of energy: you will not be able to buy gas, kerosene, etc. A new pandemic is also predicted. In fact, it is already here in some countries of Africa. Remember in this regard my article with instructions in which blessed tropical fruits or grapes can also be used for the incidence of famine, and commenting on the remedy for the new pandemic (soon to be translated to English):

3. If people do not prevent themselves with the remedy from heaven in matters of food, they will be tempted by the devil to put on the “Mark of the Beast” from the book of Revelation. In effect, the Antichrist will emerge physically in this context of the Third World War, posing as the true Messiah to pretend that he is going to fix things economically, politically and religiously, as I have commented. Economically, in the face of great scarcity and hyperinflation, money will lose its purchasing power, so a subsidy will be programmed through the so-called “electronic money.” To access it, the Antichrist will require people to place a chip in their body to assign the subsidy and allow the purchase of goods and services. That is the Mark of the Beast, which will work with an entire diabolical platform that has been prepared around the world. We must avoid it at all costs, resorting to God's solution instead: that of preventing ourselves with food bought as a precaution, and blessed grapes and fruits.

4. The Antichrist will perform “miracles.” Probably using the aliens that they have been selling to us as true, but they are nothing more than demons. As angels that they are (evil, of course), those demons can do those kinds of things above what is natural. We must be warned against that, because that “help” is nothing more than a hook to catch us, then kill us and swallow us in hell.

5. There is talk of great shocks in Argentina. Perhaps there will be fraud in what is coming and they could assassinate Milei or another leader, which will trigger great social conflicts, never before seen in the country. Something similar will happen in Spain.

6. Muslim invasions in all countries will begin to take over Catholic churches. There will be martyrs.

7. Let us remember about the Refuges: let us consecrate our houses so that they become temporary Refuges, which will be protected from what is coming. I have talked about this in my articles, which you can see in the respective references.

8. Jesus announces again what we have also said several times: to counteract the action of the Antichrist, He will send His Angel of Peace, who will help us in everything. Let us be attentive, that it will be revealed to us who the Angel is, to follow him instead of the Antichrist. I will keep you posted.

9. I will continue to inform you. But notice that what we have been saying is confirmed in the sense that these are apocalyptic times and we must prepare NOW. TODAY. No tomorrow. We must approach God URGENTLY.

Cordially and keep in touch, that the good will be protected and those who go with the devil (the Antichrist) will be eternally condemned. We don't want that for anyone. But it will happen, even among families, among whom some will be saved and others will be damned.

Without further ado, here is the prophecy transcribed and translated from the aforementioned video:

Message from our Lord Jesus Christ to Luz de María de Bonilla. November 12, 2023

Beloved children, I love you with eternal Love.

When human creatures approach me repentant for the mistakes they have committed with which they have offended me and propose a firm resolution to amend, their souls acquire a special shine. That shine is seen from my house and I rejoice in it.

My children, spiritual preparation is essential for you to remain faithful. Otherwise they will fall into the hands of the infernal enemy. They ask me: Lord, how do I convert? How do I change my life? Conversion is a personal decision. It is a change for the rest of your life. It is leaving the mundane and being different in moments as critical as those you live and will soon live.

You must open your minds, hearts and reasoning so that you maintain the awareness that you are experiencing the second war conflict at this moment; in the blink of an eye you will experience the third war conflict extended to the entire earth.

The shortage in some countries will be strong. In other countries it will be less strong, although all countries will see the famine pass.

The disease is expanding again and is already found in some countries in Africa, Europe and North America. Therefore, the healthiest thing is that, as far as possible, you stock up on some foods and everything my house has revealed to you for health care.

My calls are for the conversion of my children. Of all humanity. I do not want you to only read them (the prophetic messages) but to treasure them in your heart so that on every occasion, in every situation, you work and act in my will.

Beloved children. It is my desire that you be messengers of Peace in the midst of any adversity and that you be encouragement to those who need it.

You entered the moment in which you will experience the true cruelty of the human creature.

Everyone will rise up against other brothers. It will be a fierce war and my children everywhere suffer from technological advances wrongly used in military weapons. They will be used and death will come for their spoils.

In the middle of the war the Antichrist arrives and will provide food, medicine and everything humanity needs. He will do miracles in my name and how many will follow him and forget Me?

For this reason I will send my Angel of Peace so that, being my mirror, he may begin the preaching of my love for humanity and some may convert.

Humanity will panic at their little faith in my promises.

Allied countries will betray each other.

Communism in full swing gives no respite.


The economy is gradually falling and the money you know at this moment will be of no use unless you place yourself in the seal of the Antichrist.

At that moment do not despair. My Angels will give them the food brought down from my house and the innocent will be freed from so much evil.

Some areas of the earth will serve as Refuges for my children. They will experience great migrations in search of fertile lands where they will feel blessed.

Beloved children. The signs in heaven will be given more often and with greater force. You will be able to distinguish them. They will cause amazement, but not fear.

I call you once again to be different. To be more of my home. To keep faith, hope and charity high.

Pray, my children. Pray. My church shakes strongly.

Pray, my children. Pray in the face of the lack of medicines to combat diseases.

Pray, my children. Pray and believe in what my house has sent you to maintain health.

Pray, my children. They have lived in the hands of oppressors. They have treated them as they please.

Pray for Argentina, my children. This land suffers because of social revolts. He will experience a crisis in his politics.

Children. Get ready. Be obedient. Heed my calls and go to my Blessed Mother.

I bless you.

Your Jesus.

Hail Mary Most Pure, conceived without sin

Hail Mary Most Pure without sin conceived

Hail Mary Most Pure without sin conceived

Comments by Luz de María de Bonilla.

Siblings. What more can our Lord Jesus Christ tell us? What else, so we can start the conversion? Let us be creatures of love as our Lord asks of us. Let's remember brothers:

The Blessed Virgin Mary on January 31, 2015:

Humanity is manipulated by a power that the vast majority is unaware of. A group of families to which the rulers have adhered, obeying their commands. They have entered the most relevant points of the world and society to dominate humanity in all its fields.

Our Lord Jesus Christ 11/30/2018:

The demons have pounced on humanity to graft greed for what is mine. They don't respect me but on the contrary, they make fun of me. They do not look with transparency or in the light of the truth: The state of this decadent generation.

That is why they are not afraid to offend me, deny me, ignore me, desecrate me. The persecution of my church is increasing. They do not yet experience this in a general way, although that day is approaching when those who have emigrated to other countries throughout the world will take possession of the headquarters of my church and it must be transferred to another country. Not before martyrs of this moment bathe the earth with their blood. Especially Rome.

Terror awaits my faithful. That is why I have called you to live in constant growth. I have called you to increase your faith and wait for help from my house, my Angel of Peace.

Saint Michael the Archangel. 7/15/2019:

The devil knows how much time he has and he speeds up and increases his persecution against God's people. God's people will suffer and be marked.

Rome will be invaded by those it has welcomed and God's people will be persecuted throughout the world.

Saint Michael the Archangel 27 of 3, 2022:

What happens to this generation is not a coincidence. It is the work of those who obey the orders of evil as preparation for everything they need for the absolute dominion of all human creatures.

Our Lord Jesus Christ 12 of 4, 2022:

Pray, my people. Pray for Argentina, the people rebel and in the agitation they claim the life of a victim of power. Argentina must pray

Our Lord Jesus Christ 7/12/2023:

Pray for Spain. It is shaken and its people suffer from the violence that is unleashed.

Luz de María de Bonilla continues:

Siblings. We have reviewed messages that have been given to us since 2015 in this case and through which we have been told about the events that are happening now. Our Lord Jesus Christ has also called us to become aware that we have to prepare because, whether we like it or not, the time will come when the Antichrist will take power on earth. Those of us who do not want to seal ourselves will have to help each other, because we will not be able to buy or sell. Only those who have received the seal of the Antichrist will do so and this results in the loss of eternal life. For this let us pray. Let us pray with love. Let us pray with conscience, with our will. Let us pray brothers. Fraternally let us pray. Amen.