Father Blount saw the Antichrist. Soon the light will reign

Father Blount saw the Antichrist. Soon the light will reign

Felipe Perez Marti

March 10, 2021.

Hello everyone.

Here I give you a summary of this important video of Father Jim Blount, which I witnessed last week in a suburb of Seattle:


The first thing he does is that he narrates two episodes of fast major exorcisms, like those carried out by Jesus, to motivate the following prayer, which he calls the "end-times prayer":

  • My Adorable Jesus. May our feet journey together. May our hands gather in unity. May our hearts beat in unison. May our souls be in harmony. May our thoughts be as one. May our ears listen to the silence together. May our glances profoundly penetrate each other. May our lips pray together to gain mercy from the Eternal Father. Amen.

He recommends that we pray it three times a day and said that it has great power of deliverance against the devils. If you pray it with faith, the devils go away immediately, also protecting your families. I already started praying it.

Then he relates that Saint John Paul II said something amazing: "We are in the greatest battle between light and darkness since the beginning of humanity." And also comments that the evil one has made advances like never before in his reign on earth, such as with the issue of sex change and mutilation of children, and abortion.

After that he confided us something that he does not share with many groups, for which we were very privileged: God granted him one day to see the Antichrist in person. It is a world leader, whose name he cannot reveal right now, but we will know soon. He was surprised to see him, since Fr. Blount appeared in his office without being invited. Fr. Blount was also surprised, since he did not know how he got there. Probably by bilocation, as happens to the saints, and it has happened to him several times, as you will be able to verify if you follow his trajectory. The Antichrist was trying with his eyes to find out who he was, without success, but Fr. Blount did immediately realize who the Antichrist was, because "the children of the flesh cannot decipher the children of the spirit, but the children of the spirit can decipher the children of the flesh”. In fact, as an experienced exorcist that he is, Fr. Blount saw a couple of horns on his forehead. Let us remember that the Antichrist is the son of Satan, and that he is going to preside over the apocalyptic fight against humanity.

Fr. Blount concludes that this indicates that we are at the end of times (not the end of the world). We have commented, based on many Marian prophecies in this regard, that we have already entered the apocalypse: nuclear war, more pandemics, famines, natural cataclysms like never before, confusion, etc. But fortunately there will come a time as beautiful as the human race has never experienced after the fall of Adam and Eve. It is called the Era of Peace, in which the demons will be bound to hell, and the earth, with its animals and plants, in addition to the "faithful remnant" will live times like never before, similar to Paradise.

He then spoke of a prayer, addressed to our Blessed Mother, which accelerates the coming of the "Warning" (illumination of conscience):

  • O blessed Lady. Spread the effect of grace of thy Flame of love over all of humanity.

Both the first prayer and this one were given by our Holy Mother to Elizabeth Kindelmann, a Hungarian seer, whose revelations and prayers, like these ones, are approved by the church.

Finally, and as a way of preparing ourselves for what is coming in order to be part of that chosen remnant, we have to consecrate ourselves to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary, on the one hand, and consecrate our houses to God the Father, so that they may be Refuges that protect us from the Great Tribulation that is on its way. Here I talk about those issues:


Cordially and in touch, that now is when the good things come (for the good ones!).