The period of the end times begin. And that of our liberation

The period of the end times begin. And that of our liberation

Felipe Perez Marti

January 1, 2023.

Dear All. When Pope John XXIII died, our Blessed Mother told the visionaries of Garabandal that there were four popes left for the end of times to begin.

With the death of Pope Benedict XVI, which occurred yesterday, it can be interpreted that this prophecy begins to be valid. After John XXIII came Paul VI. Then John Paul I. Then John Paul II and finally Benedict XVI. In total four. It means that it is in the time of Pope Francis that the end of times begin. First time I hear of specific dates for apocalyptic prophecies. Amazing. It is not about the second coming of Jesus, by the way, and in that the Catholic prophecies differ from the Protestants. But an intermediate time, called "of justice and mercy."

It is providential that Benedict, a saint without a doubt, died on the last day of the year 2022, because for the year that begins today, 2023, we had commented on prophecies that foresaw the beginning of clear signs of famine, nuclear war, natural cataclysms, pandemics, collapse economy, hyperinflation.

But just when these things start to happen, people who are close to God will be protected and that is exactly why we have been insisting that you have to prepare, as Jesus asked. In fact, the protected people are going to be preserved as a "remnant" to regenerate humanity, because with what is coming, called the Great Tribulation, or Chastisement in apocalyptic language, a large number of people would die according to the last book of the Bible, more than five billion people.

But in the end the earth will be regenerated, including humans, animals and plants. The globe will be cleansed of contamination, including radioactive pollution from the nuclear conflagration, and the devil will be confined to hell. It will be a time, of which I will speak to you in the future, in which we will live for a long time, there will be abundance, employment, coexistence and miracles aplenty, including our rejuvenation. Young people, by the way, will be the leaders of everything to come, according to a prophecy related to Blessed (soon to be canonized) Carlo Acutis. It is about the Era of Peace prophesied in the Marian apparitions, since at least Fatima, in Portugal, in 2017.

The gospel of Luke 21:28 says that "When this begins to happen, get up, raise your head: your deliverance is near."

And about that I wrote an article in which I show that all this touches us very closely in Venezuela, since our prophetess María Esperanza, the seer of Betania, is key in this regard. And it is worldwide, although we here have not given it the importance it deserves, as they have done internationally, among the experts of the prophetic consensus.

It is worth reading now, as I discuss some interesting details related precisely to what began with the death of Pope Benedict. Let us note that, despite the fact that there is talk of the beginning of the apocalypse, with the death of Pope Benedict the thing is more precise in terms of a before and after in terms of years:,_que_est%C3%A1_cerca,_empezar%C3%A1_en_Venezuela

To finish, in the following article I will talk about the "Refuges", which will protect us from war and the Great Tribulation in general, and will be like small oases for the remnant I spoke of. The call, then, is to approach God in a definitive and serious way. We are no longer playing carts, nor politicking. The moment of truth has arrived and everything we do must be "attached to the law", not only in terms of natural and social laws (which includes politics), but, above all, spiritual ones (which includes the worship of God , and leave behind the ego and its ties, through which the devil enters us). The rest of the articles on prophecies of the last times can be found on the same page of the Venezuela-zuela Wiki, the virtual Venezuela.

It is good to note that we will all have the opportunity to choose the right side after the Warning, since an additional period of mercy is coming, a general amnesty. But of course, those who are better prepared will be in less danger at the moment of the final decision.

Cordially and in touch that now is when the good part comes,


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