All private flights will soon be prohibited

All private flights will soon be prohibited

Felipe Pérez Martí

June 22, 2024.

I recommend this prophecy, which comes from Valentina Papagna, a credible seer (see reference about her here [1]).

It makes sense, given what we have been learning about the imminence and inevitability of World War III (See [2]). According to Fr. Michel Rodrigue, France will be the one who will instigate and officially declare this war. It is clear that Emmanuel Macron is a faithful instrument not only of the Deep State, but of Satan himself. Among many evil things in France, he was the leader of the approval of the “right” to abortion in the French Constitution.

On the other hand, the prophecy makes sense because this war will be nuclear and global, so intercontinental as well as regional missiles will be crucial. And the action and reaction times will be immediate or accelerated. Therefore, flying objects will be military objectives, to defend their respective territories from said missiles. Not only would it be unwise for commercial airlines to operate their aircraft, but people themselves would not want to use them: both supply and demand would be reduced to zero. Additionally, governments would prohibit its use, since everyone would be aware of the war and its consequences on their respective citizens.

Let us note that satellites would also be military objectives. The reason is that they are crucially used to monitor air traffic as well as land and sea traffic of military forces, friendly and enemy. And those satellites are crucial for navigation guidance, over the air. In addition to sea and land nowadays. Let's remember GPS, which works thanks to satellites.

So, from what I have said, I recommend not making flight plans in the future. And if you have to do them because it is a matter of life or death, let it be as soon as possible. But make sure that you return as soon as possible to the places where you plan to stay during the world war. Without further ado, here is the prophecy, narrated by Valentina Papagna (See [3]):

Soon, All Planes Will Be Grounded

This morning, as I prayed the Angelus, the Angel appeared and said, “I come to tell you not very good news. I announce that soon, there will be no planes flying anywhere in the world. They will all be grounded.”

I was shown in a vision how silent it would be without any planes flying.

I said, “Wow, how quiet it is. It is so peaceful.”

The Angel said, “This is very serious because people depend on the flights—they have jobs to go to, but there will be no travelling anywhere. Everything will be paralysed, and that will affect the economies.”

I asked, “For how long will this last?”

The Angel did not answer but said, “The world will be in chaos—people need to repent and to change, and to turn to God.”

He said, “Tell people to repent. It is all to do with repentance. The evil is always planning disasters in the world.”

Later that morning, our Lord Jesus said, “Valentina, My child, write down what the Angel told you. Didn’t I tell you that it is not safe to travel? People may go to distant places but then will not be able to come back.”