How to deal with these apocalyptic times according to Saint Raphael the Archangel

How to deal with these apocalyptic times according to St. Raphael the Archangel

Felipe Perez Marti

February 22, 2021.

Dear All.

Today I give you a prophecy that St. Raphael the Archangel gave to Lorena Portillo, the Mexican seer I told you about before [1], on April 19, 2017. As you can see, this prophecy is not only very important for us believers, but also very interesting for non-believers. First I motivate it with some relevant points:

1. As in many other prophecies about these last times, the precision with which San Rafael predicted five years ago the things that are happening in these times is amazing. He is the angel that God the Father uses for all matters related to health. Both psychosomatic (body and mind) and spiritual. In relation to the body and mind, we speak of healing, while in relation to the spirit we speak of liberation, since in this case it is about demonic influences. Diseases of the soul do not come from God, of course, but from the devils. It goes without saying that diseases of the body and mind are inextricably linked to diseases of the soul, as Jesus himself told us on several occasions and the most important are the latter. That is why in many cases the first thing that Jesus said to the affected person was "your sins are forgiven", before performing a physical healing.

2. St. Raphael predicts pandemics and laboratory-produced vaccines with the intention of decimating the population. How was we supposed to know that five years ago? He mentions that “everything will start soon”, which makes us realize the importance of the date of the beginning of the end times in January of this year, as we argued in [2]. It is good to remember that it is not about the end of history, the "rapture", which will occur with the Second Coming of Jesus, but the conclusion of the Era of Decline and the beginning of the Era of Peace (the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary), with a transition involving the Great Tribulation.

3. He talks about the fact that the war has already begun and the main battlefield is the spiritual one. Demons are on the loose and wreaking havoc in society as a whole, both at the level of all countries and the entire world, as well as in families and individuals. To the point of taking possession of many of them and dividing families. As we ourselves can verify only by observing the visible facts and by geopolitical analysis, the world war is already a fact and that confirms the prophecy of San Rafael as well as many other Marian prophecies in this regard. We can mention as signs the earthquakes, which continue in the area of Turkey and are generalized in other parts of the planet. Very rare and powerful meteorites coming to earth. Very strange signs in the skies. Preparation of military forces beyond conventional warfare towards nuclear. Propaganda and communication warfare, including malicious misinformation about fake UFOs. On this, well-documented prophets and theologians make it clear to us that the so-called alien beings exist, but they are not from other planets, but rather demonic. There is no turning back and you have to prepare yourself in every way for physical, mental and spiritual ailments, which is why the message of San Rafael is so timely today.

4. In fact, here we will see that San Rafael behaves like a good doctor and uses the prevention of diseases of the body, soul and mind, in addition to natural and spiritual medicine. For diseases that have a human or preternatural origin. To clarify, the preternatural is above human capacity, but it is not supernatural. The supernatural, for its part, has to do with God: it is above the human, the angelic and the demonic. The diseases referred to, if they do not have a human origin, then have a preternatural origin because they come from demons and it is something that God allows to happen for reasons of purification, of divine justice. Let us note that the effectiveness of the remedies that Saint Raphael prescribes, very simple in themselves, crucially depends on faith. Through it we can obtain great healings and liberations using the great power that comes to us from the sacrifice of Jesus for us on the Cross. Due to a lack of faith, many times we do not exercise that power and the time has come to use it, when we have water up to our necks.

5. When St. Raphael mentions that our Blessed Mother and the Angels and Archangels will guide us to the "Heavens and New Earths", he means that they will care for us during wars, diseases or cataclysms of the Great Tribulation. Either because we die (that is what the word "Heavens" refers to in that expression), or because we survive (that is what "New Earths" refers to in the expression). In the first case, of death, they will prevent us from going to hell. In the second, we will be chosen to restore humanity and nature, during the so-called Era of Peace. The only way to survive the Great Tribulation will be with their help and it will be through Refuges prepared by them, which we have talked about before. Only those who choose the good side of the battle after the Warning (Illumination of Conscience) and have a mark on their forehead, visible only to angels, mentioned by St. Raphael, will be taken there.

Without further ado, I here is the prophecy, divided into two parts: first the message and then the remedies:

1. Message from St. Raphael Archangel for the times of the Great Tribulation:

I, St. Raphael the Archangel, as the Archangel of Health, come to give an important message to the people of God.

The unknown diseases and epidemics, which will attack a large part of the world population, will be the scourge of humanity in recent times; many people will die, victims of these diseases. Some will come from the human being, from laboratories, but others will be part of Divine Justice, since the exterminating angels will spread unknown and terrible diseases, which can only be cured with remedies from Heaven.

Everything will start very soon and very strange diseases will start to happen all over the world; The human race will not only be attacked in its physical integrity, but also psychologically and emotionally.

It is important, and we must take into account that the bitter fight has already begun. Satan is powerful, so you should not face him with your own strength. Many people will soon be possessed, because those who decide for Satan after the Great Warning will be infested with demons because of their refusal of the salvation that comes from God the Father and the last opportunity for repentance. Since they freely decide for evil, they will be allowing the demons to take over their minds, body and soul. This is already being seen in several people, who have already been taken. They are those who have decided for Satan all their lives and do not feel the slightest remorse or conscience for their sins but, on the contrary, it is satisfying for them to sin and offend God deliberately, focusing their lives under the influence of the enemy. Those who remain indifferent, or have not made up their minds yet, have the grace of God within them. The wolves in sheep's clothing, at the service of the adversary, are the most dangerous because, with an appearance of mercy, they attack the sheep confused in the sea of pagan and satanic ideologies that has been brewing and they get lost in a bottomless labyrinth, where it is difficult to find the exit.

Heaven has commanded me to give Powerful Sealing Prayers. Know that all of you have been sealed with the Blood of the Lamb and that on your forehead you carry the Seal of the Living God, as we have seen previously. The Prayers that have been given to you heal physically, psychologically and spiritually but there will be, from now on, fierce attacks against you by incarnate or disembodied entities that are totally at the service of the adversary.

Today's men have become arrogant, shameless, petulant, selfish and evil, because the demons of hell have been released to take the souls most susceptible to evil, those who have allowed the seed of evil to germinate in their souls. These souls feel no love or compassion for anyone. They are souls lost in sin. They are really enemies of God's people. They are cynical, even sadistic, they have no remorse for their sins, they delight in making others suffer and they intend to destroy God's envoys at all costs.

This type of people, closed to Divine Grace, have already been infested with demons and will not have to wait until the Warning, because they have already decided for Satan, they do not mind losing their souls in hell because they delight in evil, they hate everything that comes from God and even make fun of Him; they are not afraid of the Wrath of the Father. They want to go to hell where they can continue blaspheming and destroying everything that bears the Name of Jesus Christ. The Father, in his infinite Mercy, even so, waits for these souls to reconsider and return to Him until the last moment. But for the moment they have been trained by Satan to finish off the children of Light.

The disembodied spirits roam the air looking for the children of Light to give them permission to enter their consciences and souls; and this is very common when you have fallen into mortal sin, so a quick and sincere confession is recommended.

War has been openly declared and there are no more half measures; Either you are with Satan or you are with God. The undecided are in serious danger of being lost, so it is important to pray for them so that the Grace of God takes possession of them and not the evil of Satan.

We must take care of the integrity of our soldiers, who from now on will be heavily attacked; everything is coming upon us and from one moment to another the storm will begin; all the signs are in sight: the cloudy sky, the silence of nature and it is then when the most terrible calamities, never seen before, will be unleashed without truce.

The Machiavellian spheres of society have everything planned to start their population reduction plan now, through wars, famine, chemical weapons, known diseases, created in the laboratory, injections, medicines and food, and everything that is within their power to wipe out much of mankind. The Illuminati, the Freemasons, have everything ready for the flag to be launched in a short time and that is when humanity will experience distressing moments like never before: diseases, plagues, pandemics and the scourge of war will kill thousands and thousands of people.

Pray a lot for them so that they achieve the forgiveness of their sins and their sincere repentance, even if it is in the last moment of their lives.

God's people. The missions entrusted specifically to each one of you from the womb of your mothers will soon be revealed to you. You have the Grace of God and the Seal of the Living God on your foreheads. You belong to one of the Twelve Tribes of Israel. You will know the Truth; the truth will set you free from the chains of the world and you will see everything clearly. There will be no confusion, so you will be able to know exactly what is happening and therefore you will not be able to be deceived by the antichrist and his minions. This evil being will soon present himself to the world as a great and powerful leader, who comes to save humanity, like a wolf in sheep's clothing. He will try to destroy all the children of God by abolishing Christianity. You, the people of God, will take refuge in the desert where you will remain for three and a half years.

You will be under the protection of The Woman Clothed in the Sun and we, the Archangels, we have been sent to protect you and guide you on the path to Heaven and New Earths. In the same way you will be guided to your other brothers.

2. Prayers, remedies and other comments from the Archangel St. Gabriel:

Perhaps the ties that unite you to one of your relatives who have decided for evil from now on, without having to wait for the Great Warning, are very strong and have a very strong influence on you. For those cases, you will say the following Prayer if you know that you are being openly attacked by a family member.

Remember that these people are taken by Satan and are powerful, because all the evil comes from the same enemy and is cultivated in their souls, so they do not touch their hearts and try to destroy their integrity in all its aspects. Get away from them and, if you can't, pray like this:

2.1 Prayer for family members who are taken over by Satan

"I, as a child of the Father, and sealed on the forehead with the Blood of the Slaughtered Lamb, have, in the Name of Christ Jesus, the power to fight against the demonic forces that attack my integrity, both physical, spiritual and emotional, through everything that hurts and wounds my heart and my senses, such as offenses, psychological abuse, verbal and even physical, and I cover myself with the Blood of the Lamb. That is why I bind this person, (say the person's name), at the feet of the Holy Cross, by the Power of Jesus Christ, so that he (she) is subdued and incapable of harming me; I cover him (her) with the Blood of Christ so that he (she) remains bound. Under the protection of St. Michael the Archangel and his powerful intercession, I remove that person or spiritual entity from my life so that it does not make a dent and cannot penetrate my mind and soul. I am a child of God and by his Seal on my forehead I am protected from all evil and Heaven will come to my aid by repeating this prayer. Amen."

Pray it every day. It is a very powerful prayer that will greatly protect you against incarnated and disincarnated spirits that seek to destroy your integrity.

We, the three Archangels, will take care of and guide you. It all started and it is important to protect yourself as much as possible. As for the unknown diseases, you already know some remedies for certain diseases given by Heaven. There will be horrible and dangerous and highly contagious pandemics and diseases. In the face of a pandemic that affects your physical integrity, you must make a remedy that Heaven has just given to its Faithful people, as well as a Powerful Prayer of Protection. Pandemics will be of both human and spiritual origin, so a prayer will have to be said for them to be protected. There will be a lot of chaos, therefore, assaults, robberies and violence, so it is important to protect yourself inside your homes and cover them, for which we will give the following instructions.

2.2 In case of Pandemic

Seeing the difficulty that sometimes it is hard to buy the remedies, we will give an easy remedy to carry out. In a container of water, previously boiled, they will put about 3 drops of holy water, simulating the Holy Trinity, so we will say when placing them:

“In the Name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, I make this remedy from Heaven; a remedy to cure this terrible disease that attacks my being physically and affects my spirit. I declare, in the Name of Jesus Christ, that this water remains Blessed, and therefore it is medicine to cure this terrible disease; I declare myself healthy in the Name of Christ Jesus and I trust, through the intercession of St. Raphael the Archangel and his healing power, that I will soon be saved from this illness. Amen."

2.3 Remedies for unknown diseases

You can place three rose petals of any color (except white) in a container with water; It is recommended that they be petals that have been placed on the altar where we pray, and we will say this prayer:

"I, as a child of the Father, declare healing from this disease, through the Blood of Jesus Christ shed for me, I am free from all bad influences in my life that seek to end my physical and spiritual integrity. I declare myself healthy from this unknown illness through the intercession of St. Raphael the Archangel. Amen."

Rose petals can be stored in a container. They will be very useful for diseases.

2.4 Illnesses due to radiation or chemical weapons

Boiled water will be put in a container, with a Medal of the Virgin, of any invocation, for seven minutes and we will say the following prayer:

“I, as a child of God, declare myself free from this disease that I suffer from radiation or chemical weapons; through the Blood of Jesus Christ and the intercession of St. Raphael Archangel, I am free from this terrible disease that intends to end my physical integrity. Amen."

2.5 Prayer to protect homes from any calamity or attack by bombs or missiles

"I, as a child of the Father, protected by Him with the Seal of the Living God, I declare blessing and protection within my home, and by the Blood of the Lamb, shed for me on the Cross, I am protected from all danger; and under the intercession of St. Raphael Archangel and the three Archangels, I declare this home and its members protected from all threats. Amen."

2.6 Prayer for the dying

"I, as a child of the Father, give you, Lord, this brother of mine, (say his or her name), cover him(her), Jesus Christ, with Your Precious Blood, take care of him (her) and protect him(her) from the attacks of the adversary in these final moments of his(her) life and, under the Protection of St. Michael the Archangel, we make him(her) free from demonic temptations so that, surrendering his(her) soul in peace, he(she) can be tucked into the arms of the Mother of Heaven, to finally surrender his(her) soul to God the Father. Amen"

2.7 Prayer for battle

“Now, ready and prepared for the final battle and with the weapons that have been given to us from Heaven, through the three Archangels, we take the sword in our hands to fight this bitter fight against Satan and his hosts. Confident in the Protection of the Most Holy Trinity, we proclaim in our souls the Victory of Christ Jesus and we entrust ourselves to the protection of the Mother of Heaven and, under the intercession of Holy Heaven and the Seal of the Living God on our forehead, we are ready to carry out our praiseworthy mission, to which we were called from the womb of our mothers. Amen."

I say goodbye with the war cry:

Who, like God! Nobody like God!!!

Reference notes:

1. Lorena Portillo is a Mexican visionary whose private revelations are monitored by a Catholic priest to ensure they do not contradict official church doctrine. Especially before being published. In addition, she has a spiritual director, a priest, who constantly guides and assists her in matters of her mystical life and her revelations. She personally has seemed very trustworthy to me. I recommend Lorena's site, where you can find all the messages:

I posted one of her locutions, given by St. Joseph, in this article, with an introduction, in Spanish:

2. The time has come:

3. Source, in Spanish (edited for better understanding and English translation for later distribution):