The thread that has so far prevented WWIII has already been broken

The thread that has so far prevented WWIII has already been broken

Felipe Pérez Martí.

June 26, 2024.

Dear All. I pass on this very important message from Luz de María de Bonilla, one of the most trusted seers in the world. She reveals visions she has had about the effects of war. Both in the survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and in the effects that will be suffered in this case, making the contrast. Let's stay tuned tomorrow, Thursday the 26th, as Fr. Michel Rodrigue will give a similar message, with more details on how to prepare. The video is this (apply captions, simultáneos translation to English from Spanish):

I emphasize some points:

1. On January 5 of this year, Saint Michael the Archangel told her that the thread that stopped the war was broken. It is not possible to tie it again. The war will be ignited by the search for supremacy between men possessed by the devil. We are already living in war between the great powers, only the first nuclear detonation has not yet occurred; but it has been decided.

2. Luz de Maria has been shown in a vision the effects of war. The whole earth will be uninhabitable due to radioactivity. Everyone will suffer Dantesque effects. A vision of an atomic detonation showed frightening heat. The glare will blind people. The gust of wind generated by the detonation spread quickly and widely, leaving absolutely everything in its path devastated. Until 2018, the existence of more than four thousand nuclear weapons was known. But this does not include those not accounted for. The US and Russia have 92% of the known ones. Princeton University's simulations are realistic. Millions and millions of people around the world would die at an extremely fast pace.

3. The vast majority of the population has not listened to heaven. Like the message of our Blessed Mother in Fatima and all her prophetic calls for two hundred years, not even the most recent, urgent ones.

4. I add: in fact, in the face of a nuclear war like this, the entire human race would die if God did not intervene to save some of them. As we know, there will be Marian Refuges that will be like Noah's Arks in the flood of fire that is coming throughout the earth. After the “waters go down”, as in the case of the universal flood when Noah, the earth will be regenerated, and an Era of Peace will come in which the survivors will live as if in earthly paradise. Here you can see God's plan for these apocalyptic times ([1])

Some prophetic messages cited by María de Bonilla:

Jesus on August 3, 2014: War will be born from the Middle East, which will spread throughout the world.

Our Blessed Mother Mary in 2016: The devil has entered a large part of men. The powers are already in a geopolitical war, which precedes the atomic war. For its part, spiritually we are in open war. The devil is taking away many people as a result of it.

Jesus, May 11, 2019: Humanity will continue getting sick in the spirit.

In conclusion, It is essential to convert and pray. Pray, fast and do charity with our neighbors, if we do not want to be part of this pandemic of the spirit, which is deadly if we do not apply the remedy: but eternal and horrible death.

Written message in the source (see [2]):


Dear readers, we want, once again, to present a brief summary of the insistent and severe warnings that Heaven has given humanity through Luz de María, as well as other true instruments that, like bell towers, reply in unison, calling man's attention.

The serious events at a global level that day after day increase dangerously in the field of war due to the disastrous decisions and interests of the powerful and politicians, blinded by arrogance and price, intoxicated with power that roar with the breath of the Antichrist, will imminently drag the nations into the third world war.

For this reason, we believe that listening to this reflection by Luz de María made four years ago, in which she transmits a series of strong messages and very descriptive visions about this present and the immediate future, should lead us to become aware of reality and prepare ourselves for face the future with the hope that in the end the Immaculate Heart of Our Holy Mother will triumph.


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