Venezuelan support for Donald Trump

Venezuelan support for Donald Trump

Movimiento Libertadores

March 7, 2024

Dear Venezuelans, US citizens, and citizens around the world:

Here we explain why Venezuelans should endorse Donald Trump in the US presidential election. It is not only a matter of interest to Venezuelans and Americans, but of vital and historic importance to the whole world in this global struggle between good and evil. The most important election in the history of the US and also to the world.


The following is a detailed and extensive document discussing a few aspects of Venezuelan politics, the role of the United States in global politics, and the importance of supporting Donald Trump in the upcoming US presidential election.

The document covers topics such as the need for a forceful exit of the Maduro regime in Venezuela, the support of the Trump administration for this cause, and the betrayal of Juan Guaido and the G4 alliance. It also discusses the global struggle between good and evil, the Venezuelanization of the United States under the Democratic Party, and the importance of Donald Trump's leadership in the fight against globalism and its genocidal agenda.

The document concludes with a call to support Donald Trump in the upcoming US presidential election and a reminder of his achievements during his previous term in office.

1. Trump supported the right strategy in Venezuela from the beginning: Courage.

At the end of 2019, we came close to liberating our country from the satanic tyranny led by the Cuban nomenklatura through its puppet, Nicolas Maduro.

Donald Trump had already approved not only the operation but also the government program for the transition. The program was later publicly revealed by Movimiento Libertadores, as you can see in the original document in English: [1]. A complete updated program, in Spanish, can be seen here: [2].

It is clear that the United States had a strong interest in getting rid of the Cuban satrap in Venezuela. First, geopolitically, since our country became a spearhead for the advance in the West of Russia, China, and Iran, instrumented through Cuba. In fact, it became the fundamental axis for the expansion of this influence throughout the Americas, including the United States itself.

This strategy involved subverting other countries through methods of incursion and destabilization. It utilized personnel, a typical Cuban strategy used in the Marielitos in the eighties, this time including Arab-Muslim elements (such as Hezbollah), the export of common criminals, and Chinese colonizers through their business enclaves. It also involved the use of narcotics and the drug trade to harm the target countries of intended contamination, in alliance with the Colombian narco-guerrillas of the FARC and the ELN. In this sense, Chávez's plan to flood the US with drugs is well known.

Economic and military aspects were also considered and implemented. In the economic sphere, the advance of China and its "New Silk Road" initiative has been evident, financing advantageous projects in many countries of the world, with a special focus on Latin America and a center of activity in our country. Iran has also invested significantly in Venezuela, including in the industrial sector. Both China and Russia have financed the Venezuelan regime's public debt in large amounts and for decades, with oil as collateral, but with a clear geopolitical intention, given the problems of Maduro's misrule in repaying such loans. In the military field, Russia has supplied Venezuela with a large amount of equipment, especially high-performance fighter planes such as the MIG 29. This deal has opened the door for expansion to other countries in the region.

It is important to emphasize that our government's plan for the transition, after forcibly removing the Cuban-Madurist regime from our country, clearly stated that the operation would result in the liberation of the nation. Some left-wing members of Movimiento Libertadores (we have people of different ideological tendencies as long as they are honest and promote our Courage Strategy) suspected that Donald Trump, a right-wing politician, was providing assistance without the intention of promoting liberation. There were concerns that he wanted us to break free from Eastern empires only to be absorbed in an imperialistic manner by the West or the United States, which would compromise our natural resources, such as oil.

However, it became clear that this was not his intention. This differentiation sets Trump apart from traditional politicians in several respects, as mentioned in the government plan for Venezuela he agreed with. One essential aspect of the plan was the creation of an oil-mining fund. This ensured that both the ownership and usufruct of natural resources would go directly to citizens without intermediation by the transitional government. This measure is vital because even an honest government would have incentives to corrupt itself due to pressures from rent-seeking businessmen, both national and international. According to Game Theory, this mechanism would serve as a tethering of Ulysses to the mast of the ship, preventing him from succumbing to the sirens' song and falling into the sea of corruption.

Naturally, as we can see, the objective was to forge mutually advantageous industrial and trade agreements with the United States and other nations, all the while preserving political independence and avoiding any form of subordination.

On the contrary, the administrations of Obama and Biden have never seriously addressed the correct strategy to remove the puppet of Díaz Canel: that of a forceful exit. This perspective has become even more evident following the illegal disqualification of María Corina Machado, an outcome Movimiento Libertadores anticipated from the outset. Furthermore, we understood that should Joe Biden's administration negotiate with Cuba and Maduro to allow this leader to contend in a fair election, it would likely result in compromises unacceptable to Venezuelans. Such agreements would preserve the existing oil and mining rent-seeking system, maintaining the status quo within the military, national public powers, state governments, and mayoral offices. In essence, this represents a maneuver by the Deep State, manipulating Biden as a puppet, to ensure no substantial change occurs in Venezuela while aligning it with the globalist agenda, in clear subordination of our country. A change of subordination from one external power to other. With Trump, on the contrary, we would guarantee our liberation from the present external subordination, in the context of an alliance to overthrow the Cuban puppet Maduro, using force.

Following this document, we will elaborate on this matter in detail and present the current liberating alternative to the electoral path in which María Corina Machado is engaged. This alternative involves forcibly overthrowing Maduro's regime, which requires an alliance with international Courage forces, particularly the MAGA movement in the United States, led by Trump. In this context, it is pertinent to note that within the Trump administration, there were individuals who opposed the idea of a forceful exit. Notably, these figures were later exposed as traitors in the aftermath of the election fraud that brought Joe Biden to power. Prominent among these individuals were Mike Pompeo, the Secretary of State, and Mike Pence, the Vice President at the time. For this reason, we sought to establish discreet contact for our operation, avoiding involving those who opposed our initiative, and directly reached out to Trump. It is crucial to highlight that our operation received backing and involvement of the legitimate Venezuelan government at the time, under the leadership of Juan Guaido. He was set to preside over the Transition Board, composed of five members, including an economist, a lawyer, a military officer, and a member of Movimiento Libertadores, all distinguished by their intellectual and moral caliber, willing to sacrifice everything for their country. Nevertheless, due to the betrayal by Venezuela's interim president and his G4 alliance, it is plausible that Pompeo and Pence, possibly through the CIA's involvement, obstructed our efforts, as they did not wish for the rent-seeking system to be eradicated from our country, contrary to Trump's and our objectives.

The CIA's pernicious use of these tactics of subjugating countries has been exposed and detailed on the new Twitter platform, X. Any remaining doubts regarding these actions have been dispelled by individuals of undeniable moral and intellectual stature, such as Professor Jeffrey Sachs, a Democrat, among many others. That intelligence agency, along with the FBI, the Department of Justice, and other institutions, have waged a war against Trump for a long time, due to his pragmatic and effective style, which takes into account the interests of the country with which he deals with, as was evident in our case. For example, Trump is not subordinated to the interests of the military Industrial Complex, or to the financial mafia of the Deep State. He is widely recognized for his exceptional negotiation skills, capable of resolving conflicts in pursuit of mutually beneficial solutions, a prowess evident not only in business but also in geopolitics.

Certainly, our operation was not of the type of military invasion, as seen in Panama, where the power and profit motives of the military-industrial complex were utilized. Instead, it was envisioned as a surgical military operation, with a widespread popular insurrection as the critical component, especially in an environment of lesser relative strength of the regime, given the “dry grassland”: focal points of this grassland were to be ignited to broaden and generalize the impact of the struggle. It was widely acknowledged that, in terms of external support, popular backing, and military allegiance, Maduro’s misruled government was in a precarious situation at that time.

The liberation effort was to rely fundamentally on our forces, encompassing both the popular civilian and the patriotic military elements, though logistical and diplomatic backing from the United States would play a significant role. Unfortunately, the blue rent-seeking sector (represented at that time by Guaidó and the G4) as well as the black one (linked to the Deep State) frustrated this unique opportunity in history.

The moment has come to resume the fight, and we will do so in alliance with American patriots, under the leadership of Donald Trump. For this, it is crucial to support him and form a robust international alliance, also garnering support from other citizen forces worldwide.

2. Venezuelanization of the United States under the Democratic Party. Struggle between good and evil.

Regrettably, a new generation coup D'Etat took place in the United States in 2020, perpetrated through a massive electoral fraud. The evidence is clear now publicly, after years of fighting to spread awareness. There was a proof early on, in an article based on behavioral evidence of the leaders, using economic models ([3]). It demonstrated electoral fraud and stated the respective conspiracy theory as the new status quo. One question arises: Why did the American and international media not acknowledge this fact? Because they were part of the conspiracy from the outset, as that document points out, and has been evident now, when Twitter became X, since freedom of speech has allowed knowledgeable independent journalists and citizens have proven. In fact, the thesis of the conspiracy theory in that article has been become evident over these last years: just as there is a rent-seeking mafia cartel in Venezuela that has long captured the state ([4]), a similar cartel has emerged worldwide, comprised of various mafia components, with the most prominent being the financial, media, military-industrial complex, pharmaceutical, and technological sectors. This conglomerate, rightly referred to as the Deep State, has significant influence in orchestrating conspiracies. This includes bribing politicians via campaign financing and controlling both national and international security agencies, including the FBI, the CIA, and the Department of Justice. Its influence also extends to major international organizations like the UN, the European Union, the World Health Organization, and the International Court of Justice, among others.

These mafias actively worked against Trump even before his election, as has been reliably demonstrated, especially on X. It was there that the hoax of Russia's meddling in the 2016 presidential election, which favored Trump despite these unfounded campaigns, became clearer. We had already pointed this out this Coup D’Etat in January 2021, just one month after the event, and proposed an international alliance to recover democracies all over the world, which explains this support for Donald Trump ([5]).

In this regard, given that the vast conspiracy of the Deep State and its agents has been unveiled, thanks to the courageous efforts of patriotic citizens in many countries, including the United States, significant allies of this alliance have emerged, like Elon Musk, who acquired Twitter and transformed it from a stronghold of the Deep State's lies and manipulations into a powerful tool for truth and citizen empowerment, the ultimate victims of this entire ordeal. A team of truth-tellers and defenders of citizen rights has been forming worldwide. Within this movement, which supports Trump in the US., we join to make our modest contribution.

It is evident that the United States, following the coup D'Etat, ceased to be a democratic nation. It became, ipso facto, a dictatorship from that very moment. Partly, it employed the methods and tools of the Venezuelan regime to execute this transition, such as the electronic frauds of Smart Matic, later transferred to Dominion in that country.

Additionally, there was a massive amount of fraudulent mail-in votes. Should there be any doubts, the actions of Joe Biden's administration have markedly increased the dictatorial nature of its illegitimate regime. The use of institutions, both covertly and overtly, against its political enemies, such as the legal proceedings against Donald Trump to forcibly remove him from the electoral contest, is just one of many examples.

Other examples are canceling leaders who say the truth in many fields, for example regarding Covid vaccines. And supervising overly and influencing the vast majority of citizens with misinformation regarding political and economic topics, to influence their minds when voting, for example. And the fact that it has been converted to a bastion of the Deep State in all matters in the world, like the depopulation and woke agendas, and the wars, World War III in particular. After Trump stopped basically all wars, the Biden administration reacted furiously, coming back promoting them, in particular both in the conflicts of Russia-Ukraine and Israel-Gaza. Against the interests of the Americans, who didn’t even elect him.

In the quoted article, which presents unconventional evidence of electoral fraud and corroborates the theory of a global conspiracy, a relentless battle between democratic and dictatorial forces was already anticipated. That conflict, centered on liberation versus subjugation, aims to determine the political character of the northern nation, the most powerful in the world economically, politically, and militarily.

Indeed, rent-seeking is a political system that behaves like a "black hole." Once it succeeds in capturing the executive power of a nation at the federal level, it strives to maintain what it considers its own, either through direct force or via media manipulations and/or electoral frauds. Many of the United States' institutions had been progressively captured by the nascent Deep State, particularly through the financing of politicians' campaigns in that nation. However, in 2020, they managed to place a puppet in the central executive power. Nonetheless, some institutions and honest public officials still retain their democratic nature. Currently, there is a relentless struggle between democratic forces, who wish to reclaim their country, and those of the Deep State, who aim to serve the anti-democratic global government. And satanic, after all.

3. Final notes.

Given all that has been said thus far, it is imperative that in this electoral contest, Donald Trump, a staunch defender and ally of citizens worldwide against globalism and its genocidal agenda, returns to the presidency of the United States. He is often labeled as a white supremacist, racist, pro-rich, anti-Latino, misogynistic, and anti-poor. However, his administration brought significant benefits to blacks, Latino, women, the poor, the elderly, and other vulnerable groups. Moreover, his policies were advantageous for entrepreneurs and business owners alike. During his tenure, the economy experienced significant growth, particularly when compared to the recent Democratic administrations, specially the one led by Joe Biden, which have focused on handouts, printing money without backing, increasing the fiscal deficit to unprecedented levels, weakening the dollar, and causing inflation domestically and worldwide. Thanks to Trump's international policy, there were no wars, as it was said, and he achieved notable peace agreements, such as the Abraham Accords between Jews and Arabs, as well as agreements with Russia, China, and North Korea. This is why the Military Industrial Complex, which prioritizes its benefits over the citizens' interest in all countries who desire peace and productive work, does not support him.

Of course, Trump is not perfect (he has yet to recognize that there were huge errors handling Covid and Vaccines, for example), but considering his actions, in general, and not just his words; and with the knowledge he has gained, particularly regarding the true enemies, even among the false Republicans, he is by far the best option to lead the United States and to be an ally of citizens around the world, especially in places like our country, Venezuela.

We do not wish to delve further into his achievements, which are evident. However, it's worth noting one final point: while it's true that Joe Biden's administration has offered advantages to Venezuelan immigrants in the United States, it has done so within the context of a deliberately provoked immigrant influx from all over the world for electoral purposes, without considering the significant destabilization this entails for the country, both in terms of numbers involved and the lack of screening for good people entering the country. If the intention was to benefit Venezuelans, it could have been approached as it was with the Cubans in the sixties, resulting in a highly positive outcome both for Cubans affected by the Fidelista regime and for the United States. Instead, the current approach, while Venezuelans are presumably helped, is at the detriment to the very country where they want to live and thrive, as they do not wish for the United States to become Venezuelanized.


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