Soon we will be in the hands of neo-communism

Soon we will be in the hands of neo-communism; famine and war are at hand

We will be safe only if we prepare ourselves spiritually

Felipe Perez Marti

December 11, 2022.

Hello everyone.

Yesterday I sent you the prophecies that Jesus, our Holy Mother Mary and the Archangel Saint Michael have been making over the last seven years about the coming famine, with the economic collapse and natural cataclysms. Those who didn't see it can find it in note [3] below. Today I send you this important related prophetic locution made by Jesus to the visionary Luz de María de Bonilla on November 30. We have talked about her before and why she is credible as part of the "prophetic consensus" about these apocalyptic times.

Notice the following vital issues that emerge from the prophecy, as we see it:

1. There are signs that the “time of famine” (see note [3]) begins next year. Not only because of scarcity, but also because electronic money is already being implemented, by which each person is controlled by the economic and political elites worldwide, much more widespread and worse than people are controlled in China through health passport for Covid-19.

2. Neo-communism advances by leaps and bounds. It is no coincidence that Klaus Schwab, the leader of the reset and the 2030 agenda, puts China as a model for the world. The domination of the politically and economically powerful over citizens includes widespread electoral fraud, the buy-out of politicians, the use of public institutions as tools of oligarchic power, and what I have called “satanic populism.” That generalizes the populism of rent-seeking to include offers of an easy life to voters in terms of sexual depravity, including pornography, the LGBT agenda, the use of children for sex and even sadomasochism, abortion, drug legalization, etc. As in the case of the hunter, the voters are offered a bait of the "passing interests" mentioned by Jesus, in exchange for the domination of the spirit and mind, as well as the bodies and life itself, of the citizens.

3. Nuclear war is at hand. Father Michel Rodrigue has prophesied that both North Korea and Iran will bombard the United States with nuclear weapons. Here Jesus speaks here that "the Tiger" (which can be North Korea, as well as China) and "the Lion" (which symbolizes Iran) have come together in alliance to attack the Eagle.

4. Natural cataclysms, such as earthquakes and tsunamis, which will reach Australia, South America and the United States. It is worth reading Luz de Bonilla's comment in which she talks about a comet that we will see for several days and that will generate restlessness. Great tribulations are foreseen for Spain, Mexico, Brazil. This last country will enter into chaos, while continuing with what Jesus calls "sins of the flesh", clearly alluding to carnival.

5. Jesus mentions that "Evil has decided to divide My Church and lead it to perdition", which is already noticeable in the Synod of synodality, and the action of the Masonic lodge in and from the Vatican.

6. Jesus mentions that those who spread what is happening in terms of the anomalous observed in nature and the political and social injustices throughout the world and on a global level are being silenced, attacked and imprisoned. The attack includes ridicule, smear, loss of their jobs, and jail, as we have seen. Jesus sympathizes with those prisoners, who are abandoned, and calls to pray for them.

7. Finally, Jesus mentions that the devil is dominating many people through his egos, because of his lack of humility. That is why he asks us: "Be My own love in these moments when peace depends on the thoughts of a human being." In conclusion, although general salvation is no longer possible according to the prophetic consensus, personal, family, and group salvation is. And Jesus, together with our Most Holy Mother, as I say in the article cited in note [6], are going to be our refuges, both for the spiritual and mental, as well as for the physical.

Our Lord Jesus Christ to Luz de Maria de Bonilla on November 30th, 2022:

Beloved children of My Sacred Heart, I come to you with My love, with My mercy. I invite you to look at your own faults; it is necessary that you look at yourselves in order for you to be among those who testify to My love.

I am unity. My children are confused and divided and are easy prey for evil. They rise up and demolish one another… “Who has the greater Word, greater faith, hope and charity?”… and yet they receive Me in My Body and Blood, offending Me by not being My children who use the gift of the Word to create, but rather to destroy.

These are intense times when My people are suffering due to nature, due to indecent fashions, due to the lack of morality among My people: “Everything is good because God is mercy!” I am mercy, and I see the works and conduct of My people offending Me because of being so distant and disobedient.

My children, what is this? It is the result of the fact that My children are not Marian: they do not love My Mother, they are like those who call themselves orphans. This turns them into people who are not guided by My Mother, an intercessor for each one of you. I see how some of My children, due to not knowing Me [1], are living according to the constant innovations of society which accepts that which is worldly and sinful, leading them away from the right way of acting and behaving.

They easily forget, in the ease of their false criteria–being easy prey for evil, which at this time has decided to divide My Church [2] and to lead them to perdition. My beloved people, there are so many countries that are suffering the ravages of nature, so many who suffer hunger and thirst for justice… and My children, where are they? They are silenced so that they would not raise their voices!

Pray, My children, pray for My children who are imprisoned in order to be silenced, and who are abandoned.

Pray, My children, pray for Australia: it will be forcefully shaken, and its land will fracture, raising the waters of the sea toward the coasts of South America.

Pray, My children, pray: the turmoil, the uprisings, the lack of food which will begin the coming year, are a sign that you are being led toward the time of famine [3], and you will be on the threshold of being unable to buy or sell.

Pray, My children, humanity is absorbed in passing interests: they forget everything, they do not listen or think, their happiness is in results.

Pray, My children, pray: the passage of time continues, and without thinking about it, you will be in the hands of communism.

Pray, My children, pray; the waters of the ocean will enter the city admired by My children; the city of the great bridge in the United States will experience great tragedy. They know it and yet do not return to Me; on the contrary, perdition grows greater by the day.

Pray, My children, Brazil will be plunged into chaos. These people of mine must banish the times of carousing when they offend Me with sins, especially sins of the flesh. Chaos will come, and My children will suffer. It is urgent to pray from the heart: in this way, you will attenuate the events and revolts.

Pray, My children, pray for Spain: it will be forcefully shaken.

Pray, My children, pray for Mexico: the land will shake, disease will make its presence felt.

Pray, My children, pray: the tiger [4] has arisen and the lion [5] has silently joined it. They will attack the eagle, which has remained standing.

Beloved children: your attention must remain focused on Me, otherwise, the plagues of evil will rob you of your peace. Lack of love will lead you to utter words of contempt toward your brothers and sisters; it will fill your mouths with words of evil, it will elevate your ego so that you hurt your brothers and sisters. Practice love and humility. Human beings without humility are easy prey for the devil. Be My own love in these moments when peace depends on the thoughts of a human being.

Pray with your heart, be creatures of prayer and unity. Remain in Me, as doers of My Will.

I bless you, My children. “You are the apple of My eye.”

Commentary by Luz de María

Brothers and sisters: Going forward without being distracted or abstaining from the divine Word gives strength to face daily events, and even more so, the catastrophes that heaven has announced to us in advance. Our Lord Jesus Christ told me that a comet will put mankind on edge, that we will watch it for several days. However, Our Lord has laid the emphasis on inner change, on being new creatures, saying that we should be spiritually alert so as not to be confused. He mentioned to me that the confusion that is coming for humanity is great and that we must remain attached to the commandments, to the sacraments, saying that we must know the catechism of the Church and strengthen our faith in prayer, dedicating time for reflection and improving every day.


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[2] Read here about the schism of the Church:

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[4] Tiger = Korea? China?

[5] Lion = Iran

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