Holy water against the side effects of the Covid vaccine

Holy water against the side effects of the Covid vaccine

Recommendation of Father Michel Rodrigue: a tablespoon a day

Felipe Perez Marti

December 1, 2022. Edited on December 4.

Dear All.

As many of you know, some people seek help from witches, Tarot cards, Ouija, etc. And they get "miracles": healings or solutions that have no natural explanation. Father Javier Luzón, well-known exorcist, author of the book “The six gates of the enemy; experiences of an exorcist,” says that such solutions do occur, but in exchange for more serious problems, such as diabolical possession. You can see it in the video in which he talks about angels and demons, whose link I give you below in note 1 (it is in Spanish).

If we believe that the spiritual world exists we have no alternative but to believe that there is a bad side as well as the good. There are both angels and demons, who are also angelic persons, but because of their pride they distanced themselves from God and want to destroy His work, with many bad actions. The boss of all of them is Satan, and they are all united even though they have their internal conflicts. They have their agents among us. Like witches and other people dedicated to the practice of necromancy, with spells, ties, curses, etc. In fact, demons get into us through many doors that we leave open for them, according to the aforementioned book, such as hatred and grudges. Fr. Luzón says that we should never wish evil on our children or on anyone, because with that we are cursing them, and that has a diabolic effect of more or less intensity, which also affects those who wish evil. By the way, there is a third type of person, besides the angelic and the human, which are the divine, and there are only three: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. It is interesting that our Blessed Mother, Mary, is only human, like us. But she is the most perfect, only human, person. On the other hand, Jesus is also human, as well as divine. Imagine how honored we are that Jesus also has a carnal part, in addition to his divine and spiritual nature. He raised us up with his incarnation, to save us.

Continuing with the matter, there is a tremendous conflict between good and evil through their respective agents, and many times we are not even aware of it, which is what the devil likes: to go unnoticed. Especially in these apocalyptic times, when the devil is on the loose, according to the respective book and what we have seen in reality. I have been talking about it with the Marian prophecies of recent times. Among the agents of good are the spiritual persons who are not divine, who we normally call “angels”, without making the distinction that they are good angels. Among them are our guardian angels, who can do a lot for us in these times and we almost never use them (I have told you about them, about how useful they are as bodyguards against the evil one, and about a method of how to find out their names, as you will see in the notes).

Just as there are bad beings and good beings, there are bad objects as well as good objects. We have "sacramentals" as spiritually beneficial objects: objects blessed by a priest, such as medals, the scapular, water, rosaries, pious images, etc. But demons also have objects that are good for them and bad for us, which are subjected to spells, incantations, curses. Both one and the other are effective, as I have been learning as I get exposed more and more to the teachings of exorcists. We have heard that the dolls to wish badly on certain people by order and produce illnesses or ties are used by people dedicated to satanism. But it is in exchange for the delivery of the "beneficiary" person to the kingdom of evil. Father Jim Blount, of whom I have spoken a little bit and is a holy saint and a prophet (he is the one who taught us about the names of our guardian angels), uses the medals of Saint Benedict when he goes to perform exorcisms: he buries them around of the house, to protect the space from evil forces.

Today's point is that holy water is a sacramental that has strong spiritual properties that are useful in our case of vaccinations. Because it drives away the demons. Saint Teresa of Jesus, for example, has spoken a lot about how demons are terrified when in contact with that blessed liquid. Father Luzón also mentions the blessed salt and oil for exorcist matters in his fight, which by the way is called “liberation ministry”, for obvious reasons.

Both good and bad angelic beings see everything related to our earthly world (what has happened, because they do not see the future). In particular, they know if the Covid was manufactured or is natural. They know if science is used for good or bad ends. Through this path, and that of God and our Blessed Mother Mary, our visionaries have been able to identify that the Covid vaccines are malignant objects. Manufactured at the request of the kingdom of evil. But science itself, the one which is not at the service of Satan, has also found factual evidence in this regard due to the tremendous and never-before-seen negative side effects of those vaccines.

In this edition we no longer say that "It has not yet been proven that Covid itself came from a laboratory, but the theory in this regard is supported by many scientists due to the rarity of the virus, which does not seem to be of natural origin, like the viruses known up to now." The reason is that there are already indications that the vaccine was purposely manufactured as a biological weapon in the laboratory in Wuhan, China. This is stated by a scientist who was there and knows the subject well, as you can find in the respective news item in the link below. The police scientific investigation hypothesis now becomes another. Not if it is manufactured or not, but that it was released to the population on purpose, by instruction of the Deep State to reduce the population.

While this hypothesis continues to be investigated, we can affirm that the seers of the prophetic consensus have revealed to us, through the information they obtain from the angels, our Holy Mother, the saints and God himself, that it is indeed true: it is a weapon of mass destruction, designed for that purpose by the Deep State to forcefully reduce the population. It was produced in China, a country that has recently been praised as a model for other countries by the German Klaus Schwab, the world's top "reset" planner, at the service of that Deep State.

The truth is that, as you can see in the article cited on related scientific issues, vaccines have deadly effects proven by serious, reputable, honest and courageous researchers, even at the cost of their jobs, since the conflict, as I said above, is immense, particularly in the media and political field, worldwide. It is true that they have positive effects as well. But it happens as Father Luzón says regarding the "favors" of the devil: something good is achieved at the cost of something even much worse. I have commented on what I have called "satanic populism" in politics: the devil acts like this, with his hooks, like fishermen with fish: he gives us crumbs such as sexual depravity, abortion, in exchange for our slavery and our life. You will see it in note 3.

The most reputable seer of the prophetic consensus, Canadian Father Michel Rodrigue, has managed to identify through his contact with the good spiritual world, that both the first dose of the vaccine against Covid 19, and the second, have each three deadly side effects. And he is among those who confirm the satanic origin of the virus itself, the appearance of which he, among other seers, prophesied several years in advance.

Fortunately, Father Michel gives us a remedy for the vaccinated: a spoonful of holy water every day. That keeps out the curses involved, the evil side effects. The remedy is effective, but we must continue taking it indefinitely. When the Warning comes, it will no longer be necessary, because all the demons and their curses will be taken out of the world for a while and there will be general healings that include those of diseases directly due to their curses, as Fr. Michel has illustrated for us. I talk about the Warning and Shelters against nuclear war in note 4.

Perhaps we could also get rid of those side effects of the Covid vaccines through exorcisms, I think, but I have not seen it mentioned in this way in what I have investigated so far. I'll keep you posted if I find out anything, but for now it's best to play it safe, holy water. And nothing is lost with the daily spoonful of that blessed liquid, which drives away demons and their curses, judging by the testimonies of many saints, such as that of Saint Teresa of Ávila.. I take the spoonful before I go to sleep.

Here is a good article on the related scientific topic regarding Covid Vaccines, as well as the political and aspects of it:


Cordially and keeping in touch, that now is when the good things come (for people in grace!)



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The above is a translation from this article in Spanish: