Christmas, Covid, Satan, holy water, prayer and the Era of Peace

Christmas, Covid, Satan, holy water, prayer and the Era of Peace

Felipe Perez Marti.

December 25, 2022.

  • “Advance safely on the stormy waves of these last times of the Great Tribulation, without being disturbed to see that the doors are still closed to Jesus Christ who is coming. My Immaculate Heart is the luminous Grotto that puts an end to this second Advent, because it is with its triumph that Jesus will return to you in Glory."

(Locution that our Blessed Mother made to the Italian priest Stefano Gobbi, founder of the Marian Movement of Priests and one of the representatives of the prophetic consensus, during Christmas 1991.)

Dear All.

With the aforementioned locution I motivate my message of encouragement for Christmas and the coming year. But with our feet on the ground, although I will talk about water. Looking for the blessed, although I will speak of the cursed. Looking for lasting Peace and abundance, although I will talk about nuclear war, natural cataclysms and famine on the horizon.

On December 1, I had published an article disseminating the recommendation of Father Michel Rodrigue, a Canadian priest and current leader of the prophetic consensus, to take a daily spoonful of holy water to counteract the possible satanic effects of both Covid and its vaccines [1 ]. But if I was drinking the holy water, why did I get the Covid?

A believing friend thought that what I had could not possibly be Covid, but a strong flu. Another person, who says that "the only effective thing is science," expressed that my contagion demonstrated that holy water is useless. Today I want to clarify, in the context of what was promised in the title of the article, why neither one nor the other is right and that the recommendation is fully valid. The key is to distinguish between the natural effects and the spiritual ones involved, both of the vaccine and of the virus. Although there is a positive correlation between spiritual good and physical healing, they retain a degree of independence. Everything is related, as we will see, but you have to be precise about things. And the key, both for the past and for the future, has to do with the comings of Jesus to save us, since the Evil One has been wreaking havoc among us, with our complicity.

1. Cursed items and how to deal with them. Role of good science

To show the independence between the natural and the demonic, I will use an example used by Father Javier Luzón, a well-known Spanish exorcist, in one of his lectures on satanic curses [2]. It is about a man who was always in love with his beautiful wife and who had been an excellent father until then. He suddenly abandoned his family to go after another woman, "quite ugly", according to what we are told. Nobody explained the fact. Neither his friends, nor his acquaintances, nor his children nor his wife, who went to see Father Luzón to raise the matter with him.

The exorcist immediately began to work on the solution, because from his long experience he already knew the diagnosis even without having seen the man and his lover. He had experienced what is called a "binding", which implies that the victim is blinded from any love other than that of the beneficiary of the spell. The victim cannot distinguish, in particular, physical beauty, nor family responsibilities.

In a short time the exorcism procedures succeeded in undoing the spell and the man returned to his wife and his children, amazed at what he had inadvertently been doing, leaving the evil woman behind. She was terribly affected, because in addition to losing the man of the "benefit", resorting to witches to obtain these "favors" has a very high spiritual cost, often coming to mean the possession of the soul of the person involved.

The truth is that this type of thing is often done using objects used as tools of the curse, such as a doll that has a piece of clothing, or a photo, of the victim. The exorcism, on the other hand, removes the doll's power of seduction and the enchantment ceases. It neutralizes the mooring, then, but the doll, which is often horrifying in appearance, must be physically removed from the house (often it is burned) if it is intended to have a house free of objects with these characteristics.

In the case of vaccines and the virus itself, we had said that something similar happens, since they are objects used by the devil to harm us, as I explain in the article. And holy water is recommended by Fr. Michel to counteract its malefic effects. But it may be that holy water, as in my case, does not prevent one from getting Covid, since this virus has two effects, one spiritual (preternatural, as it is called for what comes from the devil) and the other natural.

With holy water, the harmful spiritual effect is neutralized. But getting rid of the negative natural effect takes work. Not as easy as with the doll case, which is physically removed and burned. To get the virus out of our "house" and "burn" it, we need medicines, particularly vitamin D, Ivermectin, Zinc, which are things prescribed by good science using natural means, and the action of our body, which must stay hydrated and well fed. Since our “house” includes not only the body, but the soul and mind as well, it is clear that we must continue to use prayer and holy water during healing and convalescence. Thus we take into account the correlation that exists between the natural and the spiritual, which connects us with the second part of our article.

2. Science, Christmas and the Era of Peace

As we know, the Covid is just one of the many plagues that are hitting us. And there are more coming, and stronger, according to the prophetic consensus, which by the way predicted at least three years in advance what would happen with the fateful virus. In the face of more plagues, natural and climatic cataclysms, famine, nuclear war, the recommended remedy will be the same: to get closer to God like never before, Who has promised us not only a spiritual Refuge, but also a physical one if we are in a state of grace [3]. Therefore, I will now make the required generalization and dwell on the issue of the apparent contradiction between science and the Catholic faith, as the second person in the introduction pointed out when he said that "the only effective thing is science." If God, the Creator, exists, He must be consistent. If He created the natural, the social, and the spiritual, the laws of each of those areas must be in harmony, not in contradiction.

What we call "sin" is actually the transgression of one or more laws involved. If we respect the laws of God in each of its areas, we should be happy. In reality, our first parents transgressed the spiritual laws by inspiration of the devil, who made them believe that they could know more than they knew outside of God. Which transgressed the law of the spiritual realm of love for God above all things. If we worship something other than God, like our egos, thinking that this way we will be better off, we err and end up being unhappy, and that is what sin consists of.

From there, from that original sin, the devil began to control our lives more and we began to degenerate more and more, by transgressing more and more natural, social, and spiritual laws. God took pity and promised through Abraham to get us out of the quagmire we got into. He did it by sending his Messiah, whose birth (Nativity) we celebrate today.

If we had followed what Jesus recommended, we would do miracles everywhere, and our spiritual cures would be enough for our bodily ones. Unfortunately the first coming of Jesus was not enough and despite the fact that Jesus remains with us through the Eucharist and his Holy Spirit, we have resumed degeneration due to the action of the evil one and the complicity of us humans. We have continued to transgress the natural laws (with vices and sexual perversions, drugs, gluttony), the spiritual (with the idolatry of the ego, money, political power, apostasy and division within the church), the social (with neo-communism at the planetary level, with electoral fraud, widespread corruption, abortion). Our "generational human capital" has degenerated, and natural and social healing does not respond as it should to spiritual remedies. We have reached the edge of the abyss, with Satan reigning in a possessed humanity, on the way to self-destruction.

But God has not stood idly by. Our Blessed Mother, the one who gave birth to Jesus on a day like today, has announced, through her Marian apparitions in places like Betania, Venezuela, in Fatima, Portugal, in Lourdes, France, in Garabandal, Spain, and in Medjugorje , Bosnia-Herzegovina, that her Immaculate Heart will triumph. And that this triumph, which begins with the Era of Peace, will start soon, judging by the signs, and it represents what our Blessed Mother told Fr. Gobbi.

Unfortunately salvation will not be for everyone. The prophecies speak that the thing is strong this time: two thirds of humanity will perish, which means more than five billion people. There will only be salvation for those of us who agree to choose God as the only object of our full and unconditional love, over idolatries related to the devil. Only then will we return to a world of harmony between the natural, the social and the spiritual. And the respect of the respective laws, in harmony, will make us fully happy.

This Christmas, then, may be the last in which there is no general famine, nuclear war and natural cataclysms without historical comparison, due to the general breaking of God's laws. I wish you all a Merry Christmas. But only those who take them in their true saving and restoring meaning of Lost Paradise will really have it. Let us remember that when Jesus was about to be born in Bethlehem, many rejected him. Only the humble shepherds embraced him and welcomed him into the Manger Grotto. As our Blessed Mother said to Fr. Gobbi, "My Immaculate Heart is the luminous Grotto that puts an end to this second Advent, because it is with its triumph that Jesus will return to you in Glory."

Cordially and in touch, and to prepare for the Refuges, which are nothing more than the Grotto of our mother [3],